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Oct 18, 2010

Filewave CS5 Deployment

Our partnerships with deployment vendors continue in an effort to make sure that deploying the Creative Suite applications and updates is an easy and well documented process. Filewave’s deployment and file management solutions are unique as it is file-set based, and therefore doesn’t necessarily need the Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition (AAMEE) to create its outputted pkg or msi files. However, AAMEE provides enterprise-specific configuration options that make it worthwhile for a Filewave admin to use AAMME. They have documented this workflow using AAMEE in their short white papers for deploying CS5 for Mac and Windows. You can get their PDFs here:

Filewave users have additional documentation on deploying CS5 and Acrobat on the Filewave Community Site.

The Filewave folks have been up to our Adobe Seattle office a couple of times recently and don’t believe us that it rains here in the fall and winter. Really, it does! They are just bringing the sunshine. Can’t fault them for that.

Jody Rodgers | Product Manager| Enterprise & Volume | Creative Suite

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