Intro to Premiere Pro, Prelude, and Encore CS6 & Mercury Transmit I/O

by David Helmly


April 14, 2012

Just the first of several videos I’m working on to show off a few of my favorite new features of Premiere Pro CS6. This Transmit feature is a feature we’ve been working on for a quite a while to make it easier to integrate 3rd party hardware from partners like AJA, BlackMagic, Matrox, BlueFish and more. This new API basically puts the control of the output/monitoring on the “Adobe Side” of the equation . No more need for special Presets for each 3rd party card or special editing modes.

The driver development for the 3rd party is also much easier as they no longer have to write special sequence playback modules . The biggest feature that Transmit bigs to the user is the ability for the 3rd party hardware to take full advantage of the Adobe Mercury Playback engine whether it’s a supported Cuda, OpenCL, or software only configuration.

Check it out: