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Apr 18, 2011

Q&A: CS 5.5 and AAMEE 2.0

I’ve been trying to arrange some interviews with some folks both internally and externally for this blog, just trying to mix things up, keep things fresh. I thought with the announcement early last week of Adobe Creative Suite CS 5.5 this would be a great time to do a little Q&A with someone from Adobe to talk about what’s new with the CS 5.5 release. But I failed to get anything setup so I have nobody, not even Eric Wilde. Eric would of been good. I know what you are thinking, maybe you should give up the idea of doing an interview. Nope. The show must go on! I am going to interview… myself. This way I can GUARANTEE the next Q&A we have here will be better.

Jody: How’s it going?
Jody: Great. Except for the part of having to interview myself.
Jody: Which Adobe office are you based out of?
Jody: I work out of the Seattle office. It is in the Fremont neighborhood right along the canal.
Jody: Which product teams are in Seattle?
Jody: These days most teams have people working collaboratively in different offices across the globe so there isn’t many full teams in one location. Having said that Seattle’s biggest groups though are InDesign, After Effects, Audition and the new Digital Publishing group. There are folks from the Creative Suite group, some members of the XD (Experience Design) team, and there are a few Acrobat guys down the hall from me too.
Jody: How many years have you been at Adobe?
Jody: It will be 9 years this summer.
Jody: So enough about you. Tell us about the Creative Suite 5.5 release!
Jody: Well I am not in Marketing so I think I’d mess that up.
Jody: Okay, well do you have anything to announce because I am starting to lose interest?
Jody: I do! In conjunction with the 5.5 launch, we will be releasing the next version of the Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition (AAMEE.) AAMEE 2.0 should be available for download the second week of May 2011.
Jody: And will it only work with CS 5.5?
Jody: No, AAMEE 2.0 will work with CS 5.0 and CS 5.5 media. And it will work with 5.0 and 5.5 related updates.
Jody: Is it still free?
Jody: Ha. Yes.
Jody: Can you give us a sneak peek into the new features?
Jody: I was going to wait until the release announcement in May to talk about the new features.
Jody: That would be lame. Tell us now! At least tell us something.
Jody: Okay I will tell you about one. This is big actually. No, I should wait.
Jody: What? Tell us.
Jody: In-app updates!
Jody: I want to be excited, but explain.
Jody: So you know how with the current version of AAMEE you have to download updates form the CS Updates Blog and you have to manually add them when you are creating your initial application package or you are making an update package for deployment?
Jody: Yep, and it is a bit of a pain.
Jody: I know. Wouldn’t it be great if from within AAMEE it showed the latest updates and you could select which ones to download all from within the app?
Jody: Yes. That would save a lot of time.
Jody: Well that is what we’ve introduced in AAMEE 2.0.
Jody: What if I have to create a bunch of packages, do I have to download the updates over and over?
Jody: Nope. AAMEE caches them and shows you a visual indicator designating that the download is already cached.
Jody: That’s cool. But what if I already have the updates downloaded in a folder or I am using the Adobe Update Server?
Jody: You’ll still be able to manually add them. We didn’t remove that functionality.
Jody: Great. What else is in AAMEE 2.0?
Jody: You’ll have to wait until May’s announcement.
Jody: Sigh. So speaking of updates are you guys ever going to put your Windows updates into the Microsoft SCUP catalog like Acrobat and Flash Player?
Jody: Good question.
Jody: Thanks.
Jody: I attended the Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) 2011 last month with some colleagues from Acrobat and heard firsthand how much people appreciated Acrobat and Flash for doing this. We are looking into the feasibility of doing this with the Creative Suite updates. Possibly doing quarterly SCUP releases except when CS updates have security patches, those would have to come straight away.
Jody: Similar to Acrobat and Flash Player?
Jody: Yep.
Jody: So when can we expect to see the CS Updates in SCUP format?
Jody: I was afraid you were going to ask that.
Jody: People will want to know.
Jody: I can’t commit to a date yet but will let folks know on this blog as soon as possible. And we’ll probably make a public call for testers to help out.
Jody: Okay, one last question. What are you most looking forward to with the 5.5 release?
Jody: You mean besides AAMEE 2.0?
Jody: Right.
Jody: Audition 5.5! I am a long time Mac user and I like to dabble with audio and multimedia projects and I have been wanting a Mac version of Audition since it was Cool Edit Pro. And now we have a Mac version of Audition. Good things come to those who wait. I actually used it in the Audition studio to record the last AAAMEE Adobe TV segment.
Jody: You have at audio studio in your office?
Jody: Well it is really more like a mixing room section of a recording studio.
Jody: Cool. Well thanks for your time today. This wasn’t actually as awkward as I thought it was going to be.
Jody: Really? You didn’t think so?
Jody: I’m just telling you that so you don’t feel bad.
Jody Rodgers | Senior Product Manager | Enterprise & Volume | Creative Suite



  • By Patrick Koster - 9:44 AM on April 19, 2011   Reply

    Nice nne Jody!

    I know a good shrink 😉

  • By Matt - 9:44 PM on May 2, 2011   Reply

    Some of us have been hanging out for AAMEE 2.0 so that we can deploy Adobe Acrobat X suite within out environment for months. We aren’t going to be installing any part of the Adobe suite until the kit is released, so please hurry up and get it out there (don’t mean to sound pushy, but we’ve been getting flack from users who are wondering why we have licenses for the software, but nothing installed on their desktops for the whole semester).

    • By Jody Rodgers - 12:09 AM on May 4, 2011   Reply

      I am afraid that AAMEE 2.0 is only supporting the CS 5.0 and 5.5 media. It will not support the Acrobat X Suite media with the AAMEE 2.0 release. You might want to post your desire for an enterprise delivery method for that Suite on the Acrobat IT Matters blog as well explain what type of deployment tools you are using, the amount of users it is going to, OS info, etc. In addition, make sure your Adobe Account Rep is in the loop on this. And last but least, file a support call on this with Adobe as they track these types of things.

      Jody Rodgers | Senior Product Manager | Enterprise & Volume | Creative Suite

  • By TGB - 10:23 PM on May 8, 2011   Reply

    Hmm. AAMEE 2.0 doesn’t recognize the Acrobat patches (10.0.1, 10.0.2, 10.0.3). This seems to be due to Acrobat being in “pure” pkg format, rather than AAMEE-type updates. That’s okay I guess – just need to remember to include them with the main application installer.

    • By Jody Rodgers - 12:53 AM on May 10, 2011   Reply

      Hello. Nope, presently Acrobat patches are either in native PKG or MSI formats that are easy to deploy traditionally but sadly AAMEE can not add them. Clearly this is something we would like to support down the road. There is a new section of the forthcoming Deployment Guide that covers Acrobat. If you are in the Prerelease you already have access to this document. Hopefully we will have it up on the DevNet site this week. That Acrobat section covers some important steps to do if you are wishing to keep updates suppressed on the Mac version. I am afraid it is not straightforward.

      Jody Rodgers | Senior Product Manager | Enterprise & Volume | Creative Suite

  • By Oleg - 4:42 AM on June 7, 2011   Reply

    Hello Jody, what a treat, this Q&A:) Almost forgot to ask my question: can AAMEE be used to propagate custom application preferences and extra files like ICC profiles, color settings presets, other saved settings to all user machines during installation?

    • By Jody Rodgers - 12:08 PM on June 15, 2011   Reply

      Great question Oleg, in fact I dub this “Question of the Month” even though we are only half-way through the month. The answer to the “Question of the Month” is: no. We really don’t provide the tools for preference management and sadly not even guidance for folks to do it themselves. All the products in the Suite seem to use different ways in which their preferences are written, where they are written, etc. Providing guidance on this topic is on my super long to-do list.

      Jody Rodgers | Senior Product Manager | Enterprise & Volume | Creative Suite

  • By Marcela - 2:59 PM on August 15, 2011   Reply

    I’m having trouble installing adobe flash player.I tried more than 3 times and everytime it says that its been installed but when I try getting on things like music videos or games it says that adobe flash player cannot be detected.

    • By Eric Wilde - 4:12 PM on August 15, 2011   Reply

      There could be a number of different issues. I’m going to hand off your contact information to tech support for their assistance.

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