Getting Started: Creating Products for Adobe Exchange

Getting Started

We wanted to provide a simple 1 page interactive PDF that shows you how to create products for Adobe Exchange. We hope you find it helpful. Please note this PDF has been updated to reflect that it’s now really easy to submit content for Adobe CC apps, no packaging required!

Adobe Exchange – Getting Started Creating Products (PDF file)

Jonathan Ferman | Product Manager

Extension Manager 6.0.5 full installer now avaialble on

Extension Manager CS6Previously Adobe Extension Manager CS6 was only available as an update inside Adobe Application Manager (AAM). We had requests to provide the full installer on the Web and I am pleased to say that we created a special full installer build to do that. If you have had any issues trying to update to Extension Manager 6.0.5 please use this full installer available for Mac and Windows, it should solve your issues.

Many thanks to the Extension Manager team for releasing this. if you have CS6 you definitely want to update to 6.0.5 it has some new capabilities we will soon enable for Adobe Exchange improved installations and other useful features and fixes.

Get it now!

Jonathan Ferman | Product Manager