CS4 and Windows 7

by David Helmly


October 24, 2009

Windows 7 is here …….. finally


For the most part Windows7 ( I suggest the 64 bit version) is working excellent with our CS4 apps. We will continue to monitor the various forums and see if any issues arise due to Win7.

At this point,  Encore CS4 has 3 known issues.

The key issue involves the Roxio pxhelp driver that Windows 7 replaces (this may get fixed in a future Win7 update). The other 2 issues involve building and burning projects and having the computer go to sleep in the process.


The fixes are easy. See below.

#1. Transcoding pauses when the system goes into Sleep mode in Encore CS4 (Windows 7)


When you attempt to transcode a project in Encore CS4 in Windows 7, and the system goes into Sleep mode, transcoding pauses.


 Disable the Sleep function when you have a project that requires unattended transcoding.

To disable Sleep mode, do the following:

Go to Control Panel
Click on System and Security
Click on Power option
Click on “Change plan settings” in the “Power saver” option
Set the “Turn off the display” value to “Never”
Set the “Put the computer to sleep” value to “Never”

#2 Encore CS4 crashes if the system goes into Sleep mode while you are building a project (Windows 7)


 When you attempt to build a project in Encore CS4 in Windows 7, and the system enters Sleep mode, the application crashes or becomes unresponsive.


Disable Sleep mode if you need to Build a project while the system is unattended. (see steps to turn off sleep above)

#3 System crashes when Blu-ray is selected as the format in the Build panel in Encore CS4 (Windows 7)


 When you select Blu-ray as the format in the Build panel in Adobe Encore CS4 in Windows 7, the operating system becomes unresponsive and crashes.


 Windows 7 installs an outdated version of the Roxio pxhelp driver, which causes a crash when Blu-ray format is selected in Encore CS4.


Install an updated version of the pxhelp driver from Roxio. The updated driver is available here:



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  • By andrea - 5:06 PM on August 18, 2010  

    cs4 doesn’t works on windows 7. I have a lot of problems that I can’t be able to solve:

    – importing in project multiple big images as resources (8M pixel jpeg) the appear black
    – creating a iso image of a project result in a corrupted iso that can’t be used neither with encore and nero
    – creating dvd folder result in a corrupted structure for nero and if you use it on encore next it will crash

    • By David Helmly - 5:15 PM on August 18, 2010  

      CS4 is FULLY supported under Windows 7 (32 bit 7 64 bit) . Your issue may be related to the 8M JPEG. CS4 can only handle MAX images of 4000×4000. CS5 is 10000×8000. Usually when you get black appearing in the Program monitor, it’s a graphics driver issue. Try downloading the newest driver (not supplied by WIN 7) and unistall your current driver, reboot, and then install the newer driver.

  • By sonia - 3:52 PM on December 7, 2010  

    so does this mean that CS4 will work on windows 7 without much of a hassle?

    • By David Helmly - 6:17 PM on December 7, 2010  

      Yes – CS4 works excellent under Win 7 32 & 64.

      CS5 – is 64 bit only and is lightning speeds faster than CS4 due to 64 threading and memory management.