Adobe Exchange Panel CS6 users: it’s time to move to Adobe Add-ons

Exchange Panel replaced by Adobe Add-ons

The Adobe Exchange Panel for CS6 will no longer be functional after June 2015. All of the capabilities of the Exchange Panel and more are available on the Adobe Add-ons website.

If you have used the Exchange Panel in the past please check out the Adobe Add-ons website. If you have questions, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked ones in the FAQ below.


Q. How is the Adobe Add-ons website different to the Adobe Exchange Panel for CS6?

A. The Adobe Add-ons website provides a number of benefits over the Exchange Panel for CS6 and incorporates a lot of feedback from Exchange Panel users including:

  • More Adobe apps supported
  • Larger previews
  • Links to further information and videos
  • About pages for each producer
  • Viewable anywhere – with the Exchange Panel you could only see compatible products for the app you were in, with Adobe Add-ons you can view and acquire Add-ons from any web browser and on devices like tablets and smartphones.
  • Sync install – For products that are compatible with more than just CS6, Add-ons uses Adobe CreativeSync technology to install your acquired Add-ons to all your Creative Cloud enabled computers and updates can be installed automatically or easily removed with a click.

Q. With the Exchange Panel gone how do I install my extensions?

A. If you acquired products with the Exchange Panel please use the same identity and sign in at My Add-ons.  If you acquired your extensions from a developer please look for the relevant .zxp file or installer, or contact the developer directly.

Q. I had acquired various products on the Adobe Exchange Panel and want to install them again for CS6 how can I do this?

A. Anything you have acquired from the Adobe Exchange Panel or from the Add-ons website is available from the My Add-ons section, please ensure you sign in with the same ID you used to acquire the Add-ons in order to see the same ones in my Add-ons. If the product you are looking to install is specifically for CS6 only please click the “Install for CS6” link and follow the 3 quick steps to install the product.

Q. If the Adobe Exchange Panel is gone does that mean Adobe Exchange and the Adobe Exchange Producer Portal is gone too?

A. No, the Adobe Exchange website is still used for various resources and for the Producer Portal which enables anyone to create and submit Add-ons publicly (free or paid), or for private distribution. To sign up as a producer go here, it’s quick, easy and free! If you are looking to distribute more than 10 products please request a producer account upgrade by emailing with the subject “Account Upgrade Request“.

Q. I am using Adobe Creative Suite 6 (CS6), how do I get Extensions and Add-ons now that the Adobe Exchange Panel is no longer supported?

A. You can use the Adobe Add-ons website, just ensure the product you are looking to acquire is compatible with CS6. Compatibility is shown on the top right hand side of each product page under “Version”. In addition to the Adobe Add-ons website there are a huge number of CS6 compatible plug-ins, extensions and other add-ons available from third parties.

Q. I am having issues with my extension where can I get help?

A. Where to go for help will depend on where you acquired your extension and what the problem is. If the problem is with functionality of the extension please contact the producer of that extension directly, either from their website or via email. For issues relating to products you acquired on the Adobe Add-ons website or the Adobe Exchange panel please go to the Adobe Add-ons forum, the Help and Troubleshooting section or email, (please note that we are unable to provide assistance with add-ons acquired outside of the Adobe Add-ons website).

Q. Can I now remove the Adobe Exchange CS6 Panel?

A. Yes, removing the Exchange Panel will not affect your CS6 applications and will free up a small amount of disk space. To remove it, launch Adobe Extension Manager CS6 (download it here if you don’t already have it), choose one of the CS6 apps and select “AdobeExchange” and then click the Remove button (as shown in the image below). Clicking the Remove button will remove the Adobe Exchange Panel from all of your CS6 applications.

rem Expanel


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