What’s next with Creative Suite extensibility and Flex


It has been a few weeks since the announcements about Flex and Flash became public and during this time we have received a number of inquiries on what this means for the Creative Suite SDK and Creative Suite extensibility (the Flex team has posted this FAQ) overall. With this post, I would like to explain our thoughts and commitments to the extension developer community.

  1. Flex development remains absolutely critical for a significant number of use cases especially around enterprise application development. There is are a significant number of developers using Flex to develop extensions for the Creative Suite (as well as other apps) and we are committed to continue supporting them.
  2. As an organization we have made a significant investment to support Flex development in the Creative Suite. We believe that we have a top class development environment (CS Extension Builder and the CS SDK) that provides significant developer productivity features, makes extension development simple and easier to use, and is low cost and efficient. We expect this approach to continue for at least the next few years.
  3. We do not believe there is currently a compelling alternative to ActionScript extensibility or a need to move away from Flex. Despite the enthusiasm around HTML5 and the potential it has, there are significant challenges both around the runtime and the development environment. This is not to say that those will not be addressed, but we strongly believe that we are a few years away from that.


Based on the above, I would like to state that:

  • The Creative Suite SDK and CS Extension Builder will continue to be developed and enhanced with new features and support for Creative Suite applications.
  • We will make CS Extension Builder available through the Adobe Store at a compelling price point. We want the tool to become broadly available, so that every Creative Suite developer can enjoy its benefits
  • We will continue our investigation on new technologies (e.g. HTML5) for extension development and occasionally share our findings with the developer community. We want to be transparent with the community and keep you involved in our planning.


We are firm believers that the CS extensibility story will continue to evolve as it has been doing for several years. Our ongoing goal is to make this story compelling for you by providing best of class development and distribution tools and help you reach as many customers as possible. Ultimately, your success is our success!

Hope this addresses the concerns some of you have recently expressed. Your comments are welcome as always.

gabriel tavridis
product manager

13 Responses to What’s next with Creative Suite extensibility and Flex

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  2. Loic says:

    Thanks a lot Gabriel for that clarification. The future of CS ExtensionBuilder was a concern to me as I have been a bit worried by recent Adobe decisions and most of all their brutality. I felt like Adobe just could drop something without regret when they had promoted still intensively two days before. Flash plugin for mobile is a great example and they are another. So I was fearing that I may spend time in a technology that maybe would be dropped in a few months ahead. But I take your words for granted and I am really happy with this.
    Building extensions is so so so cool and my true frustrationis about how many things could be done and realize one life isn’t enough to accomplish half of them 😀

    Thanks a lot to you and crew for this amazing product and the Extensibility topic in general,



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  4. Gabriel,
    I wished to read such a statement – and here it is. No matter what platform we will be working on, it’s truly important that Adobe embraces a transparent attitude toward its users – I guess with the recent troubles on Flash/Flex and the developer’s base, a useful precedent has been set – hoping that the future will be more straightforward!
    Thank you and to the CS SDK team!


  5. I think it was total lack of leadearship from Adobe when I read that HTML 5 will be better then flex for enterprise in 3-5 years. Firstly 3-5 years is too long span of time to make predictions in technology. It was a total disregard for its customers and community. The statement was made without any objective logic. There was no evidence from customers or developer community to support such statement. Glad that to read positive statements from Adobe, hope it will help to undo some damage.

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  7. Nek says:

    >>here are significant challenges both around the runtime and the development environment.

    Thanks god there is HaXe!

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  9. David Jumeau says:

    I find it difficult to believe you when you say that flex development for enterprise is critical when Adobe lays off a big chunk of the team that promotes enterprise development. (E.g. Livecycle….)

    • gabe says:


      this post is specific to the developing extensions and not to the overall “flex development for enterprise”. The entire CS extensibility story presents a significant value for enterprises and system integrators that wish to build customized solution on top of the Creative Suite applications. What we are saying is that Flex remains our core proposal for satisfying those workflows.
      thank you

  10. Royi says:

    Please allow pixel level access in Photoshop Extensions Panel using AS3 + Pixel Bender.

  11. zurick says:

    Do you have a timeline for when CS Extension Builder will be available through the Adobe Store? And any indication of how much the “compelling price point” might be?


    • gabe says:

      CS Extension Builder is live on the store as of today on a subscription basis. You can get it for $12 a month (month-to-month commitment) or 10$/month (yearly commitment). You can check out the product page for more info and the store page to buy.
      Hope that helps