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Adobe MAX 2013


Adobe MAX is where we will formally launch Adobe Exchange and show how it is being integrated into Creative Cloud. For any user of Adobe’s creative apps Exchange will bring lots of great new add-ons to make your experience of those applications so much better. What you may not know is how easy it is to create products and content for Adobe Exchange. Anyone can do it and you do not need to do any coding. You can offer free, paid and even private products. Adobe Exchange will let you get products and content in front of millions of users, or just the ones you want if you share privately. How do you do this? We will reveal all. We have two sessions at MAX:

1) A Preconference that has 2 tracks, one focused on our extensibility plans, being revealed at MAX and another track covering everything you need to know about Adobe Exchange. This afternoon preconference will also give you an opportunity at the end to network, meet the product teams and other users at our cocktail reception.

Please note: this preconference session is included in your MAX pass, there are no additional fees to attend this session.
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2) A 1 hour session – This is for MAX attendees that cannot make the Sunday afternoon preconference on May 5th, or just want to learn about Adobe Exchange.
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Either session is relevant for any type of Adobe creative product user so please sign up and see what’s possible!

Jonathan Ferman | Product Manager

Adobe Drive 4.2 Update Now Available

We are pleased to announce that the Adobe Drive 4.2 Update is now available! This update provides performance improvements, new file status icons when viewing managed assets via the Finder/Explorer, an updated CMIS connector, fixes to the Mac OS context menu, and additional fixes/improvements in other areas.

How do I get this update?

In the Adobe Drive Connect UI click the Updates link, choose Help > Updates from a Creative Suite product or download/install from the following locations: Win | Mac

Not familiar with Adobe Drive?

Adobe Drive is an application that allows one to connect the following CS applications (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and/or InCopy) to a DAM (digital asset management) system. Having an Adobe Drive integration provides full access to content on a DAM system from Adobe Bridge, the Explorer or Finder and includes the ability to check in, check out, add check in comments, compare versions etc. from directly within the supported CS applications.

In addition to Adobe Drive, to fully enable the connection to a DAM server, one needs an Adobe Drive plug-in (what we call connectors) to interface with the DAM system. Included with the Adobe Drive installer are 2 connectors. A connector that will work with the Adobe Experience Manager DAM and a generic CMIS compliant connector that will work with servers that implement the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) specification. There are also connectors available from third-party vendors. The Adobe Drive SDK is publicly available here which provides more information as to how to create a connector that will work with Adobe Drive.

Laurel Zimmer | Product Manager

Getting Started: Creating Products for Adobe Exchange

Getting Started

We wanted to provide a simple 1 page interactive PDF that shows you how to create products for Adobe Exchange. We hope you find it helpful. Please note this PDF has been updated to reflect that it’s now really easy to submit content for Adobe CC apps, no packaging required!

Adobe Exchange – Getting Started Creating Products (PDF file)

Jonathan Ferman | Product Manager

Extension Manager 6.0.5 full installer now avaialble on

Extension Manager CS6Previously Adobe Extension Manager CS6 was only available as an update inside Adobe Application Manager (AAM). We had requests to provide the full installer on the Web and I am pleased to say that we created a special full installer build to do that. If you have had any issues trying to update to Extension Manager 6.0.5 please use this full installer available for Mac and Windows, it should solve your issues.

Many thanks to the Extension Manager team for releasing this. if you have CS6 you definitely want to update to 6.0.5 it has some new capabilities we will soon enable for Adobe Exchange improved installations and other useful features and fixes.

Get it now!

Jonathan Ferman | Product Manager

Creative Cloud Exclusive and Free! Flypaper Select – High Resolution Textures Pack

Flypaper SelectHot on the heels of the Adobe Paper Texture Panel Pro release I am delighted to announce FlyPaper Select. Flypaper Select is an exclusive collection of 24 high quality and unique textures which were especially chosen for their all round versatility from Flypaper’s eight texture packs. All of Flypaper’s Texture packs will soon be available on Adobe Exchange, several already are, just search for ‘flypaper’ from the Adobe Exchange Panel.

The Adobe Paper Texture Panel Pro and Flypaper Select are complementary products. The Adobe Paper Textures panel and the Pro version of the panel use low resolution Flypaper Textures to generate their effects. The Flypaper Select pack has high resolution (300 dpi) JPEG files that can be used with lots of Adobe apps and have all sorts of uses including photography, artwork, graphics projects, website design, digital, video and not forgetting old school film projects, book design, scrapbooking, illustration and collage. Flypaper texture uses are endless!

How do you get it?

If you are a Creative Cloud paid member then just search for ‘flypaper’ in the Adobe Exchange panel from within the CS6 versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, InCopy, Fireworks, Flash Pro, Premiere Pro or Dreamweaver.

You’ll find the panel in Window > Extensions > Adobe Exchange.

Don’t have the Adobe Exchange Panel? You can download it free. If you’re not already a Creative Cloud paid member you can learn more.


I’d like to thank the team at Flypaper Textures for providing this pack exclusively to Creative Cloud subscribers but get it quickly as it may not stay exclusive or free forever!

Creative Cloud paid member free and exclusive products are our little way of saying thanks to our Creative Cloud subscribers. Please help show your appreciation of these free donations by simply rating after your download. If you are not a Creative Cloud subscriber yet but have CS6, virtually all the products available do not require paid membership, check out the panel to see what’s available.


Become a producer yourself!

Becoming a producer for Adobe Exchange is free and easy. Just sign in/sign up here with your Adobe ID. We have lots of different tools and resources to help you create and package products. If you have simple creative files then you just need to use Adobe Exchange Packager, there’s even an embedded video to show you how to use it. Packager will sign and package your products and then you can submit them to the Adobe Exchange Producer Portal. Adobe will review and test your product and then it will be released. As a producer you can even privately share products with other people, ideal for Education, Enterprise, collaborative working and much more. Adobe Exchange is designed to enrich your experience with Adobe apps, whether that’s with a plug-in, an extension, an InDesign template, a Photoshop file or anything else that is related to our Adobe creative products. I can’t wait to see what our rapidly growing number of producers come up with.

Keep up to date with all the latest developments on Adobe Exchange on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

Jonathan Ferman | Product Manager

Adobe Creative Cloud Exclusive and Free! – Adobe Paper Textures Pro

Adobe Paper Textures Pro - free for Creative Cloud Subscribers

Adobe Paper Textures by Adobe’s Russell Brown is currently the most popular product on Adobe Exchange. I recently met with Russell in Adobe’s San Jose headquarters and we discussed how we might improve it and  how we could add value to Creative Cloud paid members by letting them have a new product for free. In a few short weeks, thanks to the great programming skills of Thomas Ruark and some fantastic new textures from the lovely people at FlyPaper Textures we had a new ‘Pro’ version. Today we are releasing Adobe Paper Textures Pro exclusively on Adobe Exchange for Creative Cloud paid members.

aptp_panelWhat’s New in the Pro Version

1 – New textures added.
2 – Fly out menu lets you select between the two sets of textures.
3 – The Randomizer now lets you set the number of textures used in the randomizing process.
4 – The Chaos check box turns on a new feature that randomly uses OVERLAY and MULTIPLY on any number of textures that you specify.
5 – We will add more new features in the future – when available, Adobe Exchange will show you that there is an update to the product.

Adobe Paper Texture Pro Tutorial video by Russell Brown – Adobe TV


How do you get it?

If you are a Creative Cloud paid member then just search for ‘paper’ in the Adobe Exchange panel from within Photoshop CS6, you’ll find the panel in Window > Extensions > Adobe Exchange.

Don’t have the Adobe Exchange Panel? You can download it free. If you’re not already a Creative Cloud paid member you can learn more.


Many thanks to Russell Brown, Thomas Ruark and the team at FlyPaper Textures for all their support. I’m excited by what other features could be provided to this panel in the future.


We plan to have more Creative Cloud paid member free and exclusive products available soon. It’s just our little way of saying thanks to our Creative Cloud subscribers.


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Jonathan Ferman | Product Manager

Adobe Extension Manager 6.0.5 is out. Improves Adobe Exchange Installations

Extension Manager 6.0.5 Update

The latest update to Extension Manager; 6.0.5 is now available via Adobe Application Manager. This update is primarily designed to improve the installation experience and provide much tighter integration with the new Adobe Exchange. These improvements will be visible with a forthcoming update to the Adobe Exchange Panel and a Creative Cloud integrated website which is nearing release. Please download the 6.0.5 update so you are ready for the improved installs that Extension Manager provides. This new version will remove many of those annoying dialogue boxes that users told us were unnecessary and also lets us provide a seamless installation from the Web when the new Creative Cloud website is released.

What’s Next?

As mentioned the other thing we have been working on is an improved signing experience, this is primarily for producers of Adobe Exchange. It means you will not need to buy a certificate from a trusted signing authority and will have the reassurance that your product has not been tampered with during the product submission process. There are other benefits and the good news is we think we are almost complete on the signing development work. We will provide more information when the new signing capabilities are released.

In the mean time, if you have Creative Suite 6 or Creative Cloud membership why not try out the Adobe Exchange Panel. New products are being added every day. You can also keep up to date with Adobe Exchange on Facebook and Twitter.

Jonathan Ferman | Product Manager

InDesign SDK blog is back! Check it out


The team working on the InDesign SDK recently updated the long forgotten InDesign SDK blog and it’s a very useful read for any InDesign developer. Let the team know in the Comments section what you think and what else you would like to see featured.

Jonathan Ferman | Product Manager

Adobe Exchange – Important Signing and Installation Update


During the Adobe Exchange prerelease program, (which you can sign up for here), we have heard loud and clear from producers that while they understand the need to sign their products, using a trusted signing authority was both time consuming and costly. The Adobe Exchange development team are working on a new signing process that allows users to create their own self-signed certificates using easy to use Adobe tools like Adobe Exchange Packager, Adobe Configurator 3 and CS Extension Builder 2. These certificates will be paired with a new Adobe signed certificate for Adobe Exchange. We have a little more work to do in order to create this system but we wanted to let producers know as soon as possible about this plan, so that you know that a trusted authority certificate will no longer be required. We do require a signed product so we can be assured that the product comes from you and you have the assurance that Adobe has not tampered with your product, however, you can use a self-certificate for this purpose. This is a tried and tested process on many large and successful online stores.


One of the reasons producers felt the need to generate a certificate from a trusted signing authority was that any self-signed certificate embedded in a product would pop up a warning in Adobe Extension Manager that the producer was ‘Unknown’ and this could cause the user potential concern. It also created extra input and button clicking from the user. The number of dialogue boxes presented to the user, particularly when upgrading the Adobe Exchange panel, does not deliver the experience we want to provide. We are therefore looking to suppress many of these superfluous messages to the user. This will require an update to Extension Manager but rest assured it is in development along with continuous and far deeper integration/improvements to Adobe Extension Manager in relation to Adobe Exchange.  The improved signing and installation workflows are another example of us listening to your feedback. We expect this work to be complete in the first quarter of 2013. There are many more user requested features to come and we welcome your feedback to continually improve Adobe Exchange.


Other Updates

I wanted to take this opportunity to share some recent updates that will be useful to producers and potential producers of Adobe Exchange:

Adobe Exchange Assets – We wanted to make it easier for producers to be able to provide images for Adobe exchange including featured images. We recently posted a Photoshop template with Smart Objects which makes the process of creating images for Exchange a lot faster and more efficient. More information here. Just search for ‘Adobe Exchange Assets’ within the Adobe Exchange panel in Photoshop to download it.
Social Media – We ware increasingly using Social Media channels to promote your products quickly and widely. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to see when your product gets featured.
New Home page –  We recently redesigned our home page to make it much clearer to users where to find the Adobe Exchange Panel as well as showing featured products. Check it out at:
There are lots more features in development that we look forward to sharing with you as they get released.

 Jonathan Ferman – Product Manager | Adobe Exchange

Discover the hidden powers of HTML inside Photoshop Panels

Adobe Configurator 3 makes it easy to create custom panels for Photoshop and Illustrator. What you might not know is just how much you can do with HTML inside a Photoshop panel, not just look at a Web page but run powerful scripts and capaibilities. If you are programmer, web developer or just want to see what’s possible this panel is for you. The HTML Sample Panel is available exclusively from Adobe Exchange and you can modify it to you heart’s content with Configurator 3 as it is a sample file you can download.

We look forward to seeing what you come up with and seeing your panels on Adobe Exchange.

Jonathan Ferman | Product Manager