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Adobe Drive Five is Alive!

Drive 5

Adobe Drive 5, or Adobe Drive CC as it’s better known, is now available. Lots of Adobe creative users don’t know about Drive and what it provides, so before telling you about the new features, let’s start with what it’s for.

What is Adobe Drive?

Adobe Drive CC (version 5) software enables seamless integration of a digital asset management (DAM) system with Adobe Creative Cloud and Creative Suite 6 desktop applications. Once connected to a DAM server, you can access remote assets through your operating system file browser, through Adobe Bridge, or from the menus of CC and CS6 products that integrate with Drive: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and InCopy.

Adobe Drive CC

This release provides a lot of compatibility, Drive CC is compatible with the Creative Cloud (CC) *and* CS6 supported applications (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, InCopy & Bridge. It supports CQ DAM 5.5, AEM DAM 5.6 and now AEM DAM 5.6.1 (released in June) along with a number of DAMs from third party vendors.

Other Key Features beyond CC application and AEM 5.6.1 DAM compatibility:

  • Mac 64-bit support; enables performance improvements when downloading assets from DAMs
  • When integrating with AEM DAM, performance improvements (12-40+%) when browsing a large number of assets in Adobe Bridge
  • Warning when connecting to an AEM DAM that uses an untrusted certificate

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Laurel Hahn Zimmer | Product Manager