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Creative Suite Developer Summit 2010 – Conference Recordings

A few weeks back, we gave presentations to a Creative Suite developer summit in Seattle, quite a few of which were focused partly or exclusively on using Creative Suite Extension Builder and the Creative Suite SDK.

Find below some Connect recordings from the conference with content relating to Creative Suite SDK / Extension Builder.

Introduction To Adobe Creative Suite SDK In this session we outline the “why” and provide an introduction to CS SDK programming with CS Extension Builder. Creating, running and debugging a basic CS5 extension.
Developer Summit Keynote Bill Hensler, the VP and Chief Technologist for Adobe’s Creative and Interactive Solutions business unit, addresses the conference. As part of this, we demo some CS5 extensions built using Extension Builder and CS SDK.
Connecting the Creative Suite to Web Services Explains why and how you’d integrate Creative Suite with web services and provides examples of integrating with cloud services such as Flickr and Google Maps, and how to use XMP and other metadata to drive the service interaction.
Integrating Creative Suite With Other Systems Discusses how CS Extension Builder enables integration with other systems such as Adobe LiveCycle Data Services, Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite and Adobe InDesign Server. Shows an example integrating LiveCycle Data Services with the Creative Suite, using CS Extension Builder and the Flex messaging API, and an integration of InDesign Server with Creative Suite point products and LiveCycle Enterprise Suite.
CS SDK Advanced Development Part 1 Covers topics such as debugging, capabilities in the manifest, styles/skinning/ theming, signing and packaging, enterprise deployment.
Advanced CS SDK  Development Part 2 Covers topics such as using the AIR 2.0 APIs (such as NativeProcess, ServerSocket and others) from a CS5 extension, persistence mechanisms such as SharedObject / CSXSPreferences, SQLite, FlexORM and localisation in both the bundle manifest and the SWF application.
Bridge Extensions and Inter-application Communication How to use AIR 2.0 APIs to build CS5 extensions capable of inter-application communication, showing advanced examples of communicating between Bridge and Photoshop with this mechanism.
Application and Technology Specific Programming with the CS SDK Tips and tricks and practical advice on working with the different applications in Creative Suite CS5 and the nuances of targeting each application. Although the Creative Suite SDK goal is a unified extensibility story across CS applications, this presentation discusses the lay of the land and introduces app-specific tools, as well as the Host Adapter micro-SDK, and CSAWIDExporter, a tool for generating InDesign/InCopy ActionScript wrappers exactly matching the app DOM at point of generation.
Converting your existing Flex, ExtendScript, & C++ to the CS SDK Pointers on converting code to the Creative Suite SDK, showing how you can convert or leverage existing ExtendScript code, things to watch out for when taking existing Flex/AIR code over to Creative Suite SDK, and tips on converting C++ plugin code to use Creative Suite SDK, and the whys and hows of hybrid extensions.