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April 8, 2015

What’s new for Premiere Pro CC at NAB 2015

As you’ll see, Adobe ProVideo engineering has been busy. The features in this release are simply amazing and totally fun. I should take the time to thank many of you that submitted feature requests, bugs, and general comments on what’s working and what can we can improve. User feedback that end up as user features is truly what makes Adobe Premiere Pro different than other editors and Creative Cloud just gets you those user suggested features delivered faster than ever.

When you launch the new app for the first time, you’ll see a new Welcome Screen as well as an updated cleaner look to the user interface.

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lumetri Color

1. New Color Workspace: now includes the Lumetri Color panel
As many of you know, Lumetri is the color engine that powers Adobe SpeedGrade and it’s now integrated into Adobe Premiere Pro CC in a new more “creative way”. The idea is to adjust color as you go during the editing process. I like to call this “color editing” . While the new Color Panel is very powerful and will satisfy most users need for complex color work , we wanted to be careful not to confuse Color Editing with Color Grading with specific grading tools like Adobe Speedgrade and others.

selection follows playhead

2. Task Oriented Workspaces
You can now toggle between new workspaces that are optimized for the task you are doing. You can manage toolsets and options. One example is the new “Selection Follows Playhead”. This is turned on by default in the new Color Workspace as it will automatically select any clip that the playhead touches.


3. New support for Premiere Clip work flows
Now you can shoot and rough cut on your smart phone/tablet, sync with Creative cloud, and if needed finish the work on your desktop with the new tools in Premiere Pro CC.


4. Morph Cut
This is a perfect tool for cutting together interviews where you have a locked down shot,  still background, and when your subject looses their train of thought and goes silent or they talk on you now have a new tool that allows you to cut down the interview tas needed. The problem has always been how to cut and transition between segments without a huge “jump cut”. This new tool will Morph the 2 segments together. You just have to try it to understand it… It’s mind blowing.. You will need to spend time with it to understand when it will work and when it won’t . Audio can be an issue as you can’t really Morph audio the same was as video.Take a look at the video link to get a better idea.

5. CC Libraries & Project Candy
Now you can share Looks and Luts and other assets from the new Library Panel which sync with Creative Cloud. You can also share assets with other team members. Project Candy is a new iOS app for creating .Look files from your smart phone/tablet. The captured Looks sync to your Library folder and appear instantly in Premiere Pro CC and AfterEffects CC.Once synced , you can apply those .Looks to any clip.

time tuner

6. Time Tuner
This is a new tool for the Export workflow where duration of the exported movie is critical. We do this by adjusting the length of your video by automatically adding or removing frames at scene changes, in sections with still images, or low visual activity, or during quiet audio passages. No more manually “micro editing” to reduce time. This is a perfect solution for broadcasters needing to make room for ad insertion. This is another new tool that you will need to experiment with as adjusting the video to anything close to 10% tend to be noticeable. I find 6-8% is the “sweet spot”.

7. Mercury Transmit Performance Improvements 3rd party I/O
Significant performance improvements to Mercury Transmit mean users of third-party I/O hardware for monitoring will experience increased responsiveness and improved playback reliability. We have worked closely with AJA, Matrox, BlueFish , and BlackMagic on these performance gains.
burn in captions
8. Closed Caption (CC) improvement
One common request I got all the time was to support “Burn-In” for closed caption. While Premiere Pro CC is well known for its simple Closed Caption workflow, this opens up the workflow for other uses . This also makes it easy to review CC on non-CC enabled hardware.

9. Expanded format support
Premiere Pro leads the industry in native format support, now including  Canon XF-AVC, Panasonic 4K_HS, JPEG2000



10. Support for Windows touch devices like the MS SurfacePro 3 and the new Dell m3800.
This is our first steps towards a more touch-friendly editing experience, allowing editors with hybrid devices to easily do things like move clips in the timeline, scrub the playhead, and manipulate color parameters directly by touching the screen. The work is just beginning and we will want to hear from our users as we go through the design process. I find myself using touch a lot more than I thought I would. I think it’s due more to the daily use of our smartphones/tablets as you just instinctively touch the screen. I find this more useful when I’m reviewing a timeline with an other editor rather than actual editing. I should point out that we are also being careful not take away any part of the editing experience that are 100% keyboard driven or clutter up the UI. Let us know what you think as comments are always welcome.
11. Audio workflow improvements
You’ll see that we added a faster voiceover record setup and much easier audio channel mapping, improved multi-channel export, and a more consistent Audio hardware setup. We’ve also done a fair amount of work with AAF for DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations ) for tools like Adobe Audition and ProTools.
R3D source
12. New Source Settings workflow for RAW media
Now you can access the RAW source settings in the MasterClip Effect section of the effects panel allowing you reset any parameter quickly and easily.
hot keys
13. Hot Text now uses Up/Down Arrow
OK, this one is HUGE for me. In the Effects Panel or new Color Panel you can now click on the value and adjust it up/down using the arrow keys. You can hold down the shift key to adjust by 10 or Cntrl/Cmd key to adjust by 1/10.

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