Introducing CEP 6

Hi everyone, 

Last week Adobe launched the 2015 release of Creative Cloud, which includes multiple new features and enhancements. 

It also includes a new version of the runtime for HTML5-based extensions, CEP 6.

CEP 6 introduces new capabilities, APIs and other enhancements. Here’s some of the highlights of CEP 6:

  • New JSON API to customize context menu
  • New JavaScript APIs to tell if a CEP panel is hidden or shown
  • Customize context menu – Be able to add an icon to context menu items
  • New JavaScript APIs for getting and setting panel window size
  • Support notifications when fly-out menu is opened and closed (two new Events)
  • Provide a fallback mechanism for localization
  • Support undo and redo shortcut keys
  • Support ESC key

 Documentation, samples and resources for CEP 6 can be found on the following websites:


Thanks and enjoy!

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