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Jul 24, 2009

Spam Filters

We recently noticed that our spam filters have been overzealous for the last four weeks. Many comments have been delayed between 2 days and 4 weeks before being posted because of this effort. The spam filters are all cleared out at this point and I’ll go try to fix them now. Sorry for the delay in getting your recent comments posted.
Now to get those filters fixed and start reading all the comments that were blocked…



  • By supra shoes - 12:43 AM on July 25, 2009   Reply

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  • By Solie Swan - 2:47 PM on August 6, 2009   Reply

    Please help!
    I have been on the phone with your tech support for over an hour only to have the call cut off!!!
    I am on a mac installing Design Suite CS4 on a Mac.
    When I run the installer it says that all the programs have been successfully installed but when I look for Bridge it is not there.
    I re-run the installer and it shows the following programs as being available for install but the little boxes are grayed out so I can’t select them:
    I run the uninstaller and reboot and reinstall but same thing happens. After doing this all again with a guy speaking a whisper someplace half way around the world we got cut off.
    Also, when I updater in the programs that have been installed one of two things happen. In Adobe Acrobat Pro, the updater just never even runs. In other programs like Photoshop, it runs but says that there are no updates available at this time even when there are (I am installing the original version whenever Adobe released CS4 so there are updates!)
    Any help appreciated.

  • By solie Swan - 2:49 PM on August 6, 2009   Reply

    Oops, the programs that it says are available are:
    1. Adobe Bridge CS4
    2. Adobe Device Central CS4
    3. Adobe Extension Manager CS4
    4. Adobe Media Encoder CS4
    5. Supporting Components > Adobe Update Manager CS4

  • By Eric Wilde - 5:09 PM on August 6, 2009   Reply

    I’ve responded directly in email and will try to find an engineer to help solve the problems you’re facing.

  • By tripleman - 10:21 AM on August 21, 2009   Reply

    It’s starting to look as if this blog has been abandoned but since I have no other real way of talking to the installer team I’ll give it a shot:
    I think it’s almost unforgivable that an acrobat update would fail simply because I have set Preview as the default PDF viewer in Safari.
    I’m assuming that is what the “plugins may have been disabled” failure message I receive every time I cave in and try to update acrobat.
    I have tried re-enabling acrobat-viewing of PDFs in Safari and occasionally that change allows me to update acrobat but most of the time I still get the failure message.
    I understand that you want to guide user to use your products over others, but really, this is not the way.
    I use acrobat pro daily and it’s not going to leave my workflow anytime soon. But when I want to quickly view an online PDF, Preview is much faster.

  • By Eric Wilde - 1:30 PM on August 21, 2009   Reply

    Its not a valid excuse; however, Acrobat really is a very different set of people from the rest of the Creative Suite. I’m trying to get them engaged in this blog to interact with their customers and will forward your comments to them. I really don’t know if your suspicion about the viewer in Safari is correct; but, suspect there is a different cause to this problem.
    In addition to forwarding your comments to the Acrobat team, I’d like to get you in touch with tech support.

  • By soozie - 12:27 PM on November 9, 2009   Reply

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