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Adobe Exchange – Important Signing and Installation Update


During the Adobe Exchange prerelease program, (which you can sign up for here), we have heard loud and clear from producers that while they understand the need to sign their products, using a trusted signing authority was both time consuming and costly. The Adobe Exchange development team are working on a new signing process that allows users to create their own self-signed certificates using easy to use Adobe tools like Adobe Exchange Packager, Adobe Configurator 3 and CS Extension Builder 2. These certificates will be paired with a new Adobe signed certificate for Adobe Exchange. We have a little more work to do in order to create this system but we wanted to let producers know as soon as possible about this plan, so that you know that a trusted authority certificate will no longer be required. We do require a signed product so we can be assured that the product comes from you and you have the assurance that Adobe has not tampered with your product, however, you can use a self-certificate for this purpose. This is a tried and tested process on many large and successful online stores.


One of the reasons producers felt the need to generate a certificate from a trusted signing authority was that any self-signed certificate embedded in a product would pop up a warning in Adobe Extension Manager that the producer was ‘Unknown’ and this could cause the user potential concern. It also created extra input and button clicking from the user. The number of dialogue boxes presented to the user, particularly when upgrading the Adobe Exchange panel, does not deliver the experience we want to provide. We are therefore looking to suppress many of these superfluous messages to the user. This will require an update to Extension Manager but rest assured it is in development along with continuous and far deeper integration/improvements to Adobe Extension Manager in relation to Adobe Exchange.  The improved signing and installation workflows are another example of us listening to your feedback. We expect this work to be complete in the first quarter of 2013. There are many more user requested features to come and we welcome your feedback to continually improve Adobe Exchange.


Other Updates

I wanted to take this opportunity to share some recent updates that will be useful to producers and potential producers of Adobe Exchange:

Adobe Exchange Assets – We wanted to make it easier for producers to be able to provide images for Adobe exchange including featured images. We recently posted a Photoshop template with Smart Objects which makes the process of creating images for Exchange a lot faster and more efficient. More information here. Just search for ‘Adobe Exchange Assets’ within the Adobe Exchange panel in Photoshop to download it.
Social Media – We ware increasingly using Social Media channels to promote your products quickly and widely. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to see when your product gets featured.
New Home page –  We recently redesigned our home page to make it much clearer to users where to find the Adobe Exchange Panel as well as showing featured products. Check it out at:
There are lots more features in development that we look forward to sharing with you as they get released.

 Jonathan Ferman – Product Manager | Adobe Exchange