Configurator 3 is live on

Configurator 3 is now live on Adobe Labs. Configurator lets you create custom panels for Photoshop and InDesign and now supports CS6 amongst many other new features. I can think of two key uses for Configurator, the first is for custom panels with just what you want to have at your fingertips, the second and ideal for developers is creating tutorials for Photoshop and InDesign. As Configurator supports video and Web content it’s an ideal way to teach users about your Photoshop or InDesign solutions, leveraging existing content. The user gets to learn right within the product and you can build these panels in minutes.

Configurator 3 Highlights

Configurator 3 provides lots of new features and a number of improvements that focus on distribution, product compatibility, panel customization, and usability. Key features include:

  • Compatible with Photoshop CS5/5.1 and CS6, and InDesign CS5/CS5.5 and CS6; supports new features and automatic conversion of existing panels.
  • Distribute and share panels with other Creative Suite 6 users via the Adobe Exchange. Look for more information and a new Exchange panel to be available on Adobe Labs in the coming weeks.

You can find out about all the new features and download the software on Adobe Labs. Adobe Exchange is going to provide a tremendous opportunity for users and developers alike and we will be providing more information about it soon.

Please spread the word about the Configurator 3 release with other users and try it out at:

Jonathan Ferman | Product Manager

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