Creative Cloud Exclusive and Free! Flypaper Select – High Resolution Textures Pack

Flypaper SelectHot on the heels of the Adobe Paper Texture Panel Pro release I am delighted to announce FlyPaper Select. Flypaper Select is an exclusive collection of 24 high quality and unique textures which were especially chosen for their all round versatility from Flypaper’s eight texture packs. All of Flypaper’s Texture packs will soon be available on Adobe Exchange, several already are, just search for ‘flypaper’ from the Adobe Exchange Panel.

The Adobe Paper Texture Panel Pro and Flypaper Select are complementary products. The Adobe Paper Textures panel and the Pro version of the panel use low resolution Flypaper Textures to generate their effects. The Flypaper Select pack has high resolution (300 dpi) JPEG files that can be used with lots of Adobe apps and have all sorts of uses including photography, artwork, graphics projects, website design, digital, video and not forgetting old school film projects, book design, scrapbooking, illustration and collage. Flypaper texture uses are endless!

How do you get it?

If you are a Creative Cloud paid member then just search for ‘flypaper’ in the Adobe Exchange panel from within the CS6 versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, InCopy, Fireworks, Flash Pro, Premiere Pro or Dreamweaver.

You’ll find the panel in Window > Extensions > Adobe Exchange.

Don’t have the Adobe Exchange Panel? You can download it free. If you’re not already a Creative Cloud paid member you can learn more.


I’d like to thank the team at Flypaper Textures for providing this pack exclusively to Creative Cloud subscribers but get it quickly as it may not stay exclusive or free forever!

Creative Cloud paid member free and exclusive products are our little way of saying thanks to our Creative Cloud subscribers. Please help show your appreciation of these free donations by simply rating after your download. If you are not a Creative Cloud subscriber yet but have CS6, virtually all the products available do not require paid membership, check out the panel to see what’s available.


Become a producer yourself!

Becoming a producer for Adobe Exchange is free and easy. Just sign in/sign up here with your Adobe ID. We have lots of different tools and resources to help you create and package products. If you have simple creative files then you just need to use Adobe Exchange Packager, there’s even an embedded video to show you how to use it. Packager will sign and package your products and then you can submit them to the Adobe Exchange Producer Portal. Adobe will review and test your product and then it will be released. As a producer you can even privately share products with other people, ideal for Education, Enterprise, collaborative working and much more. Adobe Exchange is designed to enrich your experience with Adobe apps, whether that’s with a plug-in, an extension, an InDesign template, a Photoshop file or anything else that is related to our Adobe creative products. I can’t wait to see what our rapidly growing number of producers come up with.

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Jonathan Ferman | Product Manager

6 Responses to Creative Cloud Exclusive and Free! Flypaper Select – High Resolution Textures Pack

  1. Bo says:

    Have installed the free textures but can’t find them …

    • ferman says:

      It get’s installed to your Desktop folder and the texture files are in a folder called ‘Flypaper Select’. Enjoy!

  2. Tara says:

    I am a CC paid member and it won’t allow me to download. What do I need to do to download this?

    • ferman says:

      Hi Tara,

      I’m sorry to hear you are having trouble acquiring this. We use the same system that entitles you to paid products like on the Apps page of CC like Photoshop. From the Adobe Exchange Panel, please click on the My Stuff button and click on the switch user link and enter your usual email address and password and then try downloading the product again.

      If that does not work please reply and I can follow up with you offline.



  3. carolyn says:

    In the video it said you can upload your own textures which I did and now I cannot find them. Can you tell me how to do it correctly so I can use them along with your textures? Thank you, Carolyn

    • ferman says:

      When you select a folder for textures from the fly out menu, then they should appear as small icons on the panel.
      If they are not JPEG images then they will not appear in the panel. They must be JPEG to work.
      Perhaps that is what the issue is in this situation.


      Russell Brown