July 13, 2019

Premiere Pro v13.1.3 JULY 2019 UPDATE






Improved Stability in the following areas:

  • Launching the application
  • Running the tutorial
  • Opening older projects
  • GPU drivers
  • Adjusting scale
  • Adjusting keyframe values
  • Scrubbing the timeline
  • Modifying speed with nested sequences
  • Caption workflows
  • File format support
  • Freeform mode
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • 3rd party support




Optimizations to reduce noise output from MacBook Pro 2018

Stretched clips are not triggering Auto-ducking in Essential Sound Panel

Effects setting not being retained when “Maintain Pitch” is turned on when stretching

Channel Mixer missing on stereo tracks and unavailable on stereo clips

Multi-channel sequence turns mute when switching to another sequence

Speed / Duration “Reverse Speed” and “Maintain Audio Pitch” previews in silent

Timeline and source sequence solo state do not match

Playing audio files in reverse can cause buzzing if clips are not 48k or 96k

Added a default preset for “Multiband Compressor”.

Buzzing on audio transition when clips are remapped

When channels are modified, fades are not working properly

Scrubbing will ignore soloed channels in the meters panel

Multi-channel:  3rd party effects are being instantiated as mono on adaptive tracks

Channel monitoring settings are lost when toggling between several sequences




White OP-47 Captions turn Yellow on export to embedded OP-47 Captions

Export of Caption Background Colors for STL export

Long Teletext captions are imported incorrectly

Line Spacing from Captions Import Settings is not used at STL import

Resizing Caption block can cause buttons to draw over each other

Improve handling of text styling correctly at SRT export

Added control line height control in caption preferences

Handle the line spacing correctly for free positioned lines  

Display of styles may be incorrect after STL import

Handle nested tags correctly at STL import




When capturing DPX clip with AJA, timecode is incorrect, and has the wrong format

HEIF image not showing the thumbnail correctly

RED file LUT colors are not reflected in thumbnails

Prores 422 HQ files has significant black/white levels difference on Windows

Lumetri scope is showing many black bars for HEVC HDR image on Windows

Some MPEG-4 AV file import as Audio only file

Improved ProRes 4444 performance


Effects and Editing


Added support for scaled clips with matching aspect ratios for Warp Stabilizer

If a speed change is applied in the project panel, it changes time remapping values

Force Touch and drag on transitions will cause mouse cursor to disappear until restart

Multi-cams do not contain description or comment metadata tags in xml

Cannot drag keyframes in color wheels section and HLS Secondaries

Morph Cut Analysis Banner does not disappear

Scrubbing past end of clip will flash an upside-down frame on Metal

Direct manipulation of video effects fails on Mac if you Control click on a control point

Dip to Black and Dip to White transitions do not allow Copy/Paste

Flattening a multicam with Time Remapping results in wrong keyframes when speed is applied

Find dialog doesn’t find any results while in Freeform view

Can’t apply effects to a group selection in Freeform view

Transmit output to 2nd (primary) monitor doesn’t work if Premiere is running on secondary monitor. Preference cannot be set.

Improved behavior when switching workspaces


Render and Export


Color shift when exporting to YUV formats

Program monitor can go black when applying Lumetri to nested Sequence

Reduced instances where macro-blocking can occur when exporting

Black spots appearing for high luminosity areas such as sun, with Software renderer

Render and replace drop frame clips results in non-drop rendered files


Localization fixes across multiple languages

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April 5, 2019

What’s New for Premiere Pro Spring 2019 v13.1

What’s New for Premiere Pro Spring 2019 v13.1








Video demo of New features :





The engineering work on this version (13.1) has been mainly centered around performance and OS stability with a few features I gear more towards “editing efficiencies”.  No question that many software vendors have had their share of challenges when it comes to driver updates and deprecating older 32bit code in order to give the end user the most benefit from newer iNtel , Nvidia, & AMD chipsets.  I think many of us can agree that the major change with discontinuing legacy Quicktime 32-bit codecs caught many people off guard.


GPU and chipset drivers continue to be the #1 issue I see when helping people troubleshoot along with legacy plug-ins that many people forget are there. These are 2 of the main things you need to remember to update before you apply any update to Premiere Pro or AfterEffects. Plugins and drivers will go out of date at some point you it’s easy to get in “bad state”.


In this release, you’ll see our first attempt to call out driver issues with a warning to update them. You wil be promted at [First Launch] and then you can check via the help menu after that. We are also looking at more ways to flag other incompatibilities or known issues. I would agree that Plug-ins would be a great thing to flag and we are looking into how to coordinate – not as easy as you might think as these vendors are not required to inform us of their changes.  But, I would agree we need to work together and figure it out..


GPU Warnings …

Mac users have it easier for many of these driver issues as they control all aspects of all drivers with each SW update. With each macOS software update you’ll usually see a mention of graphic driver updates. For the record, macOS users need to know that we are tuning all GPU speed performance to OSX Metal which is nw performing better or on par with OpenCL.



**We are yet to see Nvidia Cuda support via Nvidia’s WebDriver for macOS 10.14.x . 



Multi-GPU Enhancements and new eGPU support:

As many of you know, Premiere Pro and Media Encoder (AME) have had Multi-GPU and Multi-Core/Threading support for many years. BUT…. we’ve needed to take another pass at how we use Multi-GPU not that many of the options and use cases have changed. For users with Desktops that have Multiple GPUs you see better overall performance with our GPU tuning. This includes New Mac Pro users with GPUs like the AMD D500 & D700 which will now use more of the GPU due to new Metal updates in macOS 10.14.x . BTW – for Mac users wanting to get the most out of their GPU(s) I would highly recommend macOS Mojave. Apple has done a great job on this OS for editors and compositors. Windows 10 users have had some great updates as well since version x1803 and higher. I’m also looking forward to the end user having control of when to turn off Windows updates…


Here’s a short 5 minute video on our eGPU update. I would like mention that Windows 10 users will also see great improvements as well. Windows users just need to pay close attension to GPU drivers and as I mention in the video , try not to mix GPU drivers if you can avoid it. Ie, if you laptop has a Geforce mobile GPU then match with Geforce Desktop card for your eGPU chassis (same for Quadro & AMD). Yes, you can mix and match and in many cases it will work but in many cases,  it can be the root cause of weird hard to track down issues. If you mix cards then remember that when/if you see issues.

eGPU support explained in 5 minutes…













My #1 favorite feature in Premiere Pro v13.1

Render and Replace now includes a checkbox for Include Video Effects. This is HUGE for those times with Effects can’t play in real-time. Works great for 4K video with Red Giant plug-ins and Warp Stabilizer. YES – you can still use [Restored Unrendered] to re-activate the applied effects to make changes.





Freeform  View is long awaited feature that many users have been asking forto help organize shots into mini stories or what I like to call “Story Stacks”. I think this is one of those features that will be used in many different ways depending on the user.










Multiple Strokes and Masking Text in Essential Graphics is a small but huge time saver . This is worth spending some time with as it really shows how much can be done in Premiere Pro without the need to jump to AE for basic text and templates.






If you didn’t know , you can save any title/text with effects controls as a Motion Graphics template which can saved and also used with Premiere Rush (make sure to click the Premiere Rush Compatibility box)





Rulers and Guides are now available in the Program Panel to help align elements . This was a top requested feature in our User Voice form which can be found under the [Help] menu >Provide Feedback. Please submit your requests.




Another small but useful feature : Auto Ducking now allows for Ambient Sounds. Duck ambience sound behind dialogue, sound effects, or any other audio clip using the Ducking parameter in the Essential Sound panel.






Another huge performance boost for Masking and Tracking .









Frame Replacement for Decode Errors

Instead of inserting red frames for decode errors, Premiere Pro now replaces problem frames with a copy of the adjacent frame, smoothing out the issue so you can edit your content without distraction red frames and export pristine footage in your completed projects.

This feature is enabled by default.


Frame replacement is limited to 5 consecutive decode errors. If there are more than 5 consecutive frame errors, Premiere Pro shows a pop-up error in the Events panel and inserts black frames to replace bad frames where possible.




New support for Sony Venice V3 files . ** We are looking to add additional codec support stay tuned.. Supported file formats.


Other enhancements

  • Ability to consolidate duplicate folders in the Project panel. For more information, see Consolidate duplicate folders.
  • Ability to render and replace video effects in a sequence. For more information, see Render and replace media in a sequence
  • Ability to save the current view state of the Project Panel into keyboard-mappable presets. This includes the metadata columns that are visible in List View, as well as their arrangement from left to right.


Just a reminder to Windows users that we added Apple ProRes encode support in v13.02 which is great way to do crossplatform work with macOS users.

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December 11, 2018

December 2018 CC2019 UPDATE

Adobe Pro Video Apps Now Support Crossplatform Apple ProRes Export

(Pr/AME 13.0.2 & AE 16.01)

We are pleased to announce new support for exporting Apple ProRes on the Windows platform with the Dec 2018  updates to the Adobe Creative Cloud video apps, including:

  • Premiere Pro CC
  • After Effects CC
  • Adobe Media Encoder CC
Apple ProRes is a codec technology developed by Apple for high-quality, high-performance editing. It is one of the most popular codecs in professional post-production and is widely used for acquisition, production, delivery, and archive. Adobe has worked with Apple to provide ProRes export to post-production professionals using Premiere Pro and After Effects. Support for ProRes on macOS and Windows helps streamline video production and simplifies final output, including server-based remote rendering with Adobe Media Encoder.



Key call outs for this update



  • Crash when switching into DM mode after dragging the application to another monitor.
  • Crash when running a film project with multiple audio effects.
  • Effect Controls Panel crashes randomly. The control points of curves cannot be selected and adjusted.
  • In a locked project panel, double click opens importer dialog.
  • Crash occurs on zooming video or image in program monitior to 400% and scrolling to the left on Mac OS.
  • Multiple MXF files appear truncated on the system.


  • Performance drop in software decoding in the current build when compared to previous builds (12.11 and 12.12)
  • UI delay on switching clips or locking audio tracks on Mac OS.
  • Latest RED SDK produces occasional soft hang.
  • Crash when creating dummy wifi access point on Mac OS.
  • In H.624 encoding on Windows, Adaptive Match Source (High Bitrate) preset with software encoding results in different bitrates.


  • Clips imported from XML, AAF, prproj, or any other project are not referenced correctly.
  • Import .stl as Teletext is handled as Open Subtitling.


  • Locking audio tracks is slow with mix track option.
  • In a submix track, you get an audio output buzz when playing silence with an effect.
  • In multicam mode, playback has audio glitches.
  • Deadlock with audio with transmit involved.


  • Merged clips are deleted without warnings.
  • Recovered clips are created with merged clips.
  • Clips replaced in timeline appears black.


  • In a non 16:9 sequence, glitches appear on the right edge when the Adjustment layer has a combination of CUDA and Lumetri.
  • Clip Name background color draws over selection outline and clip outline.
  • Auto Color Match does not work with speed change.
  • Color workspaces: Unsafe memory usage in PixelFormatConvert.
  • DCM kernel uses out of scoped memory for kernel parameters.
  • Lumetri Color adds distortion to right edge of stills (MPE – CUDA).
  • In Lumetri, CIrGFTexture does not check for GPU allocation or operation errors.


  • STL Sidecar Captions ignore sequence out point in OP47.
  • Embedded Captions are one frame shorter than content in OP47.

Morph Cut

  • Nesting of large number of clips is not possible.
  • Sequence playback crashes with Morph Cut.
  • The application hangs on moving Morph Cuts.

Export and Render

  • DisplaySurface is limited to 8 bits in Metal.
  • When FCP XML is exported from Premiere Pro, position keyframes are not translated and are set to 0,0.
  • In Metal 1.0, errors appear on playing a project on Mac OS.

Miscellaneous issues

  • Flattening a multicam shifts effect keyframes if its components have speed changes.
  • Shared projects: Merged clips break when dragging from one project to the other.
  • Sync Settings : Removing Manage Creative Cloud Account’still is visible in File>Sync Settings menu on Windows.
  • GoPro7 file displays upside down Proxy with GPU Renderers.
  • An audio icon or wrong icon is displayed for subclips in icon view.
  • Dynamic link: Character Animator cannot find the source and the application terminates when a saved project in Premiere Pro has multiple Character Animator sequences from different Character Animator projects.
  • Out of sync icon +1/-1 unselectable.
  • SRT/STL Import Background is only used, if defined in file. If defined as opaque and “Overwrite file settings”, if should always be used.
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November 2, 2018

November Patch : Premiere Pro and AME v13.01


Just a quick heads up on the November patch released on Nov 1st. We are looking to release more frequent quick patches to help address reported issues . In many cases these patches may not effect your workflow and there may be no need to update. Check the list below. I’ll keep a running list here of patches as we release them .

  • Occasional crashes in CC Library (Windows only)
  • Compatibility issues AVI codecs: erroneous warning message on launching Premiere Pro; Crash on launch when loading ExporterAVI.prm
  • Issues with importing Blackmagic Video Assist & Hyper Deck ProRes files 
  • Issue with dragging to adjust text and graphics on video image when Display Setting is set to something other than 100% (Windows only)
  • Keying issue with ProRes444 and Alpha channel
  • Issue with exporting certain Sony files as JPEG2000 MXF op1 file
  • Font issues with Motion Graphics templates created in pre-15.1.2 versions of After Effects 

Make sure to update both Premiere Pro and Adobe Media Encoder to v13.01

If you don’t see an [Update] indicator in your Creative Cloud app , First Sign out of Creative Cloud and then Quit the app. You need to sign out and quit . I find this will trigger the CC app to ping for updates again.


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October 15, 2018

What’s New in Premiere Pro CC2019 v13.0

 [Click] to play What’s new video



We’ve been busy working on a host of new features in CC2019 as part of our customer feedback. Please keep the feature requests coming . If you are new to submitting request you can find the Provide Feedback link under the Help menu in Premiere Pro and most Adobe apps.


Click on the image below to fill out feedback and feature request.


New CC2019 Features:

NEW Display Color Management


One thing that’s been missing from Premiere Pro for a long time is Display Color Management. See the above screenshot showing that Premiere Pro Program Monitor and the After Effects Composition now match in CC2019.

With new Display Color Management turned on you can leave your OS colors settings set to the system default and your colors will be presented correctly on-screen while working in Premiere Pro. Color information of your source files is not modified and will export correctly.

Display Color Management works for any internal monitor and for any secondary computer monitor used as part of the OS desktop, including HDMI, Display Port, DVI, and Thunderbolt connected displays.

Display Color Management does not support external monitors connected through video I/O cards using Mercury Transmit. These need to be configured outside of Premiere Pro.

Enable Display Color Management by opening Preferences > General > and check “Enable Display Color Management.” The preference is off by default since not all systems have sufficient GPU horsepower to use the feature.

** Note** we are just at the beginning of where we want to take Color Management and this just a first step. Stay tuned for future updates on this critical workflow topic.


NEW Selective Color Grading


We’ve been working on a new advanced Curves interface to help take the guess work out of working with Curves with Hue, Sat and Luma settings. Trust me, it’s pretty easy to see where you are pulling or pushing the color .

Selective Color Grading provides five new curve adjustment tools. The first one, Hue vs Saturation, replaces the radial “donut” and presents the same controls as a horizontal curve line.

Use the eyedropper to select a color range in your image, or manually add adjustment points as needed to manipulate the curve. A scroll bar at the bottom of the window make it easy to work on any part of the line (essentially, dialing around the color wheel.)

Hue vs Saturation
Select a Hue range and adjust the saturation level. As you drag your selection up or down, a vertical line appears and displays the saturation levels available – giving you visual guidance as you adjust.

Hue vs Hue
Select a Hue range and change it to another hue – essentially you are modifying a color range, to make it stand out more (or less) or to distinguish it from other color ranges in the image. Again, the vertical adjustment line provides a visual guide as you make the adjustment.

Hue vs Luma
Select a Hue (color) range and adjust the Luma (light). You could use this, for example, to darken a pale blue sky and add more contrast or drama to a shot

Luma vs Sat
Select a Luma range and adjust the saturation, for example to roll off the saturation in the highlight of a sunset and minimize clipping in the center of the sun which is over-exposed

Sat vs Sat
This allows you to selectively adjust saturation for a specific saturation range. For example: to ensure broadcast legal saturation levels.


NEW Support for Data Driven Graphics from AE


In After Effects CC2018 we added new support for Data Driven Graphics which allows you to use CSV and TSV files from programs like Microsoft Excel when creating Motion Graphics Templates (mogrts) . After Effects can use the data to control keyframes to control the animation, color via Hex Values, and more. New in Premiere Pro is the ability  to use those  After Effects Motion Graphics Templates . You can have enter data manually or you can link the data to spreadsheet and whenever the spreadsheet is updated, the template will auto update. Again, it’s a game changer for both AE and Premiere Pro users.


NEW Audio Filters for Essential Sound Panel


Our Audition team has been busy listening to feedback from customers using the Essential Sound Panel in Premiere Pro and Audition. The 2 most popular request were to improve the Reduce Noise and Reduce Reverb results when using the sliders. Both of have been updated to use new filters for better results.



We are continuing to support our fast growing VR community with new support for VR 180 cameras and workflow. Premiere Pro can now automatically recognize many of the new 180 cameras now on the market. We have also updated our effects to take advantage of the new format. VR 180 is quickly becoming the new Stereo 3D but without the glasses.


Enginering Notes:

New Feature Recap & Bug Fixes …

New Features in Premiere Pro 13.0

  • Selective color grading 
  • Display color management
  • Add, rename, edit Lumetri instances
  • Open Premiere Rush projects in Premiere Pro
  • Intelligent audio cleanup
  • Edit and transform vector graphics
  • Essential Graphics and Motion Graphics Template enhancements
    • Support for data-driven infographics
    • Improved search for Motion Graphics templates in Adobe Stock
  • VR enhancements
    • End-to-end workflow for 180 VR
    • Spatial markers for immersive media
    • New Theater mode in Adobe Immersive Environment
  • Collaboration enhancements
    • Group invites for Team Projects
    • Creative Cloud Libraries enhancements
  • Performance enhancement and file format support
    • New file format support
    • Support for Australian Closed captioning standard
    • Performance improvements
  • New Home Screen
  • Auto-save improvements
  • Quick Timecode entry
  • And more


Bug Fixes in Premiere Pro 13.0


  • Improved Mercury Playback Engine performance on Metal
  • Improved Reverse Playback performance of HEVC file
  • Improved Metal renderer performance at Full Res playback
  • Lumetri: Performance drop/dropped frames with interlaced media (GPU)
  • 8K R3D playback performance issues at Full and half resolution (macOS)




  • Intel Coffee Lake CPU – crash when importing or opening an existing project while NVIDIA driver is enabled.
  • Crash can occur when going backwards in Learn panel
  • Crash when switching to Thumbnail view with PNG files
  • Recovery clips are created when working with multiple open projects
  • Import reference file for some audio (e.g.: AIFF, MOV) results in low-level exception in Importer MPEG
  • Slow import of multiple AVCHD files on macOS
  • Crash when switching between Workspaces viewing Waveform Luma & RGB Alignment in Lumetri Scope
  • Stability issues with laptops with discrete GPU running Windows 10
  • Crash when quitting if “Manage My Account’ link is open in that session
  • Several redrawing errors, crash and blank screen while changing workspaces using Workspace tabs
  • Crash when importing XDCAM files from Nexio/Harris Velocity
  • Crash when using “Reveal Project in Project Panel” with some projects
  • Reverse nested sequence causes program monitor to display black
  • Files generated by YI camera result in low-level exceptions or application stops responding
  • Duplicating sequences lose effect data
  • After adding a motion effect to clip on timeline, playback will freeze
  • Crash occurs when match framing or slip/slide of clips in multicam sequence
  • Placing growing MXF file from Abekas into sequence causes Premiere Pro to crash
  • Hang when rendering some Timelines
  • MP4 material can cause video playback to freeze and the application to stop responding
  • Application hangs when importing 100 or more files requiring force quit.
  • Importing FCP xml into large project results in a freeze
  • Hang while importing some types of GoPro files.





  • Some ARRI Alexa Mini files appear incorrectly vertically instead of horizontally.
  • HEVC mov files with Codec ID hev1 import as audio only
  • Playback does not work when importing ALEXA_LF 3840 x 2160 files
  • R3D file plays back distorted in 1/4 resolution or lower playback setting
  • When importing Prores422HQ codec mov files on Mac, a slight color shift can occur
  • QuickTime files that are out of gamut are shown as being in gamut on Windows
  • Open GOP files have artifacts with HW decode
  • Some H.264 files with Frame Rate & Original Frame Rate values have switch to software decode
  • Imported H.264 10-bit files have shift in color values
  • Premiere can’t import 4448×1856 ARRI RAW files and eventually hangs the app.
  • Importing some QT files cause the app to hang or crash.
  • Subsequent imports of XDCAM HD 422 MOV file will only import audio.
  • Some Audio/Video file imports as Video only
  • Filmic Pro files import as video only
  • 4K Raw files from Sony FS7 import as white screen



Workspaces and Panels


  • Issues with Workspaces when opening legacy projects.
  • Workspaces don’t save with the project
  • Display Timecode is inconsistent when multiple Timeline panels are visible
  • Opening a second project opens two project tabs in Project Panel
  • Switch to another workspace results in missing some or all of the Project tabs







  • Adding marker to Multi-cam clip causes waveform to disappear
  • Clip name in timeline not legible
  • File selection is not carried over when switching between Icon and List Views in Project panel
  • Marker workflow between Timeline, Source Monitor and Program Monitor panels is broken
  • Video and Audio usage dropdown list doesn’t work if any clip is selected in the Project Panel
  • Digital distortion in silent areas between clips if used as a track-based compressor
  • Drag clips from one project to another project’s sequence loses clip label color
  • Moving Clip Between Projects Via Source Monitor loses Label Color
  • Reveal in Project, with Bin set to Open in place, results in Bin tab not being selected
  • Merged Clips are deleted from a timeline, without a warning, if a smart bin filtering merged clips is deleted.
  • Clip marker comments are lost when quitting
  • When AJA Capture Settings dialog is set to Control Panel, changes are unsaved.
  • Background color of drop zone barely visible when dragging media from finder onto project folder
  • Saving multiple open projects that originally had different saved renderers all get saved with current renderer
  • Motion Graphic Template does not always relink or indicates that After Effects is required to be installed
  • Can’t change camera views of a multi-cam project item in a locked project.
  • When AJA io4k is configured to transmit Rec 2020 over HDMI, picture outcome is corrupted
  • With Sonnet eGPU device attached to iMac Pro, new timeline creation leads to crash.
  • incorrect XMP data leads to missing frames in Source Monitor playback




  • Intermittently lose decoding of CC 608 or 708 in timeline when adding more than one blank caption with ctrl click add caption to timeline
  • Unexpected behaviours whern making two blank captions
  • Issues with authoring captions on V3 with another captions track is on V2
  • Setting I/O point and exporting project with embedded captions strips captions from track (Windows only)
  • When import dfxp TTML open caption file and place it on the timeline, characters appear to overlap on the program monitor




  • Media Pending error displays when Audio Input set to non-working device
  • Mix down clips to stereo setting deletes track routing when dragging a Sequence to the Source Monitor with Multichannel Master tracks
  • Specific AAF files that are exported fail to import on Windows
  • Silent Audio Export from Audio Clip at 9000% Speed
  • Solo in clip mixer with a clip loaded into the source monitor does not properly reflect the solo state in the mini meters
  • Waveforms constantly refresh with large projects when BlackMagic transmit enabled
  • Switching cameras on multicam clip in the source monitor does not switch audio unless 3rd party transmit is enabled
  • Embed audio for AAF creation strips out the audio file metadata
  • There is intermittent Left/right channel bleed and waveforms only display problem areas at certain zoom levels
  • Some TS muxed 5.1ch files are imported as stereo.
  • Incomplete audio when recording on two tracks
  • Audio distortion when using an ASIO sound card, Decklink device, and switching rapidly between Multicam View may lead to hang
  • Flattening a multicam audio item will clear any volume adjustment



Export and Render


  • Green/pink patches along with horizontal lines are observed while playback of HEVC/H.264 files with Intel Graphics 620
  • Error Compiling Movie “Software Render Error” for some 3rd party Plugins
  • Warp Stabilizer gives a bad result with interlaced footages
  • Certain settings for MPEG2 export result in pixilation
  • Red frames when exporting specific projects
  • Export of HEVC 4K clip using HW encoding on i9 MacBookPro results in ExporterMPEG_VideoToolbox error
  • Analyzing in Background banner appears erroneously when playing a Morph Cut
  • Export Range is full instead of limited when exporting HDR content for H.264 and HEVC
  • Export failures – caused by Lumetri Render error
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July 27, 2018

Premiere v12.1 UI Audio Bug (FIX)



In case people are still experiencing the v12.1.1 Audio Bug in a current project with our most recent update V12.1.2, here’s an official post to help clarify what’s happening and how to fix the v12.1.1 project.

v12.1.1 UI Audio Bug
The issue could occur when an audio track was muted in a sequence and then the v12.1.1 project was saved and closed. When you reopened the project, the UI for the sequence no longer showed the audio track as being muted as the UI reset the toggle to show it as on. When a user would play back the sequence , not all of the audio tracks would appear to play causing them to possibly think it was a caching issue or codec related issue. Premiere was actually playing the sequence back correctly as those tracks were muted from the previous save state but the UI bug caused the issue where there was no indication that the track was muted.

Solution: (the Fix)
Once a v12.1.1 project shows this UI behavior it needs to be corrected and resaved. **Note** v12.1.2 will not correct this issue simply by opening the project in V12.1.2 .

You need to follow these steps to repair the project.

1. Toggle the Solo button on/off and the Audio track will correct the playback state. To keep it simple, Solo/Unsolo each audio track.

2. Playback the Sequence to insure that all audio tracks can be heard and monitored.

3. Save the Project

4. Quit Premiere Pro

5. Relaunch and issue should now be fixed.

As stated, the fix for this issue is included in the recent update, v12.1.2. This update keeps the UI bug from occurring so the user should not run into the issue again.


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July 17, 2018

Premiere Pro v12.1.2 UPDATE NOTES (Enhancements & Bugs Fixed)



Formats Support/Enhancements:

  • Added support for exporting 8K H.264 format
  • Added support for exporting XAVC QFHD Long GOP 4:2:2 formats
  • Added support for Panasonic Camera Metadata



  • Hardware-accelerated H.264 and HEVC decoding on MacBook Pro and iMac Pro machines with Mac OS 10.13
  • Hardware-accelerated HEVC encoding on Windows 10 with 7th Generation (or later) Intel® Core™ processors and Intel Graphics enabled
  • Performance improvements for decoding RED Camera Formats
  • Performance improvements for decoding Sony RAW/X-OCN Camera Formats


Bug Fixes (Highlights):



  • Fixed: Crash when a Team Project is opened in After Effects that contains a Premiere Pro Sequence
  • Fixed: Intermittent crashes when updating comp edited in After Effects
  • Fixed: Copy & Paste a merged clip from one project to another could trigger a null pointer exception.
  • Fixed: Crash when changing audio channels on merged clips and loading into the source panel
  • Fixed: Crash when importing specific ALE files.
  • Fixed: Playhead hangs for ripple trim in trim mode with transmit and second monitor attached
  • Fixed: Import of AVCHD file outside of spanned folder results in period of not responding & audio conform error – Mac Only
  • Fixed: Creating edits for files modified from the Essential Sound changes, could trigger a crash
  • Fixed: Crashing issue with late-model Intel CPUs with the Lumetri Scopes panel (Windows 7)
  • Fixed: Crash when untrimming audio clip accidentally overlapped in imported Audition mixdown
  • Fixed: Closing Premiere after queueing a render could cause Adobe Media Encoder to crash
  • Fixed: issue with importing some ProRes file types.


Merge Clips

  • Fixed: Issue with Paste Merged Clip to another project. 
  • Fixed: Merged Clips can now be opened as sequences
  • Fixed: Issue with deleting search bin containing Merged Clips
  • Fixed: Issue with modified audio channels in Merged Clips.

File and format issues

  • Fixed: Issues with audio/video file importing, including H264 AV (Mac OSX 10.11) and ProRes
  • Fixed: QuickTime files with Alpha Channel flickers during Playback in Mac OS X High Sierra
  • Fixed: Import issue with some Elgato CFR, DNxHD OP Atom MXF, DJI HEVC files
  • Fixed:  Audio playback issues with Filmic Pro files when app is backgrounded.
  • Fixed: Error rendering with XDCAM sources in an MXF wrapper
  • Fixed: SLog-3 the colors now match Sony RAW Viewer
  • Fixed: Color shift issue with Cinema DNG file shot from DJI INSPIRE ZENMUSE X5R
  • Fixed: Some QuickTime-wrapped XDCAMHD 422 files are offline on Mac OSX 10.11
  • Fixed: iPhone H.264 .mov files captured via “Moments” import as audio-only



  • Fixed: Issues with Sequence Markers in Source Monitor, and Marker behavior between Timeline and Source Monitor, including multi-cam sequences.
  • Fixed: Markers issues when duplicating a clip or moving clips from to a new Project.



  • Fixed: Project Panel search bin is dimmed and is not enabled
  • Fixed: Project location switches to the temp directory when dragging sequences from Premiere Pro to Adobe Media Encoder
  • Moving a clip from one project timeline directly to another project timeline will create a Recovered Bin
  • Project and media files from Windows to Mac platform, if project/media files relative path is NOT maintained, all media files will show as missing when project is opened
  • Reveal In Project fails in some cases in icon view
  • If assets inside of bin are exposed during drag and drop from one project to another, duplicates are created if clips are in a sequence
  • Duplicates get created when moving merged clip from one project to another.
  • All track items will lose its custom color when they are moved to a different project
  • Project panel set to Thumbnail View, Reveal in Project does not work for file in unopened Bin
  • Reveal in Project does not highlight/select file
  • Drag & Drop folder structures between project will duplicate sequences



  • Fixed: Open Captions decoding missing from decode list
  • Fixed: Incorrect positioning for imported EBU stl file with open subtitles
  • Fixed: Closed Captions STL issues with currency signs
  • Fixed: Export Caption XML uses non-specification conforming tags
  • Fixed:  Issues with creation and revision dates for Exported STL sidecar files
  • Fixed: Crash where user clicked “+” button on the Captions pane when all existed sub-captions are cleared by “-” button



  • Fixed: Issue where creating project after saving a previous project triggers New Default Workspaces dialog
  • Fixed: Workspaces save now correctly with the project
  • Fixed: Tools panel too wide in default Editing workspace preset (Windows only)



  • Fixed: Audio tracks incorrectly display as muted, after re-opening a project.
  • Fixed: Volume issues when flattening some trimmed multi-cam clip with mono audio
  • Fixed: Issue where Auto Ducking keyframes could cause a crash 
  • Fixed: Issues with Render and replace audio only (MacOS)
  • Fixed: playback issues with some audio clips after exporting
  • Fixed: Audio Preferences changes not retained after relaunch 
  • Fixed: Audio Previews not saved to location specified.
  • Fixed: Default audio levels for XML roundtrip workflows and AAF exports
  • Fixed: Waveform display issues, including Multi-cam clips
  • Fixed: Issues with effects rendering for AAF 
  • Fixed: Issue with importing track volume keyframes in AAF files 


Playback and rendering 

  • Fixed: Artifact issues when using Video limiter 
  • Fixed: Interlacing artifact issues when exporting projects with OpenCL renderer
  • Fixed: Dropped frames when switching from Half Res to Full Res playback 
  • Fixed: Artifact issues with Kona 4 video I/O when sending HDR images to HDMI monitor
  • Fixed: Media Encoder now displays all LUT/Look options for rendering


Color tools

  • Fixed: Scale to frame size now generates correct aspect ratio for analysis
  • Fixed: issue where Color Match applied color adjustments to last keyframe
  • Improved: Color Match now only applies matching algorithms to visible part of cropped image
  • Improved: Reference images with transparency no longer show ghosted Current image
  • Fixed: issues with Basic Correction to HDR images used as Reference image for Color Match
  • Fixed: Ripple Trim Previous Edit to Playhead now displays correct frame 


General fixes

  • Fixed: Timecode issues with some EDL exports
  • Fixed: Start Screen objects and UI load.
  • Fixed: issue with missing fonts 
  • Fixed: Eyedropper tool works correctly with floating panels.
  • Fixed: Timecode entry beyond 24 hours


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May 13, 2018

(Video) What’s New in Premiere Pro CC v12.1 Spring April 2018 Update (NAB 2018)


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April 20, 2018

Premiere Pro v12.1.1 UPDATE NOTES (Bugs Fixed)

The following bugs are fixed in version 12.1.1 release of Premiere Pro (AME also updated):

  • Fixed a crash on launch in some cases when loading Cool Type fonts (these fonts are prevented from loading.)
  • PNG files containing Alpha are correctly displayed with the default interpretation of Straight Alpha. 
  • In some PNG frame sequence exports, frames no longer get mixed together (superimposed).
  • Application no longer hangs if you quit it after playback of Sony F5 RAW files.
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April 8, 2018

Dav’s NAB 2018 #1 Show Pick must have..

As I pack up and head out to NAB 2018 I’m actually looking forward to my 25th NAB show . Each NAB show has our field teams and booth teams busy coping files back and forth between our main booth , field laptops, and our partners who want to share their new tools and their project files. In the past this took all day just to get files copied and it also required stacks of small portable drives that we needed to keep track of who had them last. All of this was mainly due to one thing…transfer speeds .

Our typical Adobe Premiere Pro project folder size ranges from 12GB to over 40GB depending on native RAW projects vs Proxy projects or both RAW & proxy in one project . This NAB, I’ve found the perfect solution and it fits in my pocket – the new Thunderbolt 3 OWC Envoy Pro EX (VE)

This small 2TB bus powered Thunderbolt 3 drive packs the latest SSD (NVMe) technology and something you just need to see and use in person. I could just tell you that it has a sustained 2600MB/s per second that’s optimized for professional video production but my real world daily “on the go” tests are much more impressive to me.

It takes just under 20 Seconds to copy my NAB files (14.56GB) from my Mac Laptop to the Envoy Pro EX. Impressive no matter how you look at it. As I said seeing (& using) is believing.


On the setup side, OWC does a very nice job of making it easy while also giving techies like me full control over setup.

What next?

After NAB , I’ll be taking a closer look at the Envoy EX Pro’s big brother, the ThunderBlade , that’s about twice as wide and a little thicker (cooling fins) and packs up to 8TB of pure Thunderbolt 3 speed. So many uses come to mind from backing up 8K RAW files and my huge VR projects. I’ve using both these drives for several weeks and no question that OWC has set a new performance bar..

Here’s a quick peek inside the New ThunderBlade ..

Stay tuned..

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