Template for Adobe Exchange

Are you creating products for Adobe Exchange?
This Photoshop template (in PSD format) will help. It includes correctly sized Smart Objects for each icon and preview you may need when submitting a product to Adobe Exchange.

Learn more. http://bit.ly/WwAend

Jonathan Ferman | Product Manager

2 Responses to Template for Adobe Exchange

  1. John Willems says:

    Dear Jonathan,

    I’am interesting but where can I download this template?

    Thank You from John Willems (Belgium – EU).

    • ferman says:

      Hi John

      You need to download the panel from https://www.adobeexchange.com/
      Once the panel has been installed, launch Photoshop and go to Window > Extensions > Adobe Exchange then do a search for template and you will find it. You then click on free, download it and and it will be on your Desktop after it has been installed.

      Hope that helps.