Premiere Pro CC 2014 アップデートで 2014.0.1 に

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2014 年リリース Premiere Pro CC のアップデートを提供開始しました。


本アップデートでバージョン 2014.0.1 となり、不具合の修正に加えていくつかの新機能が含まれます。詳細は以下をご参照ください:

Premiere Pro Blog | Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014.0.1 Update (英語)


  • ‘Async’ asserts could occur when exporting some file types
  • Incorrect angles could be shown when separate multicam clips were created with different sort order
  • Waveforms could be improperly drawn when nesting a multicam source sequence
  • Effects could fail to render within effect mask boundaries
  • Garbage could appear around the edge of a layer that had a blur video effect applied and a mask on Opacity
  • Masks could offset Gaussian Blur in CUDA mode
  • Attempting to move a column to the left of the Name column in the Project panel could break cell selection
  • Occasional instance where sequences could never finished rendering
  • Relinking to spanned MXF clips could be incorrect
  • UI responsiveness could reduce in large projects after relinking
  • Exporting merged clips could generate silent or missing audio
  • Importing sequences could sometimes fail
  • Incorrect timebases could be used on EDL export
  • Incorrect field display could occur when using Mercury Transmit with GPU acceleration
  • Audio presets were sometimes not working correctly if used with a different format container
  • Complex video assets could produce a blurry image every 1 second when encoded into H.264
  • Mask Expansion could not be rendered correctly during preview scrubbing on layers that were scaled to 50% or less
  • Applying a speed change to a multicam clip could cause the extended duration of the clip to play with no video
  • Merged clips that contain clips with sync offsets could display out of sync indicators when used in a sequence
  • Crashes could occur during export to QuickTime.
  • Masking and Tracking: Brightness & Contrast could be incorrectly displayed in an Adjustment Layer
  • File import failures could occur when no assets were selected in the Locate Media dialog
  • Asserts and crashes could occur when exporting project to OMF
  • Crashes could occur when rendering audio with a locked submix track
  • Submixes could sometimes lose audio
  • Noise could be heard in submixes with empty tracks
  • Source monitor timecode and program monitor overlay could be off from one another in multicam sequences
  • Audio overlays for Multicam and nested sequences would only display as audio time units.
  • 24p/50p XDCAM EX files were sometimes 1 frame short when smart rendered
  • MPEG2 TS files with 6 tracks of stereo audio could only play/show first stereo track when imported in to PPro
  • Playing IMX 50 clip could freeze video
  • Locking all Audio Tracks could cause the system to slow down dramatically

編集機能向上 (新機能):

  • A Codec column was added to the Project Panel
  • Sequence Timecode was added as a display option in the Monitor Overlays
  • Clip name and Timecode filters can now be set to reference and display information for clips on specified source tracks.




Tsuyoshi Nakao

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