Now offer 2 paid products for free with Adobe Exchange

This week we released the latest updates to Adobe Exchange. Most of the changes are behind the scenes but there are three main changes we wanted to make you aware of. The first is a great change for anyone signing up for the free subscription level. Previously you could only provide free or private products, now you can provide 2 paid products. So what are you waiting for? You can sign up for free and while we are in prerelease you can sign up for the unlimited plan and submit multiple paid products as well.

1. Free Level subscription can now include 2 paid products
As part of the free level subscription to Adobe Exchange a producer can now submit up to 2 Paid products as part of their 10 overall products. So for example you could have 2 paid, 6 Free/Public and 2 Private products = Total 10 Products.

2. New MXI-based extension requirement
We have implemented a change on the MXI-based extensions requirements to ensure they install properly for users.  The new requirement is that the filename you give the MXI file has to match the Bundle ID of your extension.  So for example, a bundle ID of “” means the MXI would have to be “”.  Note that the constraint is not case sensitive, so “COM.ADOBE.EXCHANGE.MXI” would also work. The reason for this change has to do with how extensions are installed by Adobe Extension Manager.  Essentially, the filename of the MXI is part of what makes the extension unique, so you’ll only be able to install one extension for each unique MXI filename.

Please note:
1. This only applies to MXI-based extensions.  Manifest.xml extensions are not affected.
2. Existing extensions on Adobe Exchange will be left alone, but from now on, you’ll get an error if you upload a ZXP that doesn’t fit this constraint.
3. The latest releases of Packager, Extension Builder, and Configurator follow this naming requirement automatically.

3. Adobe Exchange Packager
This latest release provides:
1. User interface improvements for using Packager on lower resolution displays, including scrolling on some of the screens.
2. Remember Package Details and Setting – Available from the Settings menu, Packager can now remember various settings such as Publisher name, to reduce repetitive typing across multiple products.

If you haven’t already, why not download the Adobe Exchange Panel and take a look at the products that are already available and then get started on adding your own products.

Jonathan Ferman | Product Manager

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