The new Adobe Exchange

Dear Valued Adobe Developer,

I wanted to make you aware of an exciting new program which Adobe will be releasing this Summer. Adobe is creating a brand new Adobe Exchange, which will enable developers, trainers, and community experts to promote, distribute, monetize and track their CS6 solutions. These products will be made visible to potential CS6 customers within the ‘Adobe Exchange’ panel in most CS6 applications. The initial CS6 products which will support the Exchange panel are:

  • Dreamweaver
  • Fireworks
  • Flash Professional
  • Illustrator
  • InCopy
  • InDesign
  • Photoshop
  • Premiere
  • Prelude

This program is appropriate for developers who are seeking effective and efficient ways to market and distribute free, paid, and trial items as well as deliver updates of those items to Creative Suite users. We are actively seeking launch partners for this program and are taking applications now for partners who would like to be added into our beta program.  Launch partners that commit to providing distributable CS6 content in the next 8 to 10 weeks will receive valuable benefits as charter members of the new Adobe Exchange.  If you are interested in becoming a launch partner and getting in on this exciting opportunity early or hearing more about the program here’s how to get started:

Complete the brief Adobe Exchange (codename: Agora) Prerelease Program sign up form:

We plan to hold a Connect session to give you more information on Adobe Exchange. If you are interested in joining a Connect session to learn more about the program, please ensure you have signed up for the prerelease, (join here) to receive an invitation.

Ken Toole | Director, Partner and Enterprise Solutions

13 Responses to The new Adobe Exchange

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  3. I feel like when there is a name as ‘Adobe Exchange’ it should cover all potential Adobe products.

    Why only CS6? What about other products such as ColdFusion etc.?

    • ferman says:

      Adobe Exchange is a brand name and the name reflects what it does, it does not specify the version as this is something we are introducing with CS6 and plan to support in future versions of Creative Suite as well. Why CS6 support only? We had to start somewhere and it made sense to support the current release (CS6). We hope to add support for other Adobe products with the new Adobe Exchange over time. Products like ColdFusion do not currently have the architecture required in-product in order to support the new Exchange.

  4. Evan Berrett says:

    Would Adobe Captivate be eventually included?

    • ferman says:

      Hi Even, We are currently working with the Captivate team to see what would be possible. The technology in Captivate is a little different than CS extensibility so our current Adobe Exchange panel for CS6 will not work but we are looking at what we could do. More news when we have an update.

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  6. Gerry says:

    As a dev that is going to build extensions that enhance your products I now have to pay to post them on your new exchange site? What will the subscription cost be?

    • ferman says:

      There are two subscription options. A free subscription which is live for any user today and allows them to submit up to 10 products of which 2 can be paid. The paid subscription service provides unlimited product submissions and while the price has not been finalized it is expected to be $249 per year. As i say this is not final but what I understand to be the current thinking. Please join the prerelease for free unlimited product submissions while we are running a prererelease program. You can join the prerelease program here:

  7. Jason says:

    I’m not understanding how the SEARCH feature within the CS6 EXCHANGE APP works. It appears to only search those extensions that I have already downloaed. What about those that are online that I want to search for within the app?

    This website / screenshot makes it appear that this is possible.

    What am I missing? I’m using this on a Apple Mini-Mac w/ OSX Lion if that matters.

    • ferman says:

      Hi Jason,

      Search is available within the panel at all times and it lets you search against product tags, Twitter handles and more. It will search more than just the stuff you downloaded, try it out and if you are still stuck just reply and I can give you a demo or watch my video on Adobe TV:

      Hope that helps,


  8. Can Atabas says:

    I’m not sure if im right here, but i wanted to give it a try.

    I’ve installed the Extension Manager, tried to open it in Photoshop CS6. I can see the extensions, trying to install some free extensions but when i click the button, i get a “login failed” error. I dont know where to login. Any help with that ?


    • ferman says:

      You can login when clicking on the My Stuff button in thew panel. You just need an Adobe ID. They are free. If that doesn’t work then jjst reply to this and I will contact you to investigate the issue. Thanks!