Building Creative Suite 5 extensions using the Creative Suite SDK and Flash Builder 4

As part of Creative Suite 5, we are introducing a new SDK that allows developers to create Flash based extensions for most of the Creative Suite 5 products.

The following recording walks you through the process of getting set up with this SDK and gives you step by step instructions on using Flash Builder 4 to create an extension. You will learn:

  1. How to set up your development environment to work with the Creative Suite SDK
  2. How to create a new extension project in Flash Builder 4
  3. How to run the extension in development mode
  4. How to debug the extension while running in the application
  5. How to package and sign the extension for distribution

Click on the image to play the tutorial.


The CS SDK and Extension Packaging and Signing Toolkit used in this video can be downloaded for free from the Adobe Developer Connections portal Creative Suite page.