Available on Adobe Exchange Badges

With more and more producers getting their products on Adobe Exchange we wanted a way for you to be able to promote the fact your products are available from Adobe Exchange, so we came up with some badges that you can use on your websites, email, etc.

Main Badge




This is the main badge we suggest you use for promoting the fact that your product is available on Adobe Exchange.

Smaller Badge




Where space is at a premium we also have a smaller badge, shown above. To use either badge, right click (Mac users Ctrl+click) and choose “Save image as…”, or “Download linked file”, depending on the Web browser you use.

Please note:

  • Link either badge to the Adobe Exchange website, so users can download the Adobe Exchange Panel and get access to your product.
  • Do not alter the badges in any way. If you have any questions relating to the use of these badges you can ask them when submitting your product.

Other ways to promote your products on Adobe Exchange

We have integrated Twitter into Adobe Exchange and producers can automatically tweet to their followers once a product is released or featured, you just provide Adobe Exchange with your Twitter details when setting up your Producer account. We have some other work in progress in terms of Twitter capabilities and are looking at several ways to promote products on Adobe Exchange, we will let you know about these capabilities as we introduce them but wanted to share these badges now they are ready.

Jonathan Ferman | Product Manager

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