Adobe Creative Cloud Exclusive and Free! – Adobe Paper Textures Pro

Adobe Paper Textures Pro - free for Creative Cloud Subscribers

Adobe Paper Textures by Adobe’s Russell Brown is currently the most popular product on Adobe Exchange. I recently met with Russell in Adobe’s San Jose headquarters and we discussed how we might improve it and  how we could add value to Creative Cloud paid members by letting them have a new product for free. In a few short weeks, thanks to the great programming skills of Thomas Ruark and some fantastic new textures from the lovely people at FlyPaper Textures we had a new ‘Pro’ version. Today we are releasing Adobe Paper Textures Pro exclusively on Adobe Exchange for Creative Cloud paid members.

aptp_panelWhat’s New in the Pro Version

1 – New textures added.
2 – Fly out menu lets you select between the two sets of textures.
3 – The Randomizer now lets you set the number of textures used in the randomizing process.
4 – The Chaos check box turns on a new feature that randomly uses OVERLAY and MULTIPLY on any number of textures that you specify.
5 – We will add more new features in the future – when available, Adobe Exchange will show you that there is an update to the product.

Adobe Paper Texture Pro Tutorial video by Russell Brown – Adobe TV


How do you get it?

If you are a Creative Cloud paid member then just search for ‘paper’ in the Adobe Exchange panel from within Photoshop CS6, you’ll find the panel in Window > Extensions > Adobe Exchange.

Don’t have the Adobe Exchange Panel? You can download it free. If you’re not already a Creative Cloud paid member you can learn more.


Many thanks to Russell Brown, Thomas Ruark and the team at FlyPaper Textures for all their support. I’m excited by what other features could be provided to this panel in the future.


We plan to have more Creative Cloud paid member free and exclusive products available soon. It’s just our little way of saying thanks to our Creative Cloud subscribers.


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Jonathan Ferman | Product Manager

17 Responses to Adobe Creative Cloud Exclusive and Free! – Adobe Paper Textures Pro

  1. Markus J says:

    Better search for “Paper” only – than you’ll find it! 😉

    • ferman says:

      Good catch, the product originally had a different name and my search terms had not been update. I’ve updated my blog entry. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. Teagan says:

    I am trying to download it but it says I need a creative cloud membership, in which i have! Suggestions?

    • ferman says:

      Hi Teagan,

      Make sure you have logged into the Adobe Exchange panel with your Creative Cloud based Adobe ID. You can see and check this in the ‘My Stuff’ tab. If that does not work please reply back and I will contact you off this list.
      Thanks, Jonathan

  3. Daniel thomassin says:

    Bonjour;Un grand merci pour se post et je vais tentez de l’installer se weekend
    et je vous souhaite une bonne journée et un bon weekend!


  4. I downloaded it, but all that happens when I select windows > extensions > Adobe Paper Texture Pro, is an empty panel appears.

    • ferman says:

      Hi Stewart, that’s very strange. Please try quitting Photoshop and reopening and then reopen the panel by going to Windows > Extensions > Adobe Paper Textures Pro.

      If it still gives you blank view just reply back and I will contact you off the blog to investigate this.


  5. Mathias says:


    I’m trying to find it in Adobe exchange in my Fireworks CS6 but its not among the other plugins. Fireworks is by the way the worlds best graphic design tool for web design. I hope more web designer discover it too!


    • ferman says:

      Hi Matthias,

      Please check whether you have installed Adobe Exchange by either launching Adobe Extension Manager CS6 or by lookin in Windows > Extensions in one of our other supported products like Photoshop, illustrator and InDesign. If you have not yet installed it just go to this page and click on the blue ‘Download’ button. The Adobe Exchange panel and many of the products are free.

      Let me know if you are still not finding it after installing the panel from our website.



  6. Downloaded – thanks!! Props to @rufusd for sending me your direction.

  7. StarBird says:

    How do you get this collection? I have CS4. I do not understand the instructions.

    Thank you.

    • ferman says:

      I’m sorry but Adobe Exchange is for CS6 and later. You could try out products from Adobe Exchange with a Photoshop CS6 free 30 day trial. I hope that helps.

  8. Alí Marín says:

    I have installed Adobe Exchange panel, but can not install Adobe Paper Textures Pro. I get this error on Photoshop: “Installation failed with error code: 1. The zxp installer has been copied to your documents folder”. If I try to install from that folder on My Documents, Adobe Extension manager says that ” The extension is not valid. Extension won´t install”.

    What could I do?

    • ferman says:


      Have you tried downloading and installing any other products from Adobe Exchange and were they successful? that will help me determine of if this is an isolated issue or not. Please reply.


      • Alí Marín says:

        Hi Jonathan,

        yes, I have installed other Adobe Exchange products with no issues (but no from the new panel). However, I tried another one just now (Rusell Brown’s Adobe Painting Assistant) and got the same error previously described.

        Thanks for your support,


  9. textures says:

    Nice to see this pro version. It seems full of new features to create and design new textures.

  10. shereen Al Autary says:

    Thanks’ a lot ! 🙂