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May 5, 2010

AAMEE Prerelease Going Live

The prerelease program for the enterprise deployment toolkit for CS5 is ready for its first release. The release should come out today or at latest tomorrow. For those who want to be on the prerelease program please feel free to drop me a line.
I’ll need your name, company and role in the company.
The prerelease program is appropriate for anybody who will do volume deployments of CS5 products or Suites.



  • By Duncan Williams - 3:31 PM on May 5, 2010   Reply

    Awesome. Thanks. I’ll be using this as part of SOE images.

  • By TGB - 9:01 PM on May 9, 2010   Reply

    And how is one supposed to deploy Acrobat 9 for Mac, given its continued un-deployable state?

  • By Eric Wilde - 1:13 PM on May 10, 2010   Reply

    I’m afraid the Acrobat installer for Acrobat 9.3 continues to use the older Acrobat install technology. So whatever was used in Acrobat 9 outside of the Suite context will continue to be necessary for the near future.

  • By Eric Wilde - 12:51 PM on May 11, 2010   Reply

    We’re full on the AAMEE prerelease program. Thank you to all who expressed interest.

  • By Alastair Akehurst - 7:32 AM on May 12, 2010   Reply

    Do you have an estimated release date for the deployment toolkit yet?

  • By Eric Wilde - 3:57 PM on May 12, 2010   Reply

    We’re expecting a public, free release in early June. I’ll post here when it becomes available.

  • By Dpn Montalvo - 1:16 PM on May 26, 2010   Reply

    Any news yet on release date for AAMEE? We are hoping the current release of Casper Suite (7.21) can handle CS5.

    • By TGB - 10:31 AM on July 11, 2010   Reply

      To Dpn Montalvo:
      One more thing: it’s important to get the 1.0 (non-preview) version of AAMEE, as the preview did not support installing with no user logged in, which Casper can’t work around (easily). 1.0 does. If you generated pkgs with the preview, just recreate them and replace them in the Casper database.

  • By TGB - 10:28 AM on July 11, 2010   Reply

    “whatever was used in Acrobat 9 outside of the Suite context will continue to be necessary for the near future”

    So…… nothing. I once spent two weeks up to my elbows in Acrobat 9, the self-healer and the license databases, and never got anywhere near deploying it in an actually usable state. Nobody I’ve ever spoken to or discussed this with on multiple forums, and in person, has ever been able to resolve it either. There is no “whatever”. It’s a dead stop.

    To Dpn Montalvo:
    Fortunately, using the AAMEE results in the creation of .pkg installers which you can throw directly into the Casper Suite and deploy. Except for Acrobat, still. They deploy as normal pkg installers and does not require an update to Casper’s special Adobe CS support, so luckily for the folks at JAMF, the days of them needing to fix Adobe’s failings seem to be over.

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