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April 19, 2011

Adobe CS5.5 running over Intel’s Thunderbolt @ NAB 2011

Just a quick blog update from NAB 2011.

One of the coolest tech demos at this years NAB was Intel’s Thunderbolt technology. As you may have seen in my previous blog entry, Apple’s newest laptop has the Intel Thunderbolt port that shares the same connection as the Mini Displayport . Currently, this is the only computer shipping with a Thunderbolt port – remember that you can’t simply add a Thunderbolt port, it’s tied into the logic board/Bus and processor. This is a feature you will want to watch for on your next computer purchase if you use uncompressed files or need to move large project files around.

As walked the show floor during setup, I saw several booths with Thunderbolt on display and none of them gave people the opportunity to see a complete workflow from computer to SDI output. Most of them were out of reach and under a piece of clear plastic. I wanted to give people a chance to play with the timeline and experience Thunderbolt first hand. Thanks to Promise Technology(Raid), BlackMagic Design (IO) , and iKan (7” SDI monitor), we were able to pull together a great display with in a few hours.

The real credit on the Adobe side goes to our Pro Video engineers and the Intel engineers who closely worked together over the past few years to insure that our 64 bit Mercury software playback engine could take full advantage of the “Fat Pipes” that Thunderbolt provides. As many of your know, Uncompressed video is not that much of strain on the processors like h264 video, but you do need a clean 64 bit path to deliver that much data from the timeline to IO like the Blackmagic unit demonstrates. All of these pieces need a clean 64 bit path and need to work together.

Click on the video shot by to get a quick idea of what this is technology is all about. I’ll be working on more tech demos as new Thunderbolt hardware is rolled out. Several vendors are planning to offer Thunderbolt connectivity in the near future have already contacted me. This includes, Cameras, IO devices, Displays, Raids, and PCs.

Stay tuned….

Click below to play the video.

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