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Dec 12, 2013

Creative Cloud Packager 1.4 is Live

Hi, All

As we enter this period of festivity the thought crossed my mind, what do you get an IT admin for Christmas to say thank you? To me the most obvious gift would be a smart watch, but you know what I have found thus far in my experiments with smart watches, they are not actually terribly smart. It is difficult enough to justify having another piece of technology with you but then you get the dreaded question, “so you can send text messages from the watch?”  or  “can you make phone calls from your watch?” Well, no, I can’t do either of those things, but I can have different watch faces, not bad for $150. Again I digress and so smart watches are not what I would like to give to the IT admin this festive period. Instead, how about a new version of Creative Cloud Packager?

Creative Cloud Packager 1.4 – Features

Package Modification

Quite some time ago in the AAMEE days, you (the IT admin) asked for a way to modify a previously created AAMEE package so you could add applications and updates without needing to create a new package from scratch every time a new update came out. This of course was a great idea and we added this feature to AAMEE. The problem is although this feature was great, we were not able to get it in to Creative Cloud Packager… until now.

In CCP 1.4, you now have the ability to modify a previously created package. You now can add updates, as well as add or remove applications to your existing package. There is a small caveat in that this feature is only possible from CCP 1.4 onwards, so packages created with CCP 1-1.3 cannot be modified.

Support for Physical Media

One of the great features of CCP is the ability to pull the Creative Cloud Applications and Updates directly from the cloud and create a customized package. However, there are some rare instances where the time or bandwidth required to pull down the Creative Cloud applications and updates is not possible or feasible. For this purpose CCP 1.4 will now allow you to create a package from physical media. This means that if you are in a location with poor Internet bandwidth or a locked down environment whereby access to the Internet is only briefly possible, then we would suggest you request physical media and use CCP 1.4 to create a package.

CCP 1.4 Physical Media CCP 1.4 physical media 2

Note: Although CCP supports packaging from physical media, online connectivity is still required to validate licensing information.

How to order physical media

Physical media is granted on an exception only basis. To obtain the media you must contact your Adobe Account Manager or Adobe Support.

CCP 1.4 is live now and you will be prompted to install the next time you launch.

For more information on this release please visit the Creative Cloud Packager help page

Finally I just want to say a big thank you to the IT admin community for all your help this year. I have attended and spoken at many IT events, written on many blogs/forums and have been on conference calls with many of you. Your support, ideas and criticism are very much appreciated.

The CCP team wishes you and your families a great holiday period and we look forward to working with you next year.


Karl Gibson | Product Manager | Enterprise IT Tools



  • By Jake Quinn - 5:11 AM on December 13, 2013   Reply

    Better proxy support would be great as it does not work in our corporate enviroment, even though it is being allowed through our proxy

    • By Tim Dev - 1:47 PM on January 9, 2014   Reply

      Works in ours to a point. Everything comes down except Photoshop Camera Raw 8.1. Fails continuously. I have to take a laptop off campus to package. CCP 1.3 worked great. 1.4 not so much.

      • By Karl Gibson - 4:03 AM on January 10, 2014   Reply

        Hi Tim,
        So you are saying that with 1.3 you were able to download everything through CCP and create a package however with CCP 1.4 it works until you try and download Camera Raw and then fails however when you take the machine off site it works ? This is not using the offline media workflow correct ? I would be interested to see what is happening it sounds like a firewall or port issue however we have not changed the required ports from this version and the last.

        Karl Gibson | Product Manager | Enterprise IT Tools

        • By Tim Dev - 9:03 AM on January 13, 2014   Reply

          No, Offline media is not being used. Just a straight up CC full package being built. Everything comes down except for CR. Deselecting CR didn’t change the behavior. It wouldn’t let me package without CR. Previous builds worked just fine. We have had serious issues with our Proxy and/or Firewall where CCP is concerned. CCP sees the apps available but the DL stops due ephemeral ports being used (AAM I believe used standard ports for outgoing and return traffic, CCP goes out on 443 I think but uses ephemeral ports later in the process)…so we’ve had to set up an internal Adobe Update server to keep the users up to date. My Mac server bypasses the proxy for most traffic…but not all.
          Not sure what changed yet as a build we made Friday morning didn’t work but one made in the afternoon worked fine. I still had CCP open from the previous fail waiting for LAN/WAN to sniff the traffic. Our LAN/WAN guys didn’t get back with me yet as to any changes that may have been made on Proxy/FW on Friday. If Adobe fixed the issue then muchas gracias…it had become a real show stopper.

  • By Johan Degraeve - 4:29 AM on December 29, 2013   Reply


    I installed CCP, created a package for one of our team members. ANd now?

    There is no way I can install the package on her computer. The attached setup file stays on the screen for more than an hour and then disappears. Creative cloud is installed, and that’s it. Sometimes I see a rollback performed.
    I needed the ccp because the speed is very very poor.

    So my question is simple: after creating a package: how does one install the apps in the package on the team member’s computer?



    • By Karl Gibson - 2:19 PM on January 14, 2014   Reply

      Hi Johan,
      You mention that the install shows for an hour, finishes and the CC applications are installed so are they installing or is it rolling back. Are you running the msi or setup.exe file ? Is there any processes running on the machine that may be causing the install to fail ? You can also send us the log files and we can assertain the exact error.

      Karl Gibson | Product Manager | Enterprise IT Tools

  • By Rob LaRose - 10:18 AM on January 10, 2014   Reply

    Hi Karl,

    I’m just getting started with CCP & the tools — so far, it’s really quite great. I do have a couple of thoughts for you to consider for the next release, though:

    1. RUM and the Creative Cloud menubar/installer/updater tool (Does that thing have a proper name?) need to communicate — when RUM is used to apply updates, it should trigger a refresh of the available updates list so that the count goes down / disappears.

    2. AUS selective update publishing. I assume this is a very common request. I’m fine with downloading all updates to AUS with AUSST –incremental, but I don’t necessarily want to push all updates to my clients. Trying to manage RUM with individual channel IDs is cumbersome. It would be very useful to be able to “hide/show” updates on the AUS side.

    3. It would be helpful to include a procedure in documentation for forcing the application manager to recognize the Overrides file. Without installing a CCP Package, I’m able to push a copy of the overrides file to my workstations, but it doesn’t seem to be adhered to until I quit & re-launch the menubar tool?

    • By Karl Gibson - 2:28 PM on January 14, 2014   Reply

      Hi Rob,
      I want to say thank you for taking the time to leave a positive comment and to make these suggestions. I have always said these are tools for the IT admin and nobody knows the requirements better than you and so it is quite common we take feedback like yours and implement in to the product.

      More specifically regarding AUSST we are working on making some big improvements to AUSST as the uptake and the value to IT admins has certainly increased since CC was released.

      Regarding the behaviour with RUM and the Creative Cloud Desktop application let me look into this in more detail and have the team do some testing.

      Thank you again

      Karl Gibson | Product Manager | Enterprise IT Tools

  • By Lee Ramsay - 11:43 PM on January 13, 2014   Reply

    I’m unable to create a full creative suite deployment package with CCP 1.4 for mac osx. This is the first version I’ve tried, and have not had access to prior versions to compare with.

    I get “your build encountered unrecoverable errors”. The log file contains the following two entries:
    [ERROR] AdobePackageBuilder – Failed to find the dmg file path (null)
    [ERROR] AdobePackageBuilder – Failed to package the update – null.
    I have tried behind two seperate network connections, neither of which have firewalls.

    I have found this topic on the matter:

    But none of the advice helps. I’ve installed a fresh copy of 10.8.5 on my test machine, with the latest apple patches, with no adobe software prior installed. It also didn’t work, displaying the same errors, prior to the re-image. I have tried enabling the root account, not that I believe that advice does anything useful.

    There is 900gb free on my hard disk. I have tried different package names. All the options when building the package are default.

    Is there a limitation on how much software you can bundle in one package? Please help. I don’t have time to keep trial and erroring different options, attempting to find something that works.

    I am an enterprise customer, with a valid enterprise serial and login. If there is a more appropriate support channel, please direct me to it.

    • By Karl Gibson - 2:23 PM on January 14, 2014   Reply

      Hi Lee,
      Can you please drop me an email with the details of what you have tried ? So you are saying that you cannot even create the package with CCP as it fails or the package is failing at deployment time ? What method are you using to deploy? If you can provide as much details as possible and email me at we will try and help.

      Karl Gibson | Product Manager | Enterprise IT Tools

      • By Lee Ramsay - 7:15 PM on January 14, 2014   Reply

        Hi Karl,

        Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I’ve sent everything relevant, I think.
        Looking forward to finding a solution with you/your team.


  • By Alan T - 7:45 AM on January 20, 2014   Reply

    I found using CCP a breeze and hugely appreciate the difference it’s meant to us with a corporate license, doing all the hard work of picking the right packages etc, and allowing a local cache too. And the first build I did worked all the way through to deployment with actual users first time – which I had never seen before with Adobe deployment tools.

    But I’ve come back the 2nd time to run updates (InDesign 9.2 specifically) and all I get when presenting it with the ccp is “Selected Package is Corrupt”

    What steps area available to me to troubleshoot this before I give in and do full packages of the latest versions? (I did google/duckduckgo around the web for this, but all I can find are references to older AAMEE versions)

    • By Karl Gibson - 8:03 AM on January 20, 2014   Reply

      Hi Alan,
      Are trying to modify a previously created CCP package that was created with CCP 1.4 and you are trying to add InDesign Updates to that package ? I am just trying to understand the workflow and where the failure is occurring with CCP. Can you send me over a screen grab and or the log files from your system ?

      Karl Gibson | Product Manager | Enterprise IT Tools

      • By Alan T - 8:36 AM on January 20, 2014   Reply

        Yes, I started with 1.4 and have a folder with a Build and Exceptions folder and the .ccp file. Very naughty of me not to mention my OS – I’m on Apple OSX 10.8.5

        Here’s what happens… I launch CCP, click “Edit Package” and point it at the ccp file when it prompts “Locate an existing .ccp file:”, click next and I get that ‘is corrupt” message in a yellow box. (I’ll mail you a screenshot directly if it helps).

        Have I got the wrong end of the stick? Is this not how you get just the updaters?

        Which log files – nothing is going on in /var/log/system.log when I try this, and I can’t see anything live in /Library/Logs/Adobe/…

  • By Alan T - 4:12 AM on January 24, 2014   Reply

    OK, I guess I have to build it from scratch rather than ask for updates?

  • By Alan T - 5:52 AM on January 24, 2014   Reply

    I made a fresh package and the .ccp file reads OK when I go straight back in via ‘Edit Package”.
    No idea what might have changed – i had quick scan down the XML inside the old and the new, and structurally they appear identical. Gonna carry on with my full package and fingers crossed I don’t get this again.

  • By navaneeth - 10:14 AM on January 27, 2014   Reply

    i dont find the ccp adobe application at “” the one i am able to download is CreativeCloudSet-Up.exe which does not shows create package option and it shows all the list of application included in the cloud , i have physical copy and product code of adobe captivate 7 i need to package it to deploy through network ,kindly suggest me

    • By Karl Gibson - 10:32 AM on January 27, 2014   Reply

      Creative Cloud Packager is only visible at if you are signing in as an administrator for a Creative Cloud Team account. I am not sure if you are set up this way. What type of Adobe customer are you ? Are you using adobe’s LWS (Licensing web site) to obtain the ESD of Captivate and or Volume serial number ?

      Karl Gibson | Product Manager | Enterprise IT Tools

      • By Cyrus Vahhaji - 4:12 PM on February 5, 2014   Reply

        Karl – I’m running across the same challenge…can’t find CCP 1.4 download. I’ve logged in with my LWS account and also with the my software account activation ID and still can’t find the download. Any direction regarding this is highly appreciated.

        Having said this, can I assume I can continue to use AAMMEE to package my CS6 suite apps if no plans to use Cloud services at this point?


        • By Karl Gibson - 12:52 AM on February 6, 2014   Reply

          Hi Cyrus,
          If you can send me on your LWS login, I can check to see if you are entitled and why you are not seeing CCP. You can reach me at

          Karl Gibson | Product Manager | Enterprise IT Tools

  • By Albert - 1:39 AM on January 30, 2014   Reply


    ho scaricato Adobe CCP e creato un pacchetto di distribuzione: la cartella creata, contiente una cartella Build, una cartella Exeption e un file .cpp
    Come posso distribuire in modo-silenzioso l’installazione del pacchetto? C’è una soluzione da utilizzare con Adobe senza passare dall’SCCM?
    Inoltre c’è la possibilità di inibilre lo storage Cloud degli utenti del team, senza impostare la regola sui FW aziendali?
    Posso monitorare se un membro del team installa il prodotto a casa? C’è modo di inibire questa funzione?


    • By Karl Gibson - 5:11 AM on April 2, 2014   Reply

      There is no way to block Team in this way from a user’s home machine. Regarding exceptions you are not required to have SCCM although it does help.

      Karl Gibson | Product Manager | Enterprise IT Tools

  • By sundeep jogoo - 3:26 AM on March 3, 2014   Reply


    i actually need some help as i am using CCP 1.4 to create a new package. when i select Add offline media, i get the error “The product you are attempting to add is either not supported or conflicts with your current package configuration”.
    I do not understand what is the issue.

    can you please advise.

    • By Karl Gibson - 3:34 AM on March 3, 2014   Reply

      Can you please advise what media you are pointing CCP at ? What is the format of the Media ? and at what level are you browsing/pointing CCP to ?

      Karl Gibson | Product Manager | Enterprise IT Tools

      • By sundeep jogoo - 5:53 AM on March 3, 2014   Reply

        i have the dvd media kit of CS6 Design and Web Premium collection which i am pointing at. i have even copied all contents of the dvd locally on my computer, but still in vain-same error.
        however, i did a test for the media kit of Premiere Pro and that was successful.

        can you please advise.

        • By Karl Gibson - 7:44 AM on March 3, 2014   Reply

          For CS6 media such as Design & Web Premium, master collection etc.. you should still use AAMEE rather than Creative Cloud Packager. Is because of a bandwidth issue you are using the Offline Media workflow ? Do you only have a requirement to package CS6 applications or is it CC as well ?

          Karl Gibson | Product Manager | Enterprise IT Tools

          • By sundeep jogoo - 9:53 PM on March 3, 2014  

            hi Karl,

            thanks for you reply. actually, i have not used the online one because i already had the media kit, so i thought why not use the offline media one. i may try the online one, but we have some bandwidth issue which may prevent it from downloading.

            however, i have already purchased CC for 35 seats, and awaiting the media kit. for CC, i will be able to use CCP i guess?
            i would also like to ask how can i deal with updates?how can i download the updates and create a new package to install?rather than updating all seats individually.

            thanks for you precious help.

          • By Karl Gibson - 12:35 AM on March 4, 2014  

            Yes the CC media will work. It might be a good idea to try online. We cache the applications to the machine and so this would mean it will be easier for future builds if the bits are there. Otherwise CC media will work fine. For Team you can deal with updates in a few ways, 1. The CC disk contains updates, 2. CCP can download them and you can push them out. 3. You can have user’s install them via the Creative Cloud Desktop Application (Providing they have admin privileges)

            Karl Gibson | Product Manager | Enterprise IT Tools

  • By sundeep jogoo - 10:47 PM on March 4, 2014   Reply

    hello Karl,

    thanks for your help. i managed to create the packages for CC. However, i would like to inquire something. in fact, i purchased the license of Design & Web and Video Collection under CC EEA license. the media kit came in 4 different dvds. i had to a 4 different packages. is there a way where i can merge all packages, thus having only 1?

    Also, regarding the licenses, the serial No for Design and Web and Video collection are different. when i did the video collection package, i put the Design & Web license No. i would like to know when will i use the Video collection license? this is because, in the dvd kit where there are Video collection software, there is also Photoshop built in the media kit. the Video collection is not a dvd kit separate. hope you get my point.

    thanks for your precious help.

  • By David Harrysson - 12:25 AM on March 7, 2014   Reply


    We are having issues both running the CCP and the remote update manager through our proxy. If we use the proxy settings “automatically detect settings” in Internet Explorer (so wpad.dat proxy configuration script is being used) I´m unable to connect and start CCP and the remote update manager failes with exit code 1.
    If I manually enter, in Internet Explorer, the name of our proxyserver and port everything works fine.
    We can NOT change the proxysettings in Internet Explorer for our whole company because of this error. What do you suggest?

  • By Sigurdur Armannsson - 3:08 PM on March 9, 2014   Reply

    I am in the situation that I made a package few months ago and now I need to change it, add software updates etc. The package was made with the default that updates can only be installed by the admin.
    The package was made using CCP 1.0. On my team admin page there is still 1.0, not 1.4 for downloading. I am stuck because I can’t update the original package.
    How can I get 1.4 to be available on my team adming page?

    • By Karl Gibson - 1:37 AM on March 10, 2014   Reply

      CCP should prompt you to install the latest version on launch. If this is not happening you can download CCP again from the team admin portal. The version that is linked to is always the latest version. Also while 1.4 provides the ability to edit an existing package it unfortunately cannot edit packages created with previous versions. So the best thing to do is download 1.4 and create a new package you will then be able to keep this package up to date.

      Karl Gibson | Product Manager | Enterprise IT Tools

  • By Sigurdur Armannsson - 6:56 AM on March 10, 2014   Reply

    Thank you Karl.
    The problem is that the link on the team/admin page does not update to 1.4 I still only get the 1.0 version with the creation date of 19.06.2013. I just checked and downloaded this to make sure.
    We are using the team CC, prepaid 28 licenses and located in Iceland if that matters. I also tried on another mac to make sure there was not difference. Everything else updates correctly on the admin page, like when I open a new license or dump a user.
    Is there no other direct link I could use?

  • By Tim Kimpton - 12:58 PM on April 10, 2014   Reply


    I’ve started using ccp 1.4 to create window and mac packages. Zero win 32 packages install look as though they start to install then roll back.

    The MAc pkg wrapped in a dmg and installs via a script works after for 1 pkg made but other packages fail and noticed double clicking manual install fails.

    In my opinion ccp is very bad. At least AAMEE worked! Where’s Jody… Ah yes pinched by JAMF Software 🙁

    • By Janie Jurgens - 12:16 PM on April 11, 2014   Reply

      I experienced a roll back when attempting to perform a one off install of CC for Windows 64-bit using the Packager 1.4. After speaking with Adobe Support, we found out the package that I was attempting to install from was storaged on a mapped network drive. Once I copied the package to a local folder on the PC I was attempting to do the install on, I no longer experienced the roll back and had a successfull install.

  • By Bala - 4:08 AM on April 11, 2014   Reply


    I am new to Adobe CCP after creating the package with CCP what files needs to be copied on the users machine to get the instalation done ?and is there a way to Compress the files while creating the pacakage ?

  • By Bob Akers - 2:31 PM on April 11, 2014   Reply

    I could use some help.

    I have created a 64-bit package destined for a Windows 7 64-bit computer. The package includes Illustrator, Photoshop, Fireworks, and InDemand. I can create the package without any problems. However, when I attempt to install the software, either by network drive or a local install, I run into the same issue. The setup runs and begins unpacking. Then suddenly it will roll back the installation and disappear.
    I check the application logs in Windows to find the Installation operation failed, and the only status code I get is “1603.” A fairly ambiguous Windows code.

    Any help is appreciated!

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