Adobe Extension Manager CS6 – 6.0.2 Update Out Now

Extension Manager 6.0.2 Update

Available today via the Adobe Application Manager, this latest update of Extension Manager (now at version 6.0.2) provides a number of key fixes, detailed below.

  • The “Author” and “Description” fields now handle escape characters correctly. [3286224]
  • Extension Manager no longer hangs on the message “Loading extensions” if the user name contains an apostrophe. [3226968]
  • Extension Manager now correctly renders the XML-encoded character entity ampersand (&) in MXI-based extensions. [3207235]
  • An extension with a soft link can now be installed in Extension Manager CS6 in Mac OS 10.7, and the soft link is maintained in the extension package. [3084978, 3082867]
  • The description link for an extension now correctly appears at the top of the description tab of the license dialog and in the description panel. [3294980]
  • “File already open” errors no longer occur in complex workflows for Adobe InDesign/InCopy. [3112275]

The release notes above are also listed here. All CS6 users should apply this important update to ensure they receive all these fixes.

Jonathan Ferman | Product Manager