Introducing CEP 5.2 – now available

Adobe introduced a major update to Creative Cloud 2014 apps yesterday with many new features and improvements.  What’s more, the updated apps contain a new version of CEP, version 5.2.  CEP 5.2 contains some of the most frequently requested features and capabilities, such as Drag and Drop support and native fly-out menu support.

Here are some of the features of CEP 5.2

  • Support Drag and Drop of both standard types and custom types
  • Support Windows High DPI
  • Support native fly-out menu in HTML5 panels
  • Support shortcut keys when focus is on HTML5 extensions, including menu shortcut keys and single-key shortcut keys
  • Support tooltips in HTML5 extensions
  • Support customizing context menu in HTML5 extensions
  • Support CSS cursor property for HTML5 extensions
  • Support using CEP HTML5 extension as startup screen
  • Refactor extension unloading procedure and support event notification
  • Support setting max and min size for modal and mode-less dialog in extension manifest
  • Support for disabling Node.js in HTML5 extensions
  • New JavaScript API showOpenDialogEx and showSaveDialogEx in CEPEngine_extensions.js.

To get CEP 5.2, download the latest update to your target application and include the latest version of the CSInterface API, (CSInterface-5.2.js), in your extension project.

I look forward to seeing your extensions make use of the latest and greatest features of CEP 5.2.

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