What’s New in Premiere Pro v14.3.1 (July 2020 Update)

by David Helmly


July 22, 2020

Premiere Pro and After Effects offer 2x improved playback for H.264 and H.265/HEVC formats on Windows Intel systems using Intel QuickSync hardware acceleration. (note – macOS is using new Metal GPU code for playback introduced in 14.2) We are continuing to work on additional decode performance for H264/HEVC. Stay tuned..

You can now remove proxies from your clips. Just right-click on master clips and choose Proxy > Detach Proxies and it returns the master clip to the state it was in before any proxy was created or attached.
New support for exporting ProRes 4444 XQ on macOS (already supported on Windows 10)

Ability to close all other projects while in Productions.You can now close all other projects except for the one you are working on.

  • Click File > Close All Other Projects
  • Select one or more projects in the Production panel, right-click and choose Close All Other Projects.
  • In the Project panel menu, choose Close All Other Projects.

You can now export ProRes 4444 XQ in QuickTime and MXF on macOS. This feature is already supported on Windows

Improved application launch time.