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Dec 20, 2011

Burning Logs-No, Not /Users/you/Library/Logs

I have this DVD of a fireplace. It is simply a closeup of a few logs burning slowly. It is probably one of my favorite DVDs I own. I bet I have watched it more often then the “classics” I own; Citizen Kane, Casablanca and Star Trek II Wraith of Khan. Even if I had a real fireplace I think I’d still watch it because this fire never dies down. Hot embers never pop out and burn the rug. I am convinced this is the reason why TVs were made.

And it is that time of year that I take off for Adobe’s annual shut-down and throw that DVD on, have a glass of wine or winter beer and reflect on the year. And in doing so, I just keep getting an overwhelming feeling of thankfulness. I am a thankful to so many people who have made this a great year. I want to start with our customers and especially the IT admins who bust their —you know whats— for their organizations. You NEVER get thanked enough, so I am going to say it twice: Thank you! Thank you! And as always we appreciate you for your support with our efforts and honest feedback here on this blog, in emails, and in person. We are are trying to make your lives just a little bit better for you and you deserve it!

Listen to that fire crackle in Dolby Surround! I also want to thank our deployment vendor partners! You all are golden! We share the same customers and vision and together we make it happen. Thank you! Looking forward to working with you in 2012 and expanding out into the management of Touch Apps for the tablets. I love me some uncharted territory!

Last but not least I have to thank the great people who I work with here at Adobe. I have to start with the AAMEE crew. You guys rock. Special shout outs to Sachin, Sourabh, Abhishek, Dany and Rahul. I am missing some folks, contributors of the past for sure. Tushar, Saransh and Sumita. So many people have helped out. I am forgetting others. I feel like the actor at the awards podium who forgets to thanks his wife. (Yep, someone just won an award but is sleeping on the couch tonight! ) I can’t not thank the dynamic duo of Aditya and Mansukh enough. They architect the direction of AAMEE and the other IT tools with me and never laugh (in my face at least) when I say I want to do______ by ________. And thanks to our new Program Manager Dheeraj! And of course Charat and GG. And then where would we be without the vision in the management of Nagendra and Barry? AAMEE wouldn’t even exist without those two. And there is Eric who has been such a great mentor that he now actually thinks I don’t need any more guidance and leaves me on my own to get in trouble. My awesome manager Carol who soooo doesn’t read this blog but I call her out publicly as awesome anyway, because it is true. Oh no, the music is playing. They are shooing me off the stage. Wait, what about Karl, our CS Systems Engineer who is rocking in his new role? What about Manju and all the great work she does on helping people with AUSST. Two hired beauties are escorting me off the stage now! What about the designers: Shivam and oh, Vikas. Wait I forgot my wife! My wife! I don’t want to sleep on the couch with the cat!

No really, thanks everyone! We’ve got some cool stuff coming down the pike for 2012. We’ll be showing our new command line tool that can be used to invoke the CS updater remotely at the MacIT section of Macworld/iWorld on Thursday, January 26th. Thanks John for making that happen! We’ll post more on that in early January. We’ve also got a great new version of AAMEE we are working on. Lots of good stuff. Looking forward to working with all of you who I thanked above and especially whoever I accidentally left out. Like my admin. Yikes. Sorry Karen.

May your log burn forever!

Jody Rodgers | Senior Product Manager | Enterprise & Volume | Creative Suite | Adobe Systems

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  • By Jody Rodgers - 1:48 PM on December 21, 2011   Reply

    Wow! I forgot our Quality Engineering management: Shailesh and Harinder. What kind of commentary is that? None whatsoever. I PROMISE! 😉

    Jody Rodgers | Senior Product Manager | Enterprise & Volume | Creative Suite | Adobe Systems

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