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Apr 29, 2010

Adobe Creative Suite 5 Ships

Finally, the many months of hard work are about to pay off. Adobe Creative Suite 5 for English is now available. You can purchase CS5 at the following link:
North America
Or you can try it here:
North America
Sorry, I don’t have a link yet for UK Trial.
Note, first time through this website will likely put you into a page to choose a location.
There’s lots to be proud of with CS5; but, for this blog in particular we’re rolling out a new licensing, installer and updater solution. You should see much more reliable behavior in all areas.
We haven’t been able to address everything we want in the installer and licensing solutions; but, we’ve made great inroads. One thing in particular to point out is that the volume deployment toolkit will not be available for another month or so. This toolkit will be made freely available once it is ready. For those interested in a sneak peek please let me know and I’ll add you to our volume deployment prerelease program.
Some of our biggest accomplishments are:
• A new licensing architecture. We should be much more robust and forgiving of error conditions. We also no longer have the same binding to the hardware that we had before for activation. Although we have the same activation policy in general, simple hardware changes like switching out a new hard drive shouldn’t result in an increased activation count.
• A completely rewritten updater. After all the negative feedback on previous incarnations of AUM we’ve scrapped the implementation and built one that we hope will be much more appropriate for our users. Update checks are scheduled events. The patch technology is exactly the same as the installer technology and so should be more robust. And an entirely new UI to provide more information about the patch and more flexibility in managing patches is now available. The same sorts of configuration options as CS4 are available (i.e. you can turn the whole updater off if you want.)
• Addressed some of the top customer call generators for CS4. We’ve fixed 8 of the 10 top tech support call generators. The other two are outside the area of installation and licensing.
• Significant change to the installer architecture to enable better volume deployments and increase reliability in retail deployments. In addition, a new user experience is built on top of the architecture that should be easier and more attractive for our retail customers. Again, if you want to be on the prerelease progrom for our volume deployment tool let me know (
• Support of the new CS Live services that are bundled with the desktop product purchase.
There’s lots more; but, these are the big ones.
Last, but certainly not least, a big Thank You! to all our prerelease customers who have helped us iron out the kinks in this release for the last many months.



  • By Per Olofsson - 1:35 AM on April 30, 2010   Reply

    Thank you, that’s an impressive list of changes! However, could you please clarify one detail:
    Can you disable AUM and push updates and patches, with no user logged in, using ARD, Casper, FileWave, Puppet, and similar administration tools?

  • By Kai Howells - 3:27 AM on April 30, 2010   Reply

    Congratulations to Eric and the rest of the team for creating what will be a lot of people’s first experience of CS5.
    Can’t wait to get my hands on the volume installer!

  • By Kevin O'Shea - 9:26 AM on April 30, 2010   Reply

    Wow. That’s a lot longer (and a lot more effort) than what I would have loved to see:
    We’ve ditched the custom installer solutions and focused on making use of the native Windows and OS X installer architectures. Volume deployments are available immediately.
    Glad to hear you think it’s better (hard to believe it could be worse). But it still feels like you guys are heading in the wrong direction.

  • By Chris George - 9:39 AM on April 30, 2010   Reply

    When does Adobe expect to have the software posted to LWS?

  • By Eric Wilde - 11:52 AM on April 30, 2010   Reply

    Yes, you can do so with a bit of effort. Our volume deployment toolkit will output PKG/MSI for the installers and the patches. These can then be used to deploy via various common deployment tools.
    Note, though, that the volume deployment tool isn’t due to be ready for a month or so. Even then, it will probably be a couple more months before it can accurately output native installers for the patches.

  • By Eric Wilde - 11:56 AM on April 30, 2010   Reply

    Yes, I do want to get to native install technologies (PKG/MSI.) It is by no means trivial to do so given the scope of the Suite and the ability of the various teams across the company to product installers.
    Our volume deployment tool (shortly forthcoming) will take the proprietary install technology and configuration options as input and provide PKG/MSI as output. This should hopefully make life a lot easier for volume deployments. We still have a long way to go to be fully compliant MSI installers, though.

  • By Eric Wilde - 11:57 AM on April 30, 2010   Reply

    I don’t know the answer off hand; but, would expect it very soon (if its not already there.)
    You’ll probably do best contacting your sales representative to see when your specific downloads will be available.

  • By Craig Chambers - 2:19 PM on April 30, 2010   Reply

    If I remember correctly from the CS4 upgrade it will be more than a month before my “upgrade coupon” is delivered. I never understood why Adobe makes their releases available to the non-volume license users before it does to volume license users. It seems you would either want to do a simultaneous release or, like Microsoft, make your new software available first to volume license customers as a way to incentivise subscriptions.
    Why does Adobe make the customers that provide them steady income wait so long for there product? It has always seemed like such a slap in the face and has almost made me want to end my subscriptions.

  • By Eric Wilde - 5:27 PM on April 30, 2010   Reply

    Its hard for me to provide a reasonable answer to your comment since I’m really focused on the engineering tasks. I’ve passed off the comments to our business folk for input. Sorry I couldn’t provide you more timely feedback.

  • By Barry Hills - 10:21 PM on April 30, 2010   Reply

    Hi Chris-
    I will check in with our Sales/Marketing team to determine when you will have access to CS5 via LWS and if it really is intended to be a month I will see if I can get this accelerated.
    (VP, Engineering and Operations, Creative Suite)

  • By Andrew Jackson - 11:43 AM on May 5, 2010   Reply

    Hi Barry & Eric,
    I would like to echo Chris and Craig’s comments. It doesn’t seem to make sense to announce a product as available, yet it’s not available for a simple download from the licensing website for customers who have purchased the upgrade plan. We’ve made the investment, and we’d like equal treatment! Thanks for hearing us via this blog. It is encouraging to know that there are some real people listening at Adobe.

  • By Vaughan Stevenson - 11:52 AM on May 10, 2010   Reply

    I’m sitting on a recently purchased site license for CS5 Web Premium with no way of deploying via SCCM. If I’m understanding the above comments, there is a volume deployment prerelease program that would supply me with a CS5 Deployment Kit allowing the creation of a MSI. If correct, I’d greatly appreciate my name be added.

  • By Eric Wilde - 1:20 PM on May 10, 2010   Reply

    Vaughan, I’ll respond in email directly.

  • By Bradford Luten - 1:05 PM on May 27, 2010   Reply

    Its been almost a month, and I still don’t see CS5 products (i.e. Design Standard) in LWS!? Even our sales rep with our reseller can’t explain why this is.

  • By Scott Sheridan - 11:33 PM on June 1, 2010   Reply

    I’m interested in a CS5 Deployment Kit for deployment via SCCM too..

  • By Ryan Schierholz - 7:19 AM on June 2, 2010   Reply

    Yes Bradford, I agree. It’s been over a month and nothing. I very much need to upgrade our school computers this summer and need to get started ASAP. The Adobe website even says the DevKit for CS5 will be available May 28, 2010, but that has come and gone and still not available:
    Please provide me some information so i can plan my deployment.

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