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April 5, 2019

What’s New for Premiere Pro Spring 2019 v13.1

What’s New for Premiere Pro Spring 2019 v13.1








Video demo of New features :




The engineering work on this version (13.1) has been mainly centered around performance and OS stability with a few features I gear more towards “editing efficiencies”.  No question that many software vendors have had their share of challenges when it comes to driver updates and deprecating older 32bit code in order to give the end user the most benefit from newer iNtel , Nvidia, & AMD chipsets.  I think many of us can agree that the major change with discontinuing legacy Quicktime 32-bit codecs caught many people off guard.


GPU and chipset drivers continue to be the #1 issue I see when helping people troubleshoot along with legacy plug-ins that many people forget are there. These are 2 of the main things you need to remember to update before you apply any update to Premiere Pro or AfterEffects. Plugins and drivers will go out of date at some point you it’s easy to get in “bad state”.


In this release, you’ll see our first attempt to call out driver issues with a warning to update them. You wil be promted at [First Launch] and then you can check via the help menu after that. We are also looking at more ways to flag other incompatibilities or known issues. I would agree that Plug-ins would be a great thing to flag and we are looking into how to coordinate – not as easy as you might think as these vendors are not required to inform us of their changes.  But, I would agree we need to work together and figure it out..


GPU Warnings …

Mac users have it easier for many of these driver issues as they control all aspects of all drivers with each SW update. With each macOS software update you’ll usually see a mention of graphic driver updates. For the record, macOS users need to know that we are tuning all GPU speed performance to OSX Metal which is nw performing better or on par with OpenCL.



**We are yet to see Nvidia Cuda support via Nvidia’s WebDriver for macOS 10.14.x . 



Multi-GPU Enhancements and new eGPU support:

As many of you know, Premiere Pro and Media Encoder (AME) have had Multi-GPU and Multi-Core/Threading support for many years. BUT…. we’ve needed to take another pass at how we use Multi-GPU not that many of the options and use cases have changed. For users with Desktops that have Multiple GPUs you see better overall performance with our GPU tuning. This includes New Mac Pro users with GPUs like the AMD D500 & D700 which will now use more of the GPU due to new Metal updates in macOS 10.14.x . BTW – for Mac users wanting to get the most out of their GPU(s) I would highly recommend macOS Mojave. Apple has done a great job on this OS for editors and compositors. Windows 10 users have had some great updates as well since version x1803 and higher. I’m also looking forward to the end user having control of when to turn off Windows updates…


Here’s a short 5 minute video on our eGPU update. I would like mention that Windows 10 users will also see great improvements as well. Windows users just need to pay close attension to GPU drivers and as I mention in the video , try not to mix GPU drivers if you can avoid it. Ie, if you laptop has a Geforce mobile GPU then match with Geforce Desktop card for your eGPU chassis (same for Quadro & AMD). Yes, you can mix and match and in many cases it will work but in many cases,  it can be the root cause of weird hard to track down issues. If you mix cards then remember that when/if you see issues.

eGPU support explained in 5 minutes…












My #1 favorite feature in Premiere Pro v13.1

Render and Replace now includes a checkbox for Include Video Effects. This is HUGE for those times with Effects can’t play in real-time. Works great for 4K video with Red Giant plug-ins and Warp Stabilizer. YES – you can still use [Restored Unrendered] to re-activate the applied effects to make changes.





Freeform  View is long awaited feature that many users have been asking forto help organize shots into mini stories or what I like to call “Story Stacks”. I think this is one of those features that will be used in many different ways depending on the user.










Multiple Strokes and Masking Text in Essential Graphics is a small but huge time saver . This is worth spending some time with as it really shows how much can be done in Premiere Pro without the need to jump to AE for basic text and templates.






If you didn’t know , you can save any title/text with effects controls as a Motion Graphics template which can saved and also used with Premiere Rush (make sure to click the Premiere Rush Compatibility box)





Rulers and Guides are now available in the Program Panel to help align elements . This was a top requested feature in our User Voice form which can be found under the [Help] menu >Provide Feedback. Please submit your requests.




Another small but useful feature : Auto Ducking now allows for Ambient Sounds. Duck ambience sound behind dialogue, sound effects, or any other audio clip using the Ducking parameter in the Essential Sound panel.






Another huge performance boost for Masking and Tracking .









Frame Replacement for Decode Errors

Instead of inserting red frames for decode errors, Premiere Pro now replaces problem frames with a copy of the adjacent frame, smoothing out the issue so you can edit your content without distraction red frames and export pristine footage in your completed projects.

This feature is enabled by default.


Frame replacement is limited to 5 consecutive decode errors. If there are more than 5 consecutive frame errors, Premiere Pro shows a pop-up error in the Events panel and inserts black frames to replace bad frames where possible.




New support for Sony Venice V3 files . ** We are looking to add additional codec support stay tuned.. Supported file formats.


Other enhancements

  • Ability to consolidate duplicate folders in the Project panel. For more information, see Consolidate duplicate folders.
  • Ability to render and replace video effects in a sequence. For more information, see Render and replace media in a sequence
  • Ability to save the current view state of the Project Panel into keyboard-mappable presets. This includes the metadata columns that are visible in List View, as well as their arrangement from left to right.


Just a reminder to Windows users that we added Apple ProRes encode support in v13.02 which is great way to do crossplatform work with macOS users.

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