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May 22, 2014

Identity – We all have one, even Jason Bourne !

Hi All,

The Creative Cloud brings many advantages to Creative Professionals. The applications are as always, the focal point of this value but we have also added tremendous value via the services such as Storage, Behance, Typekit etc. Access to these services has thus far remained elusive for our Creative Cloud Enterprise customers due to the fact that in order to use a service you need to have an identity. Every enterprise is unique in how it implements and manages identities but what is paramount to all enterprises is security. Adobe has been working hard to offer it’s enterprise customers methods of identity implementation that will satisfy all these requirements.

There are two aspects to this.

-The identities themselves

-How the identities are managed

The identities

As you are no doubt aware the topic of identity is a complicated one (Jason Bourne took 2.5 years to learn his) and so the low level details will not be addressed here. What we did however want to do is provide a high level overview of the approach Adobe is taking to enterprise identities. So I asked Terry Ryan (Sr Creative Cloud Evangelist) to work his magic and provide a synopsis of the different types of identities and the use case for each. I think he has done a fantastic job at summarising such a complicated topic.

How identities are managed

A new centralised Adobe Enterprise Dashboard will be used to manage these identities, specify password complexity, control entitlements, download deployment tools and raise support tickets. This will be covered in more detail at a later time but here is a sneak preview.


I am incredibly excited to be sharing this news and I look forward to going in to more detail in the near future.


Karl Gibson | Product Manager | Enterprise IT Tools

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