London Flex User Group presentation of CS Extension Builder took place last Tuesday July 19th,2011

We finally got to present to the Flex User Group in London last Tuesday July 19th, 2011. The initial presentation had been postponed due to flight cancellations in England last May.
Three members of the Developer Technologies Group in Adobe Scotland presented the new features of CS Extension Builder 1.5, the business around developing extensions and the benefits to developers. Quite a few people attended and the comments were very positive. To list my favorite:

“Adobe is going to turn developing on it head and shake it until all the cobwebs drop out, such a refreshing demo to that didn’t focus on platform specific development, a true tool for all to benefit, thanks has to go out to Adobe, Academy class and the FLUG organisers for great evening of discovery.” by Mark Sturkey

For more information about the event and further comments, go here. Stay tuned, as there will be some announcements and more events soon.

gabriel tavridis
product manager