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Nov 29, 2012

Acrobat XI: One Louder

The weather has changed, the leaves are falling, it must be that time of the year; yes, another version of Acrobat! This is an awesome version, the best version of Acrobat yet. Why? This one goes to 11. We were on 10. We asked ourselves: where can you go from there? Where?

This is truly a solid release. I got to hand to the folks in the Acrobat group. If you don’t believe me, check out this great review on PC Mag.,2817,2370981,00.asp

With every Acrobat release I frequently get asked the same question: Acrobat __  just came out, is it going to be added to Creative Suite __? Good question, but always the same lame answer: nope. It is similar to if you bought a 2012 model car with the crusty old iPhone/iPod 30-pin adapter built-in and then you asked the dealer: “Hey Car Sales Dude, why are you killing my buzz? Get with the now! I’ve got an iPhone 5 now and need a Lightning connector stat!”

This is at least, how I talk to car salesmen. I pay full sticker price.

Anyway, the reason why we don’t add the latest version to the Creative Suite media is that, well, it is media. It would costs gobs of money to press new physical discs with the newly included Acrobat and tons of hours of Quality Engineering hours to test out the new build of the media in every single dang language for every configuration of the Suite. Yes, gobs and tons. Or to put it another way: tons and gobs.

Worth noting that if you have a multi-year license agreement with us that includes separate copies of Acrobat, it is likely that you have access to Acrobat XI. Speak with you Adobe Account Rep or take a visit to the Adobe Licensing Web Site aka LWS.

Now a big thing to get out of the way is that AAMEE 3.1 does not, I repeat, does not support Acrobat XI. Lame. Majorly. We really wanted to, seriously, but our schedules were simply not aligned. More like tragically misaligned. Per usual, right? Shrug. But on a good note, the Acrobat team has configuration tools for both platforms now. That is right, both Windows and Mac! Someone get the thermometer out. Hell may not have frozen over, but it certainly cold enough down there to start drinking cocoa and wearing mittens. Ah, such nice imagery.

With Acrobat they have given you, the IT admin: 1) native package installers 2) cumulative updates 3) SCUP catalog support & now 4) a Customization tool for both platforms. Can I get a shout out to the Acrobat crew?

Oh, wait, there’s more: the Mac version of Acrobat’s Adobe Customization Wizard gives you the ability to add a configured plist file. Awesome.

If you are supporting Acrobat XI head over to the Acrobat Toolkit For Acrobat Products page:

My buddy Steve Cordero has also created two IT Tips & Tricks videos on Adobe TV that cover the two new Customization Wizards. Yes, that is two wizards. There is a joke somewhere. So two wizards walk into a bar…

Adobe TV: Customization Wizard XI for Windows

Adobe TV: Customization Wizard XI for Mac OS X

Jody Rodgers | Sr. Product Manager | Enterprise + Volume | Digital Media | Adobe


****Updated 12/19/12****

JAMF’s “Administering Adobe Acrobat XI Pro with the Casper Suite” doc is now live!  Thanks to the JAMF crew for putting this doc together.

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  • By Norbert Wurzel - 9:08 AM on November 29, 2012   Reply


    thanks for the videos. Now I know, what’s written on the buttons….

    It would be useful, if one could switch off the auto-upgrade for clients in Acrobat, just like I can do with AAMEE. Is this possible?


    • By Jody Rodgers - 9:19 AM on November 29, 2012   Reply


      Good to hear.

      I’ll pass your question about turning off auto-upgrading along to the Acrobat folks!

      Jody Rodgers | Sr. Product Manager | Enterprise + Volume | Digital Media

    • By Steve Cordero - 2:00 PM on November 29, 2012   Reply


      Can you clarify your inquiry? If it’s about Acrobat Updates then this can be addressed either pre-deployment with the Adobe Customization Wizard ( ) or with the ETK’s Preference Reference registry entries ( )

      If you really do mean Upgrades then please clarify specifically what interface you are referring.

      Steve Cordero

      Acrobat Enterprise
      Technical Response Team
      Technical Services
      Adobe Systems, Inc

  • By Tim Kimpton - 12:36 AM on December 1, 2012   Reply

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