Integrating Adobe Creative Suite CS5 With Other Systems via Adobe LiveCycle Data Services

As part of Adobe Creative Suite Developer Summit, May 3rd – 7th, 2010, there was a session entitled Integrating Creative Suite with Other Systems. The main intent of the session was to describe how the Flex/AIR platform can be used in conjunction with Adobe Creative Suite Extension Builder and Creative Suite ActionScript wrapper libraries, to make integrating Creative Suite CS5 with other systems- such as distributed, dynamic, enterprise data- relatively straightforward.

The session also aimed to show how quickly you could build support for collaboration within Creative Suite CS5, with Adobe LiveCycle Data Services (LCDS) on the backend; for instance, showing how to build a chat client as a CS5 extension, which could be used within multiple Creative Suite CS5 applications in a handful of lines of code, with LiveCycle Data Services on the backend. To find out more about the mechanics of doing this, read the “Integrating Adobe Creative Suite CS5 with backend distributed data via Adobe LiveCycle Data Services and Adobe Creative Suite Extension Builder” on Adobe Cookbooks.

We gave a quick demo as part of the developer summit keynote, showing a CS5 extension called BasicAmfConnector that was written in two or three days. This shows how easy it can be to keep multiple desktop clients in sync and also how easy it can be to produce Creative Suite CS5 publications based on remote, dynamic data with LiveCycle Data Services on the backend. A re-recording of the demo is shown below.


3 Responses to Integrating Adobe Creative Suite CS5 With Other Systems via Adobe LiveCycle Data Services

  1. Anthony says:

    Thanks for posting. Looks interesting.

    • Todd Storbeck says:

      Could you provide more information on the Extension Builder 1.5 release – how the support for CMIS based back-end systems could link with the CS desktop?

      Does this require LiveCycle to work?

      Can I use EB1.5 panels with Adobe Bridge to sync XMP metadata in files, with back-end DAM system?

      Can this be done with the CS5 SDK only, using server sockets in Bridge?

      • Bob says:

        I can answer a couple of the questions. CMIS support is provided as an ActionScript library. You would be making calls directly to a CMIS enabled system using the lib.

        It does not require LiveCycle, but certainly can be used with LCES.

        Bridge Panels are certainly possible. Bridge does lack CSXS support, though. As for the Bridge DOM libraries, the functionality presented there is limited. Bridge’s metadata object, for example, does not work from ActionScript. You can call extendscript, though.

        The CMIS library is shipped as a part of ExtensionBuilder, not the CS5 SDK.