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Mar 22, 2010

Flash Builder 4 Release

The most recent build of our installer and licensing technology can now be seen in a shipping product. Flash Builder 4 uses the most recent installer technology and user experience. If you’re not on our OOBE prerelease program please go download the trial version to see what’s been happening on the engineering team.
What you’ll see here is an attempt to handle many of the issues people have discussed with Adobe’s customer care organization and here on the blog. It doesn’t solve all the problems; but, it does address most of the top bugs found by our customers thus far. Some of the biggest changes:

  • The licensing solution has seen dramatic changes. We believe we’ve overcome the dreaded “licensing has stopped working” errors.
  • The Updater workflow has also been completely rewritten. The old AUM is gone. Hopefully you won’t see updates for the product soon, though.
  • The activation policy remains the same. Namely, a retail user is licensed to use to use the product on two systems concurrently. There are, however, no limits to deactivation any longer. Activation for volume licenses continues to be tracked but not enforced.
  • Many specific bugs were fixed.

For those of you who install/provision Adobe products in volume, you will not see the improvements in this Flash Builder 4 release. That, and other recent improvements, has yet to come.
For more information about the Flash Builder 4 product itself, please see:



  • By John C. Welch - 5:52 PM on March 22, 2010   Reply

    Now, if you can just pry installers, licensing, and updating for Acrobat out of that team’s hands….

  • By Eric Wilde - 10:01 PM on March 22, 2010   Reply

    We do supply the Acrobat licensing solution. So that already is in our hands. The Acrobat team will also be picking up our newer licensing solution for their next version.
    The Acrobat installation and updating team is working more closely with us going forward. No clear answer yet on how much we’ll get accomplished in the near future; but, at least we’re more aligned with our goals.

  • By D - 12:40 AM on March 23, 2010   Reply

    What are the limitations with the 60 day trial?

  • By Eric Wilde - 6:34 AM on March 23, 2010   Reply

    From a licensing perspective the trial should work normally until the trial period has expired. This is true for 30 day trial periods as well (for other Adobe products.)
    Some products do have limited functionality for trial periods; but, I’m not aware of any such limitations in functionality for the Flash Builder 4 product. For such product specific questions you’re better served going to the Flash Builder blog itself:

  • By michelle - 3:17 AM on April 9, 2010   Reply

    i’d been using the trial version of Flash Builder 4. The trail then expired. My company purchased a licence and I did get the open to enter it when I opened Flash builder. However now I’m getting a ‘Licence Expired’ error when I try to open this application. The licence is only about an hour old so it couldn’t have expired.
    How do I get around this so I can enter the licence key again?

  • By Eric Wilde - 11:26 AM on April 12, 2010   Reply

    I need some more information from you and will respond privately via email. It is likely the serial number you’re using is the free public beta serial number instead a purchased serial number. The free public beta serial number expired on 3/30/2010. We’ll sort this out.

  • By Thomas Glen - 9:53 AM on April 22, 2010   Reply

    We missed out on the enterprise deployment walkthrough. We’re looking at a major reimaging effort in June, with a beta program in May. We’d like to include CS5, but we’d need to have something to test with. Is the deployment tool available (we are in the OOBE program.)

  • By Eric Wilde - 5:08 PM on April 22, 2010   Reply

    We have a prerelease program for our enterprise deployment tool. It should kick off in 2-3 weeks. Being a part of the OOBE program, I think you’ll be automatically part of the enterprise deployment program. I’ll double check.

  • By Eric Wilde - 9:17 PM on April 22, 2010   Reply

    After follow up with the prerelease folks, we’ve ensured your on the enterprise deployment prerelease program. Note that not everyone on the OOBE program was automatically moved; but, your name should now be on the roll.