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November 2, 2018

November Patch : Premiere Pro and AME v13.01


Just a quick heads up on the November patch released on Nov 1st. We are looking to release more frequent quick patches to help address reported issues . In many cases these patches may not effect your workflow and there may be no need to update. Check the list below. I’ll keep a running list here of patches as we release them .

  • Occasional crashes in CC Library (Windows only)
  • Compatibility issues AVI codecs: erroneous warning message on launching Premiere Pro; Crash on launch when loading ExporterAVI.prm
  • Issues with importing Blackmagic Video Assist & Hyper Deck ProRes files 
  • Issue with dragging to adjust text and graphics on video image when Display Setting is set to something other than 100% (Windows only)
  • Keying issue with ProRes444 and Alpha channel
  • Issue with exporting certain Sony files as JPEG2000 MXF op1 file
  • Font issues with Motion Graphics templates created in pre-15.1.2 versions of After Effects 

Make sure to update both Premiere Pro and Adobe Media Encoder to v13.01

If you don’t see an [Update] indicator in your Creative Cloud app , First Sign out of Creative Cloud and then Quit the app. You need to sign out and quit . I find this will trigger the CC app to ping for updates again.


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