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Dec 14, 2009

Survey for Volume Deployments of Adobe Creative Suite

To set a baseline as well as gather data from a broad array of system administrators, we put together a survey to understand where are the costs customers incur when deploying Adobe Creative Suite software. We’ll use this data to more finely tune the set of features delivered in the Enterprise Deployment Toolkit for future Adobe Creative Suite releases. We’ve heard a lot of feedback from customers both here on the blog and elsewhere. We’d love to hear more input from you all so that we can deliver on the most important features for volume deployments going forward.
Please provide feedback here.
We’ll be collecting the data and closing down the survey at the end of January. After the next release of the Enterprise Deployment Toolkit we’ll perform this survey once more to see how effective the release has been and prioritize follow on features.
Updated: It seems the word ‘cost’ is causing some confusion. By cost I mean anything that might take up time or resources in order to succeed at the deployment, not just the $ amount for support software or hardware. These are generally areas that cause pain and grief for those who do the deployment. –e



  • By Kai Howells - 10:31 PM on December 14, 2009   Reply

    I’d like to fill in the comments, however the answers would skew things – I’m the director of a systems integration company supporting Macs in the enterprise in Melbourne, Australia. I would really like to be able to provide feedback on this as installation and licensing of Adobe products is a fair percentage of the work I perform for my clients.
    Also, and I don’t know if this is the right place to ask, but I was wondering if there are any early access type programs for the upcoming Creative Suite 5 so that we can work out a workflow to integrate it into a SOE build procedure…

  • By Eric Wilde - 11:14 PM on December 14, 2009   Reply

    Please do provide your input. You are exactly the type of person from whom we want input. Though you may not be a system administrator yourself you still can have very valuable input for us.
    I can certainly get you on the prerelease forum. I believe I have enough information already; but, will circle back in private email to confirm.

  • By David Buxton - 2:43 AM on December 15, 2009   Reply

    It’s great that you are eliciting feedback regarding deployment of Adobe products in the enterprise, but the questions in that survey make no reference whatsoever to deployment or the enterprise deployment toolkit.
    Would you like comments and suggestions about the use of the enterprise deployment toolkit?

  • By John C. Welch - 4:21 AM on December 15, 2009   Reply

    Yay, more sysadmin types! Seriously, thanks for doing this Eric, it’s good to see that the next version of CS’s installer isn’t being built in a vacuum.

  • By Eric Wilde - 7:56 AM on December 15, 2009   Reply

    We would really rather understand the root causes of costs for people who deploy the software. Getting feedback on the CS4 version of the EDT would be nice; but, is not as important to us. The upcoming EDT will be quite different from the last one primarily because we want to export PKG/MSI files. People on this forum and others have been very clear that a proprietary installation format just doesn’t satisfy customer needs.

  • By Don Montalvo - 9:38 AM on December 15, 2009   Reply

    I’m not sure why cost is a big factor. Does Adobe plan to charge us to fix their broken Creative Suite install process?
    Anyway, to deploy the full suite manually, it takes a full time tech 1/2 a day. This includes manually running the Adobe CS installer, plus running the updater over and over until it’s done.
    And nooooo…we do not use the Silent Install. Why? Because it’s fragile, and when it fails it leaves a huge mess for us to clean up (read: mo’ $$$$$$$).
    Companies like JAMF, LANrev, etc., are making a killing now, compensating for Adobe’s failure at providing a proper, manageable distribution method.
    Cost of manually installing Adobe CS, $250 per computer (many thousands of dollars as the number of computers add up). Cost of buying a 3rd party tool to “fix” what Adobe broke, thousands of dollars. Price of “refreshing” Adobe’s development group (and managers)…priceless.
    Don Montalvo, TX

  • By David Buxton - 11:41 AM on December 15, 2009   Reply

    Hi Eric,
    Other than in the title there is no mention of deployment in the survey. I think it would help to re-word the questions to indicate that you are interested in the costs associated with deployment.
    But is Adobe developing the deployment framework from scratch for CS5? If not, surely it makes more sense to ask about specific deployment needs from the point of view of the network and system administrator who use the current deployment tools rather than whoever is concerned primarily with the capital expenditure (which is how I read the questions’ emphasis on costs).

  • By Eric Wilde - 5:11 PM on December 15, 2009   Reply

    We’re reimplementing the enterprise deployment toolkit (EDT) because the CS4 version did not solve customer problems. The deployment technology itself isn’t being written from scratch, though there are significant changes in it so that the EDT can output PKG and MSI.
    The point about cost is that we want to find out what is costing our customers the most and find ways to minimize the cost from the customer perspective.

  • By JohnW - 1:29 AM on December 16, 2009   Reply

    It’s all about the installer. The installer is so fragile, even the Enterprise deployment kit has issues with crazy requirements. On macs, why does a user need to be logged in to install the software? We do 99.9% of our installs silently without the user knowing about it, but Adobe installs are a huge time sink. Also, all updaters should be combo updates so we can update any 10.x.x application up to the current version, not needing to run the updater 5 times to get current. It’s all time and time is money.
    I really hope the new tools will output a standard pkg that uses a standard apple installer, and a standard MSI that can be deployed using SMS or Altiris.

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  • By John Dito - 10:03 AM on January 14, 2010   Reply

    I wont repeat whats been said already but Adobe installs are the bane of my support teams existence. Standard pk and msi files that have been tested…..can I say that again tested!!.
    Ideally 1 .msi file for a full enterprise deployment and sub msi files if I just need to deploy a component of the CS suite.
    Thanks for asking, John

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