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Adobe Exchange Packager (Preview)

Today we released our first preview of a tool called Adobe Exchange Packager. As the name suggests this application helps you easily package your Creative Suite content or add-ons for the new Adobe Exchange. Adobe Exchange will enable developers, trainers, community experts and many others to promote, distribute, monetize and track their CS6 solutions. These products will be made available to potential customers within the ‘Adobe Exchange’ panel inside most CS6 applications. The team is actively seeking launch partners for the new Adobe Exchange and are taking applications now, for users who would like to be added into the prerelease program, before the launch this Summer. If you are interested in becoming a launch partner and getting in on this exciting opportunity early or hearing more about the program, just complete the brief Adobe Exchange Prerelease Program sign up form:

Adobe Exchange Packager joins CS Extension Builder 2 for developing engaging extensions faster and Configurator 3 which makes custom panels for Photoshop and InDesign, as tools that let you create Adobe Exchange compatible products. Now you can easily create content for the new Adobe Exchange with Adobe Exchange Packager. It generates a single file that Adobe Extension Manager uses to install files such as scripts, brushes, swatches, templates and more into the right places for Creative Suite applications.

The Adobe Exchange Panel will be made available initially on Adobe Labs in a few short weeks, so we would encourage you to sign up for the prerelease program and get your products and content ready for our planned initial public release in July.

We hope to see your products and solutions on the new Adobe Exchange soon.

CS Extension Builder 2 – now available to Buy/Try

Adobe Creative Suite Extension Builder 2 which lets you build engaging Creative Suite extensions faster, is now available for purchase on the Adobe Store. It is available in almost all of the Adobe Stores on a month to month-to-month or annual subscription basis. Alternatively you can download a fully functional 60 day trial.

CS Extension Builder 2 lets you develop for Creative Suite 5, 5.5 and 6. Creative Suite 6 products can also be sold and distributed on the new Adobe Exchange, which is coming soon. More information on that will be in my next post.

Jonathan Ferman | Product Manager

Creative Suite SDK 2.0 Available Now, Free

Creative Suite 6 SDK

The Creative Suite SDK 2.0 was posted a few weeks ago but amongst all the CS6 and Creative Cloud launch excitement you may have missed it. It was built by the CS Extension Builder 2 team as part of the CS Extension Builder 2 release. It’s ideal for anyone interested in, or currently developing for Creative Suite and includes support for CS6. It’s free and available from the Devnet.