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Sep 9, 2010

Adobe Enterprise Deployment Tools Upgraded & Expanded

I am happy to announce the release of the much anticipated Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition (AAMEE) 1.1. This release has the ability to turn our CS updates that come down from in the format of .zip files on Windows and .dmg files on Macs into MSI and PKG files for easy deployment. You can do this singularly or better yet combine them into a big bundle of updates into one MSI or PKG. Want to deploy your CS5 applications and our updates at the same time? AAMEE 1.1 can do that too. Create your own “über-package” of CS applications with their updates and deploy them at the same time with one MSI or PKG. Cool, right?

And if that weren’t enough, we have released two new deployment tools for IT admins: Adobe Provisioning Toolkit Enterprise Edition (APTEE) and Adobe Update Server Setup Tool (AUSST.) Yes, we are continuing our 5 letter acronym spree! Put the three tools names together and you almost have enough letters to play Boggle™. Both new tools are command line based and I believe you’ll find them quite helpful. The Adobe Provisioning Toolkit Enterprise Edition (APTEE) tool allows you to serialize, unserialize or reserialize installed CS applications. The Adobe Update Server Setup Tool (AUSST) allows you to configure a server on your network to become the local location for acquiring CS updates.

We’ll have blog postings that dig further into each of these tools coming soon but I wanted to let you know right away about the three tools so you can download them and their documentation.

NOTE: The Adobe Developer Connection website and new tools on them may be unavailable for a brief time in the near future for a site-based update. So…get ’em quick! Don’t worry, they will return once the revamped site goes online. The tools should be available on LWS as well.

9/13/10 6:43 PM PST UPDATE: The new Adobe Developer Connection website is up and the new tools are once again available. Sorry for anyone who was inconvenienced during the down time.

Jody Rodgers
Product Manager, Enterprise & Volume Customers
Creative Suite

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  • By Kai - 11:22 PM on September 9, 2010   Reply

    Giddy up!
    This is what I’ve been waiting for.

    Nice work everyone.

  • By Don Montalvo - 9:17 AM on September 13, 2010   Reply

    Yum! 🙂

  • By Crispin - 9:55 AM on September 13, 2010   Reply

    Perhaps I’ve missed something here, but where do I find the instructions to add updates to a big ol’ master package?

  • By Jody Rodgers - 5:54 PM on September 13, 2010   Reply

    Hello Crispin. Were you able to grab the updated Creative Suite 5 Enterprise Deployment Guide? It goes over this in detail. But in a nutshell the new AAMEE 1.1 workflow now has a “Updates” section where you can select the “Add Update” option before selecting “Build.” Let me know if that doesn’t help.


    Jody Rodgers
    Product Manager, Enterprise & Volume Customers
    Creative Suite
    Adobe Systems

  • By Paul Benham - 10:30 AM on September 14, 2010   Reply

    I like the Adobe Update Server Setup Tool. It works very well in my test environment.
    What I would really like to be added is a way for my client machines to check for available updates from the locally hosted AUSST and report back which updates they need so that I can keep track of CS5 app versions without having to log into individual computers and run the AAMEE utility. It would also be very nice if I could remotely initiate the AAMEE utility over ssh or ARD and run updates when users are not logged in. I’d also like a pony.

  • By Jojo Marababol - 8:40 PM on September 15, 2010   Reply

    I’ve had problems before with your Adbe Deplyment Tool on the Mac side.

    After creating a deplyable .pkg for CS5 and started deploying it with ARD, somewhere after 75% during the deployment, a popup window would suddenly appear on the target machines asking for username and password for our proxy (an authentication dialogue box).

    This would happen twice during the deployment and is a big nuisance because the deployment process is paused until administrative credentials are entered. Has this issue been fixed with this version?

    • By Jody Rodgers - 4:51 PM on September 17, 2010   Reply

      Hello Jojo. I suspect what is happening at that three quarter mark during the installation process is AIR related. And one might be able to identify this definitively by using something like FSeventer. I have heard of another organization that had this issue where they did not have a transparent/intercepting proxy server in place (hence the prompt for proxy credentials.) The workaround that I am proposing would require the removal of the AIR components from the AAMEE produced package and then a separate silent command line installation of the needed AIR components would be needed (like the AIR-based Community Help application, CHC.) Now, having said that, AAMEE 1.1 does not have the ability to disable the AIR components. This is something that we will be delivering in AAMEE 1.2. We hope to have an early prerelease of this by the first week of October 2010. I would love for you to be in our prerelease program and I can work with you offline to make sure this proposed solution works for you. If anyone else is having this issue please let me know!

      Jody Rodgers | Product Manager| Enterprise & Volume | Creative Suite

      • By Bart van Deventer - 3:06 AM on October 5, 2010   Reply

        Hi Jody,

        I also have seen this issue with our authenticated proxy and would love to try a pre-release of 1.2 if it is available.
        I need to begin work on CS5 deployment for Semester 1, 2011 very shortly so this would be a great time to begin trials.

        Kind Regards,
        Bart van Deventer

        • By Jody Rodgers - 9:20 PM on October 5, 2010   Reply


          We have signed you up for the AAMEE Prerelease program. The 1.2 prerelease has been unfortunately delayed until a month from now. We have a couple blocking bugs around uninstalling and we do not want our prerelease customers to be impacted by this. We are looking forward to getting your feedback on the 1.2 prerelease!

          Jody Rodgers | Product Manager| Enterprise & Volume | Creative Suite

  • By Michael - 8:59 PM on September 15, 2010   Reply


    For those of us who have been using the Prerelease 1.1 version of the AAMEE tool do you recommend that we repackage our CS5 applications/updates with the 1.1 final version?

    Is there a changelog between releases?

    • By Jody Rodgers - 5:03 PM on September 17, 2010   Reply

      Great questions Michael! I do not see a technical reason why you would need to repackage any applications/updates with the 1.1 final build. I will verify with engineering and let you know if this is not the case.

      Regarding a changelog sadly the answer is no. Creating a proper changelog is a really needed for this product and I will work to get this in place, especially for the prerelease to the GM release. Prerelease participants really need to know what changed, and for that matter know what reported bugs during the prerelease were fixed. Thanks again Michael!

      Jody Rodgers | Product Manager| Enterprise & Volume | Creative Suite

      • By Don Montalvo - 6:29 PM on September 24, 2010   Reply

        The only reason I could see is if you wanted to embed the AdobeUpdater.Overrides file.

        But then this can (and probably should – for manageability) be pushed separately to clients:

        /Library/Application\ Support/Adobe/AAMUpdater/1.0/AdobeUpdater.Overrides


        • By Don Montalvo - 7:15 PM on September 24, 2010   Reply

          Sorry for posting again…just noticed, another reason for possibly repackaging CS5 is if you had “surpress updates” disabled, users won’t be able to trigger an upgrade from the Help menu (greyed out). Looks like I’ll be re-packaging Adobe CS5 Master Collection again…unless I’m missing an easy way to un-suppress updates? 🙂


  • By Kai Howells - 11:19 PM on September 18, 2010   Reply

    It seems that this doesn’t completely fix the issue of the AAMEE .pkg having problems installing with no logged in user.
    I’m attempting to deploy CS5 Design Premium + all current updates in one package created with the latest version of AAMEE.
    I’m imaging a machine with a base OS image + other software and using DeployStudio to have CS5 installed at first boot.
    It gets to something like 95% of the install, when it’s running the postinstall scripts that are doing the heavy lifting and it hangs. The progress is getting updated by fractions of a percent, but even after leaving it go for over 45 minutes it didn’t complete the install.

  • By Robert Hammen - 9:29 AM on September 20, 2010   Reply

    Any reason why the “English” links for the CS5 Enterprise Deployment Guide, Planning worksheets, and Deployment and Provisioning Concepts are disabled/not available? Checked on two different browsers on two different platforms, same result.

    • By Jody Rodgers - 9:35 AM on September 20, 2010   Reply

      Sorry about that Robert. I am working on fixing those and will update here in the comments as soon as that is fixed. Right now those docs can be downloaded from this link:


      Jody Rodgers | Product Manager| Enterprise & Volume | Creative Suite

    • By Jody Rodgers - 1:02 AM on September 21, 2010   Reply

      The Info links from AAMEE 1.1 are now active! Thanks for those that reported it.

      Jody Rodgers | Product Manager| Enterprise & Volume | Creative Suite

  • By Bob Johnson - 7:38 AM on September 23, 2010   Reply

    I can’t get AUSST to work on a Mac server. All I get is “command not found” or “no such directory or file”. Is there a typo or something missing in the tech note. It’s like it’s not installing, I never see the message about options 1-4.

    • By Jody Rodgers - 3:27 PM on September 24, 2010   Reply

      Hi Bob. Make sure you have mounted the downloaded DMG. Then run the executable inside “Package Contents” of “” from the Terminal prompt. If that doesn’t help please let us know!

      Jody Rodgers | Product Manager| Enterprise & Volume | Creative Suite

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  • By Jim - 6:30 AM on April 25, 2011   Reply

    I’ve run this twice, I can see in terminal the files Dl’ing and I can see the available space on my HD shrinking… The problem is, the files aren’t in the folder!! I tried both with
    –root=”/serverroot/updates/Adobe/CS5” and –root=”/updates/Adobe/CS5” Both folders show no files. I’ve even tried searching for them by file name and no luck!

    How do I find these files and delete them to get that wasted space on my HD back??

    Once that’s fixed I’ll get into who do I need to do to actually get this working!!



    • By Manju Bansal - 9:45 PM on April 26, 2011   Reply

      Actually there should be two hyphens before root. Command should be – – root=”/serverroot/updates/Adobe/CS5″. If two hyphens are not given, the directory structure is created somewhat relative to the AdobeUpdateServerSetupToolCS5 binaries.
      You may please check both the important points that i mentioned above and get back to us in case you still face any issues.

      You may directly write to me at

      Adobe Updater Team

  • By Manju Bansal - 9:52 PM on April 26, 2011   Reply

    IMPORTANT: If you are using IIS as http server, there are certain configuration changes that need to be made. These changes will be published in the new AUSST Tech note which will be released in May 2011.


  • By Timothy - 6:43 AM on May 10, 2012   Reply

    AAMEE does not appear to run as expected under Lion (10.7.3)? After installing and running it all it appears to do is check for CS Suite updates. Where is the package making utility within the app? I see a collection of components toward this end in /Applications/Utilities/Adobe Application Manager/Enterprise/, but it does nothing when run. What am I missing here?

    • By Jody Rodgers - 12:29 PM on May 10, 2012   Reply

      This is occurring with AAMEE 2.1? Are you using AAMEE 2.1 to package CS5 or CS5.5?

      Jody Rodgers | Sr. Product Manager | Enterprise + Volume | Creative Suite + Creative Cloud | Adobe Systems

  • By Rolando - 8:08 PM on July 16, 2012   Reply

    Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition 2.1 only work for CS6, something is not right. It doesn’t work for CS5 or CS5.5

  • By TA - 9:23 AM on September 26, 2012   Reply

    How do/can I use APTEE to uninstall previous versions of CS?

    • By Jody Rodgers - 4:47 PM on September 26, 2012   Reply

      APTEE is a tool for serializing and unserializing, it does not uninstall the software. Which version of the software are you uninstalling?

      Jody Rodgers | Sr. Product Manager | Enterprise + Volume | Digital Media | Adobe Systems

  • By AFIsher - 9:43 AM on November 5, 2012   Reply

    Has anyone been able to get ASSUT installed on IIS7, I’m not really familiar with IIS7 and can’t seem to find any directions, basically I’m not sure how to set up the ISAPI stuff

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