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Jun 18, 2014

Announcing a new Creative Cloud for enterprise

Adobe announced today a number of exciting updates to Creative Cloud.  We are pleased to be able to offer these updates to our creative tools and services, including support for high performance platforms and latest industry standards, to our enterprise customers. Creative Cloud for enterprise customers have access to these updates through the Creative Cloud Packager as of today.  In addition, enterprise customers have access to a number of tools and services designed with the large enterprise in mind. Creative Cloud for enterprise customers now offers streamlined license management using the Adobe Enterprise Dashboard and Creative Cloud Packager. The web-based Adobe Enterprise Dashboard lets you manage users and provision entitlements centrally. Here, IT support can also access the recently updated Creative Cloud Packager to deploy software that supports the named user model.  Through Enterprise Dashboard, IT staff at Creative Cloud for enterprise customers will gain the ability to assign software to users instead of just devices.  This ability, called named user deployment allows for greater flexibility in setting up software and in supporting users in the office or at home. Named user deployments set the stage for Creative Cloud for enterprise customers to allow access to Creative Cloud services to their users.  This means that, if IT staff allow it and enable it, enterprise users will be able to use:

Creative Cloud for enterprise customers can also, by IT staff choice, access Creative Cloud storage.  This option allows for much more than simply storing creative assets in the cloud. This service allows storage, sharing, and versioning of creative assets.  Creative Cloud storage also allows for extra information like color palettes and font selection to be extracted from Adobe file formats.  This makes reusing style information between projects quicker and easier. If your organization does not want to use the Creative Cloud Services or Storage, that’s okay. Using Creative Cloud for enterprise,  IT staff can install Creative Cloud applications with serial numbers instead of named user accounts. This allows for installation on completely offline machines – an option not available in other Creative Cloud plans. Also included in this release is dedicated, enterprise-level customer care, which includes orientation programs and 24×7 technical support for IT. Adobe Enterprise Dashboard also is your one-stop shop for handling your organization’s support needs.  It provides access to submit and track support claims, phone numbers for priority support, and the ability to schedule 1:1 Expert Service appointments for your creative users. Access to the 2014 release of Creative Cloud and the availability of Adobe Enterprise Dashboard are the first in a series of steps that will make Creative Cloud for enterprise a more flexible solution for handling creative needs for our enterprise customers. Stay tuned for more news in the next few months. To get more information on accessing Adobe Enterprise Dashboard, please contact your Adobe Account manager.



  • By Lee Ramsay - 4:39 AM on June 15, 2015   Reply

    So what you’re saying is, without named licensing, you can’t get TypeKit fonts?

    What’s your suggestion for enterprise customers, with 80,000 user accounts, many of whom are fleeting customers.. i.e. enrolling and unenrolling, to deploy this “named user license”? Do you have solid, robust API’s to allow the automation of these named accounts? Do you have local CDN services, so that when a user has to install the fonts they require over, and over on each machine they use, it minimises bandwidth and improves throughput?

    Eagerly await a response.

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