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Introducing HTML5 Extensions

When Creative Cloud was launched in June 2013, we added support for HTML5-based panels in several Adobe products. These new panels open up the world of panel development to a wider range of developers who may be more comfortable working with HTML/JavaScript and CSS. Since June, support for HTML5-based panels has been added to more Adobe products. As of now Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, Premiere Pro CC and Prelude CC support HTML5-based panels.

A preview of Adobe Extension Builder 3, a new developer tool that supports creating HTML5-based extensions, was launched in June at Adobe Labs. You can download it for free from here:

Starting in the middle of 2014 we will begin removing Flash-based extension support in Creative Cloud products, starting with Photoshop CC. We encourage all developers to start planning and migrating to the new extensibility framework based on HTML5.

HTML5-based panels allow developers to leverage the rich ecosystem of existing JavaScript frameworks and tools when creating their panels. HTML5-based panels share the same technology with web applications, which opens up exciting opportunities for integration with web services.

Check out these videos to see how to build and debug HTML5 Extensions.

Adobe Exchange Panel – 1.1 Update for CC apps now available

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 07.38.21

We’ve just released an important update to the Adobe Exchange Panel for Creative Cloud (CC) desktop apps.

New features

  • The Panel icon is back – no more default lego brick!
  • Facebook icon to like us on Facebook in the lower left of the panel. You can follow us on Twitter too.
  • Various bug fixes to improve performance and installation issues
  • New large view by default – now when you open the Exchange Panel for the first time you will see the large rather than compact view because in this case bigger really is better. Prefer skinny? No problem, click the button on the lower right to make it compact.
  • Non-zxp support – This is a major new feature. Previously if you wanted to submit products to Adobe Exchange they had to be packaged into a zxp format using tools like the free Adobe Exchange Packager, available when you sign up as a producer, which is also free. So now you can submit any kind of file, tell us the Adobe CC apps it is compatible with and off you go. Please note that it’s best to provide the native file rather than a zip when submitting content becuase we can then look to install things in the correct place automatically in the future. Really need to provide a zip file? Go ahead. It will be downloaded to the Downloads folder. Please also note that this feature requires Adobe Extension Manager CC Update 7.1 and works with supported CC apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, InCopy, Dreamweaver, Prelude and Premiere Pro. You can expect to see a massive increase in the amount of content available on Adobe Exchange in the coming months thanks to this new functionality.

How to get the update


First open the Adobe Exchange Panel by going to Window > Extensions > Adobe Exchange from within a compatible CC app.

If you haven’t already, you need to apply the CSXS update to enable the Adobe Exchange Panel first – Details here.

Install/update Adobe Extension Manager CC to version 7.1 using the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app or get the installer here.

In the Adobe Exchange Panel Click the Update button (pictured above)

Don’t forget to check out the Adobe Exchange Panel regularly as we are constantly adding more products (Window > Extensions > Adobe Exchange).


Jonathan Ferman | Product Manager