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March 24, 2020

Improved : Clearing Cache Method Premiere Pro v14

As with any new version of Premiere Pro that comes out and opening previous projects – I highly recommend clearing your media cache before you open your current projects. This includes even small updates ie: 14.0>14.01. Clearing the cache files will force Premiere Pro to rebuild cache and pek files for the new version.

There are specific steps to follow to do this correctly starting with Premiere Pro v14. and higher.
1. Launch Premiere (DO NOT open any projects)
2. Open Preferences >Media Cache
3. Click Remove Media Cache Files (Delete)
4. You will now see Delete all Media Cache from system as an available option

Why do I suggest this?
As we improve performance with various codecs (ie: ProsRes & H264/65 are now much faster than 13.x) the “math” can change on how we decode these codecs which can cause issues when cache files are based on older decode “math” . Issues might be bad playback or glitchy files . Taking this proactive step can save you time in the long run.

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Fixed Issues in Premiere Pro v14.0 – 14.04 (March 2020)

Fixed issues in Premiere Pro version 14.0.4

Play button does not revert back to “stopped” state after reaching the end of a preview.

Editable text blocks do not appear in Caption panel for 708 Captions and may cause non-responsiveness.

Slip/Slide edit tool cursor icon incorrectly appears as disabled.
Timeline clip may not update from Label color changes.

Keyboard shortcut for “select next panel” is not working as expected.

Playback preferences are not retained for audio devices.

Paste clipboard shape support for Boris FX.

Undo of Label change does not automatically update. You need to force update.

Clicking on a Motion Graphics template while the cursor stays in the search box may cause application to crash.

Hover scrub in Stock view does not work until you mouse off and back on.
Export of ProRes 4444 may result in corrupt file.

Improved support of DJI Phantom 3 files.

Fixed issues in Premiere Pro version 14.0.3

Tracks tab focus issue in New Sequence dialog box longer results in invalid state.

Timecode of captions now functions correctly when the caption file is modified from the Timeline panel.

(Windows) Fixed an issue with dragging an effect up and down on the Master Clip.

Fixed an issue with disappearing cursor when closing panel or switching workspaces.

Occasional issue with exporting sequences originally created in Premiere Pro 2019 has been fixed.

Fixed an issue with the ctrl + @ shortcut toggling full screen.

Dynamic Link between Premiere Pro and Audition now opens files and sequences on macOS Catalina.

Performance improvements to Vocal Enhancer effect

Fixes for automation and effect envelope behaviors

Fixed multicam clip multichannel mappings

** no public release of 14.02 **

Fixed issues in Premiere Pro version 14.0.1

Opening an empty project on a different platform does not bring up the scratch disk dialog box.

Trim mode is unexpectedly enabled when selecting Edit to Playhead and beginning/end of clip is selected.

Crash may occur in FreeForm view if you repeatedly click on a clip.
Markers can get redundant information when the same clip is imported repeatedly.

Changes to RED source settings have no effect on timeline instances when clips were previously imported using Media Browser.

Output to 2nd monitor does not work when disable video output when in background is not checked (macOS only).

Adding Color Marker shortcut does not work in the Source Monitor for Multicams or Sequences.

Waveforms inside multicam clips randomly disappear and cutting to different cameras can cause incorrect waveforms to be drawn.

Fixed issues in Premiere Pro version 14.0

Pasting an item in the timeline won’t clear edit selection.

Project panel clip thumbnails turn black with Speed changes.

Timecode effect generates incorrect timecode.

Unable to access to mounted network drives intermittently.

Free positioned text does not handle the text alignment correctly.

“Recovered Bins” shows up after copying from one project into another.

Changing Speed Reverse in batch modifies speed percentile.

Transparency/alpha issues when importing Photoshop files as Sequence or Individual Layers.

Label colors don’t go across projects when copy/pasting sequences

Upper-field-first media created by Black Magic Design are misidentified, as lower-field first.

Customized column width in keyboard dialog not saved in preferences.

Playhead does not follow the Trim if not in Trim mode.

Latency compensation not working when bypassing effect via the “fx” icon in the Effect Controls panel.

While recording voice over, Transmit Overlay does not show preRoll Countdown before zero (Black frames not updating).

An After Effects composition needs to be selected twice before import operation works.

Graphics and Motion Graphic Templates (MOGRTs)

Adjusting scale parameter on mogrt causes Premiere to hang.

Premiere Pro hangs when user cancels Loading an After Effects MOGRT to a Sequence Dialog.

Adding strokes before typing in a new Graphics Layer causes Premiere Pro to crash.

Crash when moving effect down and out of a group in the Essential Graphics panel (GPU Only).

Direct Manipulation gets unresponsive after moving a shape in Program Monitor for a while (Win only).

Resizing the Essential Graphics panel in Edit tab of scrollable MOGRT makes the panel turn blank, scrolled to bottom and cuts off the upper half of the MOGRT.

Crash when clicking on the program monitor with an essential graphics track that is grouped to an audio track.

Blur effect causes layers to get displaced when it is moved in or out of a group in the Essential Graphics panel.

Crash when copying multiple mogrts from Local to Library in the Essential Graphics panel.

Premiere crashes when using specific font on legacy title (Win only).

Crash when opening a project with Master Graphic and then dropping a video effect into the Effect Controls panel.

Crash when dragging Master Graphic effect from the Effect Controls panel to Essential Graphics panel.

Opening the Essential Graphics panel from Windows menu is slow (Win Only).

Premiere Pro crashes when trying to edit text from grouped graphic items.

Cannot clear an Effect Controls panel mask applied to a graphic layer.

Text on Point Background becomes large and offset when baseline shift is decreased.

Flicker in unrendered MOGRTs.

Shadow draws incorrectly on Pr Graphic.

Some After Effects graphics are blurry when playing back the timeline.

Essential Graphics panel groups can be copied into track items (including regular media) using Paste Attributes.

After Effects MOGRTs placed in smaller sequence and scaled are rendered with the wrong position.

MOGRT position is offset and shifted when fall back to CPU.

MOGRT is offset in Export dialog when Mogrt size does not match sequence size.

Moving a layer to a new group with a different anchor point does not preserve its position in the Program Monitor.

Open paths have shadows that are closed.

The (red or blue) bounding box for text grows too large when many multi strokes are added.

Text shadow blur also blurs the text background, but does not add a shadow.

After Effects MOGRTs show yellow render bar in timeline when it should be red.

Render bar turns yellow/red when moving Pr graphic with clip layer.

Drop shadow changes opacity at a different rate for size param (stroke) compared to distance and blur.

Virtual machine faults cause poor performance during playback of 8k Pro Res.

Performance issue with the Image Matte Key effect. The Program Monitor turns black while scaling.

Jerky playback of HEVC sources.Image is corrupted in multi-cam view when using RED 6K footage.

Multi-cam preview monitor content rendered twice.

ALEs exported from Premiere cannot be imported into Avid Media Composer.

Exporting multi-cam sequences takes longer than expected to render audio for export, but the time estimate is over exaggerated with multiple instances.

Artifacts and noise around edges shown in Multi-cam view.

AIF file cannot relink when sending AAF to Media Composer.

P2 (.mov) proxy files not importing into Premiere Pro.

Color of Imported 4K Fuji Film X-H1 material is different between versions.

Import of some VFR H.264 clips results in low-level exception in ImporterMPEG.

Sony AXS file displays wrong time code.

Expanded QuickTime Animation support.

Incorrect duration after spanned P2 clip is import into Project – Cannot edit content.

Incorrect highlights notice on output while using HEVC 10 source.

Samsung Galaxy S9 is not getting decoded correctly.

Spanned P2 clips are detected as incorrect file length if drive letter changes.

Working on Closed captions (608) remains stagnant on opaque while selecting transparent or semi-transparent background.

Second line of OP-47 captions drop off at export.

Windows captions do not burn in when exported through AME.

Transparent background cannot be set for Teletext and Open Subtitling.

Export of Caption Background Colors does not work fro STL export.

Long Teletext captions are imported wrong.

Line Spacing from Captions Import Settings is not used at .stl import.

Caption Monitoring via Transmit is not WYSIWYG to Program Monitor.

Color formatting lost at export to embedded OP-47 after edited.

Missing control line height control in caption preferences.

Centering on text change.

Lumetri scopes show drift in color when encoded with preset Match source -High bit rate and Main10 profile.

Lumetri Color will load wrong LUT if new custom LUTs have been added to the creative LUT list.

Multichannel: Audio effects are being created without channels.
Parametric EQ Interface is misaligned.

When multiple effects are added to the audio, the order cannot be changed.
2018 MacBook Pro: Loud noise when adjusting the speaker volume while playing with low buffer selected.

Multi-cam clips mapped to 5.1 do not honor the 5.1 mix down preference.

Multichannel: 13.1.1 effects are being instantiated as 32 channel (or ganged still). Should be stereo.

Multichannel: Certain Effects are instantiated as mono on 5.1 clips.

Loudness Radar plug-in generates a buzz sound during recording.

Audio Channel Modification Dialog not accessible/visible anymore.

ESP is always instantiating ganged effects.

Scientific Filter can cause loud, distorted noise.

The voice-over clip is recorded on wrong track if you cancel recording on another track before the countdown ends.

Improved UI for some languages.

Translation improvements for multiple languages.

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What’s new for Premiere Pro 2020 v14.0

What’s new Video:  (click on Splash Screen above)

The biggest new feature for Premiere Pro v14.0 is Auto Reframe Powered by Adobe Sensei, Auto Reframe applies intelligent reframing to your footage, keeping the action inside the frame for different aspect ratios such as square, vertical, and 16:9 video. This is quickly becoming the ”goto” feature for creating multiple size/aspect renditions of your video for various video platforms.

Graphics and Text enhancements – The Essential Graphics panel now has a number of text and graphics enhancements to make your titling and graphic workflows smoother. Renaming shape layers, Text underlining, Multi-line text fields, NEW Drop Down Menu option (Mogrts created in After Effects) and new keyboard shortcuts for working with layers, including reordering layers, adding text, and selecting layers. For example, you can now use familiar Ctrl + Shift or Cmd + Shift with square brackets to send layers to the back or bring them to the front.

Audio Enhancements – Mix multi-channel audio more efficiently with increased performance for multi-channel projects. Improved Loudness Radar .You can now add up to 15 decibels of gain to audio clips. This provides more headroom for your audio, without requiring additional amplification effects and matches the gain feature in Adobe Audition. (Previously, the limit for adding audio gain was 6 decibels)

Time Remapping – now supports up to 20,000 percent

New and Improved File Formats:
• Improved Apple ProRes HDR support
• Import of QuickTime Animation files with Delta Frames
• Import of AVI Motion JPEG files (macOS)
• Import of Canon XF-HEVC footage
• Import of Canon EOS C500 Mark II footage
• Import of Sony Venice V4 footage
• Encode Apple ProRes MXF Op1a

Exporting HDR Content with HDR10 metadata – ensures your content looks its best on HDR-enabled displays. To add this metadata, choose High10 (H.264) or Main10 (HEVC) from the Profile menu under Encoding Settings. Enable Rec. 2020 Color Primaries, High Dynamic Range, and Include HDR10 Metadata checkboxes.

Other enhancements
• The Metal GPU renderer option in the Project Settings dialog box is now the recommended renderer for Premiere Pro on macOS.

• You can now free up disk space directly from the Preferences panel. Select Preferences > Media Cache, and click Delete.

• Clip thumbnails in the Media Browser are cached in order to provide faster scrolling.

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