Improvements for Adobe Exchange Producers

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I wanted to share some improvements to the Adobe Exchange Producer Portal, which is used to submit public or private add-ons on the Adobe Add-ons website. Here’s a summary of the changes:

  1. Adobe Admins can now transfer one or more Addons from one AdobeID to another. For example, if a user used their Adobe ID for your Adobe Exchange Producer account, or a company was acquired and now needs to move the add-ons they created to a parent company or you want to use a completely different Adobe ID, it used to be very difficult for us to do and a completely manual process. If you need to move add-ons from one Adobe ID to another please email us at with the subject: Adobe ID Change.
  2. Producer Account changes: There are 2 levels of accounts: the default is the Community level that lets you create 10 products, of which 2 can be paid, and the file size limit is 15MB. For producers that want to submit more products, or have larger product file sizes, we have the Unlimited account. To request an upgrade to the Unlimited level please email us at with the subject: Account Upgrade.
  3. Eliminated the need to provide details of any encryption embedded in your product so you can submit your products faster and easier.

These changes are just the beginning of many more significant changes we hope to share with you later this year.

To set up an Adobe Exchange Producer Account, just sign in or sign up with your Adobe ID here, it’s free!

If you haven’t already, check out the huge variety of add-ons available for Creative Cloud users at Adobe Add-ons.

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Jonathan Ferman | Product Manager

One Response to Improvements for Adobe Exchange Producers

  1. Thanks for the change notice. One thing I notice is that customers have a very hard time locating their purchased files after downloading. I know this because I receive a lot of support emails requiring me to send them a link so they can download the files they purchased. Having 23,000 downloads and only 7000 unique users on one product is not ok in fact it is horrible. This frustrates many people who spend their hard earned money at Adobe Exchange. A lot of them never contact me and just leave bad reviews.

    Another suggestion I have and this is one serious issue, is that Adobe Exchange should tighten up on their customer service. Too many times I have had very un-clear communication with Adobe Exchange. Its almost about to drive me away but I am hanging on by a thread i big hoopes that one day soon Adobe Exchange will become the best place for Adobe producers to sell! I got faith in you Adobe Exchange!

    In my own opinion, having a file size of 15mb is not ok. My cell phones photos are larger than that. How can any one submit such a small file size of any value? Any how Im here and I hope your listening.

    Best Regards,