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February 2, 2015

My Little 11″ MacBook Air …

I have to admit that I really missed carrying my 11” MacBook Air (2012 model) with me on my travels. The internal SSD was just getting too small to demo our apps with all of my demo files and I basically was using it less and less. With my huge 4K and 6K demo files , I had to use an external drive which worked fine but really took away from the cool factor of this tiny but powerful computer that not much bigger than an iPad. – and yes, with Premiere Pro’s Mercury playback engine , even the MacBook Air with 1GB Intel OpenCL graphics can edit 4K & 6K video…..

As my good friend Terry White ( and I have known for years, OWC understands our “Mac upgrade” pains so well. With a quick click over to the OWC website, I quickly found exactly what I was looking for – a 1TB internal drive SSD module which is actually larger than my current 15” Retina MacBook Pro @ 750GB .

install guide 1

The hardware install part of the upgrade took me less than 5 minutes . OWC even has a full online installation help sections with video “Walkthru” guides and phone support if you need it. What also makes this the perfect and easy upgrade is that they have really thought of everything . They give you both Torx drivers. These are also fairly high quality Torx drivers that you will actually want to keep after the installation. These quick pictures show the process.

install videos






The old 512 internal SSD model would be useless in most cases relegating it to a drawer somewhere, but OWC also includes an Envoy USB 3.0 sleek looking case that matches the side profile of the MacBook Air to re-use the proprietary memory. You even get rubber feet to hide the screws and a small black velvet slip case to keep it looking shiny and new.






Using the BlackMagic Disk Speed Test, I ran a speed test on the external memory and I got 387 Mbs on the Read and 320 Mbs on the write

Speed Disk External

If you are curious the internal memory module got an impressive 516 Mbs Read and 426 Mbs on the Write. – wow is all can say…. This Tiny 11″ is now back in my Laptop Bag !!!

Internal test

5 out of 5 stars on the TechTable….

5 Stars copy

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