Improved : Clearing Cache Method Premiere Pro v14

by David Helmly


March 24, 2020

As with any new version of Premiere Pro that comes out and opening previous projects – I highly recommend clearing your media cache before you open your current projects. This includes even small updates ie: 14.0>14.01. Clearing the cache files will force Premiere Pro to rebuild cache and pek files for the new version.

There are specific steps to follow to do this correctly starting with Premiere Pro v14. and higher.
1. Launch Premiere (DO NOT open any projects)
2. Open Preferences >Media Cache
3. Click Remove Media Cache Files (Delete)
4. You will now see Delete all Media Cache from system as an available option

Why do I suggest this?
As we improve performance with various codecs (ie: ProsRes & H264/65 are now much faster than 13.x) the “math” can change on how we decode these codecs which can cause issues when cache files are based on older decode “math” . Issues might be bad playback or glitchy files . Taking this proactive step can save you time in the long run.