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Feb 28, 2012

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Follow @Adobe_ITToolkit

We have ignored you, sitting there on the self of Barnes & Nobles Bookstores. We have gone in on our lunch break to read graphic novels and mooch the free wi-fi, and walked right pass you. But there you sat, patiently. Oh, “Twitter For Dummies” I am sorry. Where have you been all my life? Sure, you are 312 pages long to describe a service that only uses 140 characters, but who is judging? Now I know what all the buzz is about. And we did our research too. You know who has the most followers on Twitter? @LadyGaga. You know who the Lady Gaga of Adobe application packaging is right? AAMEE. Or as we like to call her: Lady AAMEE. Or is that Lady with two E’s?

Sure you have always been able to reach out to us in the comments of this blog, through email, seeing us at conferences, and right, finding us at the Barnes & Nobles at noon to let’s say 1:30pm, but now you can have instant gratification and tweet us about issues you are having with our IT tools like AAMEE, AUSST, APTEE, etc. You can ask for feature requests. You can give us props. You can go on a multiple tweet rant. (Here’s looking at you @bynkii! ) It is a one stop tweet shop for IT folks: @Adobe_ITToolkit

Need more incentive to follow @Adobe_ITToolkit? One of our first 100 followers will be randomly selected to win a $50 iTunes gift card. Or equivalent if you aren’t in the US. Or don’t want an iTunes gift card for some reason. The winner will be announced, you guessed it, on @Adobe_ITToolkit twitter account once we hit 100 followers. And yes, if you are already following @Adobe_ITToolkit then you are automatically entered.

A couple notes about the account. It is a team account, it is being manned by our CS Enterprise Systems Engineer, Karl Gibson, myself, and I am working on getting someone from the AAMEE Quality Engineering side to help out too. They don’t know that yet. Shhh, it is a secret between me and the internet. We offer this service as a way to augment our current offerings of support, documentation, etc. but it is Twitter, and somethings/situations are best handled over email, phone calls, onsite visits, over beers at Dave’s, etc. And we are not trying to replace the awesome work of the Adobe Customer Care team @Adobe_Care for resolution of support issues. Nor the product teams like @InDesign or @Dreamweaver. Or @Adobe itself. Wait, seems like a lot of people at Adobe must have got their hands on “Twitter For Dummies” before we did. Oh well, better late than never.

For the record: I actually love the For Dummies series. I like their humor and their ability to make really boring topics like “Index Investing For Dummies” seem well, semi-entertaining. Plus I like the cartoons.

For the record about the previous For the record: I actually never read “Index Investing For Dummies.” But I bet it has great cartoons.


Jody Rodgers | Senior Product Manager | Enterprise + Volume | Creative Suite | Adobe Systems



  • By Leslie Poston - 11:22 AM on February 29, 2012   Reply

    We’re so glad you enjoyed Twitter for Dummies. 🙂 Co-authors @pistachio and @gruen and I certainly had fun writing it! See you on the Tweet side.


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