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August 18, 2008

New Red Camera Adobe Support


UPDATED 12/11/08

The RED plug-in has been released.



Adobe Production Premium support !

For a few weeks now I have been checking out the new Red Camera Adobe Importer plug-in for Premiere Pro, AfterEffects, and Encore. For their first Adobe CS3 plug-in, they’ve done some excellent work. Their importer plug-in makes using the native R3D file type as easy as any of the other tapeless formats we currently support with CS3. As with our P2 and XDCAM support, importing is as easy as drag and drop or you can still use the standard File>Import dialog. The Plug-in gets installed in the Adobe Common MediaCore folder and is shared by all Adobe video applications. Yes, there are plug-ins for both Intel Mac and Windows. Windows users might consider using Vista64 so they can address more than 3.6 GB of RAM for the larger frame sizes(yes – currently CS3 can only address upto 4GB of Ram on Windows ** stayed tuned ** we’ll have a better answer – more on that later) Vista users, just remember to turn off all of the friendly Vista helpful messages like “Cancel or Allow?” )


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